Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Candie's nude and neon heels

I mentioned earlier this week some shoes I got a couple weeks ago on clearance at Kohl's. I promised better photos and am posting them now. These shoes were $59.99 and when I went to get them first time in Nov they were $39.99 on sale well I waited till payday and it paid off cause when I went back that next week I got them on sale! They were marked down to $17.99:). I even grabbed a pair in black for my good friend with pink stripe.

Below are the photos of the shoes and then a photo of the sticker for sale they were 70% off can't beat that. Some stores still have them but in very limited sizes cause my other friend saw mine and wanted a pair too. I have a lot of pairs of candie's and love the fit. They are comfortable and easy to walk in with the platform. They look great with jeans too:).

Make sure to go to Kohl's and I have a great discount code to share with all of you emailed to me don a Kohl's representative it is TENFORBLOG to get 10% off Jan 11-March 9. Be sure to visit their site and to see more shoes go to

Kohl's Women's Heels
To see all there selections of amazing shoes at great prices :)



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