Monday, January 14, 2013

OPI Liquid Sand, Get your number

I mentioned before the New Year the new Opi liquid sand line. They are actually pretty cool. Mariah Carey inspired line of matte, glitter, textures polishes and also some regular polishes also. I have a post with the opi display then colors. I picked up two colors before New Years but haven't had time to post swatch.

I have only swatched one of the two I picked up before new years. I grabbed Get your number and The Impossible. I wasn't sure which color to get cause I wasn't sure how I would like them. I usually go for the dark goth colors and teal blue shades. I decided to go against my instincts so I grabbed the darker blue and then pink.

The blue which is called Get Your Number, it has multi colored glitter in it and is a nice shade of darker blue in the bottle. It applies very nice and the brush is perfect. I like the OPI brush I tend to be picky with brushes if it is too thick I make a mess then to thin to many strokes. This color applies a lot lighter shade of blue then what appears on the bottle. It is cool to watch it change cause when you first apply it has a shiny, glossy look, which looks nice and I think would be really pretty polish too. As it begins to dry the polish and glitter starts to turn matte. The polish has a longer drying time then I usually like cause being a mom of two I don't have much time to sit and paint nails but then not touch anything is really hard.

The first coat didn't impress me but once I applied the second coat I really like the polish:)! It has a gritty feel and does not require a top coat. I was tempted to apply a top coat cause I think shiny it would look great, but have read mixed reviews about other bloggers applying a top coat and having bad results. The girl at my local beauty supply said it ate up the seche vite and made it look bad. Maybe when I have more time to sit and have to remove if it looks bad I will try it.

I did one coat of Sally Hansen nourishing base coat, then two thin coats of OPI liquid sand Get your number. I was tempted to do a third coat but dry time was already lengthy and have errands to run. I will swatch the pink polish called The Impossible which is a gorgeous shade of fuchsia almost bright pink with pink and silver shimmer and glitter then large silver star glitters. Had a hard time deciding which one to swatch first but reviews made me pick the blue cause people didn't like the pink as much. I love the black with red shade that one I may grab this week.

Let me know if anyone else has tried these or other brands of the liquid sand. Also saw on pinterest a lot of people are doing DIY liquid sand manicures like the velvet and caviar nails from passed months.

I also picked up two Essie shades on sale this weekend. Had to pack up a lot of my polishes and got a new shelf for my displays and boxes of polish. Haven't had time to make my polish rack from pinterest but hoping after our spring vacation I will get that done. The two new Essie shades are a pink almost melon shade called, Escapades and then a mint green shade called Pretty Edgy. Trying to get some brighter and more spring/summer shades. I do love fall and winter but just packed away my scarves, sweaters and winter wear ready to break out the skirts, tanks and sandals again. I live in south Florida so I wear flip flops and sandals all the time, year round but is nice when a cold front moves thru to wear some nice boots with some sweaters and scarves:). Most people from where it gets cold and snow would laugh at us lol.

Hope everyone has a great week:). It is a short week here kids have half day Thursday and four day weekend. I'm ready for the beach to tan and get ready for our spring vacation. Fingers crossed we will be booking a week cruise to the carribean either way we will be away for a week and a half! Love vacation:).



Posted a picture of one coat the rest are two coats:) also took some outside with our gorgeous pool as a back drop:).

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