Friday, January 25, 2013

OPI DS Extravagance vs Zoya Aurora

I found my Zoya Aurora and did the comparison. Just from the bottles I could tell they were close but not exact. Close enough that someone does not need to own both. The Zoya is a lighter purple and the glitter is more holographic looking, way more sparkly:). I would recommend the Zoya Aurora hands down.

The OPI Designer series is also very nice it is a deeper purple and has the glitter effect just not as bright or sparkly as the Zoya.

I tried to do a side by side comparison on same hand but is very hard with lighting then I use my phone for pictures still. Really need to start using my new camera more:). I will say that the OPI only needs one coat, it is amazing coverage in one coat. The Zoya needs two for sure. Then the Zoya looks super shiny without the top coat but the OPI needed a top coat to bring at the sparkle in the glitter.

Check out the photos and let me know what you think. I say close enough to only need to have one or the other bug not an exact duplicate. More to come because tonight I started doing a comparison and inventory of all my polishes. I will have a blog sale and contest coming up soon. Have a few indie colors I will be selling so keep an eye out, Lynnderella fans let me know I have several I don't use I just swatched them, not a fan of thick glitter to hard to remove then ruins my nails. Good night everyone;)


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