Monday, January 14, 2013

French Provincial Tall boy finished

For those who have followed my other blogs I love refinishing and buying antique furniture. My favorite is French provincial style. Last year in spring we started remodeling our master bedroom. It use to be a blue shade that we never liked. We wanted a lighter softer blue. We painted it three times and finally gave up. After two years of it I finally had enough.

I love Asian, Moroccan and Indian decor. The bright jewel tones of the moroccan and Indian decor but the Buddha, dragon, and foo dogs of the Asian decor. We decided to get rid of our matching set we bought years ago and go for something more eclectic and world traveled looking. I like furniture that looks like we traveled around and went to antique shops then put it all together. I am kind of upset I went with a brown upholstered and tufted headboard:(. At the time I fell in love with a Ralph Lauren bedding set with leopard print sheets and a bohemian inspired comforter. I got the set and headboard but realized soon after it was too dark.

I feel like the bedroom should be relaxing, serene, soft and romantic. I ended up picking a light gray almost silver paint and we added crown molding. Then I was on a mission for furniture. I found these fabulous night stands at Home Goods months before but you know how home goods is if you see something you have to buy it then or it is gone. We went to city furniture next door to home goods months after I saw the night stands and looked for furniture but saw nothing:(. I begged hubby to let me check Home Goods and found the night stands. They are a embossed silver metal with mirrored top and drawer fronts. They had two styles so instead of getting two that matched got one of each and love them.

Next I found a chair but it matched the old bedding with a purple and burgundy damask velvet and nail head trim like my headboard. I don't regret this cause even though I have gone lighter it is nice to still have some punch of color plus my room looking eclectic it goes with the look nice:).

I kept the Asian and moroccan decor from before just stuck with the silver or colored pieces and got rid of the bronze or darker pieces. Then I found my large dresser on Craigslist for $100 and painted it white with silver knobs. I then found the French tallboy dresser months later in Craigslist but life got hectic. I think I got the tall dresser around the end of school year last year, but with my girls home for summer and a few summer trips including two weeks in Tennessee I never did get it painted. It ended up in my craft, art office as storage while I was making wreaths, floral arrangements and my full time job of baking and interior design.

Hubby has bugged me for months to paint it and get our room organized bit I always had something else going on. My room got super cluttered cause I hate to throw away something in good condition and have a bad way of thinking that one day I will re use it lol. Being into interior design I change my decor a lot! We have had our home almost five years and I have painted every wall alteast two times some up to five. I always am changing the colors, decor and layout lol. Never done.

This weekend I decided that with holidays over it was time to organize my bedroom and office. I get busy baking and party planning in February where during the holidays I bake a lot but do more interior decor and wreaths decor etc. I spent new years week cleaning my closet, donating stuff and preparing to finally redo my master walk in. Going to paint it a soft turquoise with a white rug and all our shelving in closet is white. Then I ordered a flush mount chandelier which I can't wait to get!

I spent Saturday boxing the fall and Christmas floral and wreath items then trying to organize my wrapping stuff and other fall/winter craft and baking stuff. Then yesterday I woke up a woman on a mission lol. I took dresser outside and primed it then painted the knobs silver to match my other dresser. Then I rolled the top and sides and spray painted drawer fronts also the detail on legs was spray painted. Then we have security cameras on oh home and hubby won a tv months ago that has been sitting in the box so we put the tv on top, crazy I have two flat screens in my room now but one is for security system only and is one when we need it.

I took the old bedding and pillows I had in bins along with decor, accessories etc I am not using now to put away in garage for a Craigslist or garage sale. I am slowly learning that I have to get rid of everything lol. I still have my old dinning room chandelier cause we got a new one over the summer but I didn't want to throw it away, asked around no one needed one so wanted to sell it versus throw it away.

I have since bought gray and white sheets, a nice duvet cover with white and gray, then I use turquoise and purple throw pillows to add a punch of color. Very hard for me to let go of my animal print. Doesn't go with anything but still have a cheetah rug lol. Thinking of redoing my youngest room which is pink and zebra print to pink and cheetah lol so I can use the rug. I used the throw pillows in my loving room but my husband hates throw pillows cause we have all leather furniture and it slides around lol.

Below posting photos of my new talk dresser I painted then the long one I painted last year along with a few accessories. Still have to hang mirrored frame, mirrors, art and some other items but I am close to being done now! It feels good to get things done.

I also have been two weeks of hard core hitting boxing and gym, walking daily with hubby and eating right. I cut out red meat, drinking only one small glass of soda then rest is all water or lemonade, lots of fruit, salads and chicken. I am determined to get into te best health I can only five years till forty plus I have two kids so have to be in shape and healthy for them.

I'm not a dieter. I like to exercise but has to be fun or something different. I like salads and good foods not a sweet eater and have no bad habits but soda. Just have to buckle down. During the fall I got involved on crafts so was sitting a lot but now I plan to be outside and active. I would love to lose ten more pounds before spring break vacation but main goal is twenty down by June. I was a size one a year a half ago but I'm 5'7 that was too thin I want to be a 5/6 at the smallest goal weight is 128-135. Only have 15 to go. Luckily I carry weight all over so I never look chubby just feel out of shape and want to be tone look in amazing shape.

Enough blabbing enjoy my photos and please if you love to decorate, DIY, shopping, baking, crafts please share with me:). I love to see others work and hobbies


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