Wednesday, January 30, 2013

OPI DS Magic

This is my swatch for OPI DS Magic. These are some of my favorites from OPI. This color was so hard to capture on camera. The photos look brighter. It is a gorgeous deep blue with light blue glitter, holo glow and purple. It looks stunning as you move around in the light.

I applied a base coat, Butter London nail foundation. Then two coats of OPI DS magic. One coat fully covers but two coats made it look even shinier and prettier. Can't wait to try DS Reserve a pink with iridescent holo glitter.

I love this color. OPI is my favorite polish lately. Not just the amazing colors, but creamy formula, lasts long, applies amazing and haven't had one shade let me down.

Before I went shopping and made my opi wish list I googled photos of colors and went on pinterest to mark my favorites. Can't wait to swatch Miami Beet, Honk if you love OPI and Teal the cows come home:). Thank you Barb. You rock. Love them all.

Looking for a new nail buddy, just got one new one but after holidays two moved and one I lost contact with. Let me know if anyone is interested in swapping or making wish lists to exchange. I am finishing my inventory list and making a new wish list. I am looking for some indie and rare brand polishes that you can't find in stores. Dying to try England and Essence brands too.

Enjoy photos was so hard to capture true color, it looks a lot brighter and lighter then it really appears in person and is gorgeous. Great work OPI:).


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