Monday, January 14, 2013

My favorite clothing item, jeans!

This post is going to be dedicated to my favorite item in my closet, denim or jeans.  Whether skinny, bell bottom, boot cut, capri, bermuda or shorts, even skirts I love jeans!  I have been big into denim my entire life.  Being in South Florida I spend all my time in some version of denim, with the occasional linen or cotton bottoms.  I love skirts and have been in a long dress or skirt mode for awhile but I still end up in my jeans after a afternoon of running the kids.  Next to my sweats that I wear while home or to the gym jeans take up a lot of my closet.

It is not easy to find a good fit, good quality nice pair of jeans anymore.  I have gone through a lot of phases in my life.  I use to love American Eagle but since my second daughter the low low cut jeans don't cut it.  Hate having my undies or butt hanging out and then having to adjust all day or pull them up.  I also went through a phase three years ago after I lost all the baby weight and was in the best shape I been in since I was 25 with wearing designer brands only.  During this time I wore True Religion,  Paper, Denim, Cotton, Miss Sixty, Luck Brand and more.  During this time though I came across a few brands that I have stuck with through all sizes.  When I was looking for a pair of skinny jeans a couple years ago when they became the thing, I wanted a pair only for my boots, I don't like how they look on me with sandals, I am tall but have hips and thighs.  Anyways, I came across Miss Me jeans and wow do I love these.  I always loved the white thick stitch on the True Religion jeans but the over $130 price, not for me.  I always shop outlets or clearance so rarely pay full price.  I have found a boutique in my area that does the Miss Me jeans at buy one get one half off a few times a year and I stock up.  I have never seen them at Marshall's like True Religion, Lucky Brand and Seven.

I also love Silver jeans.  I have this side of me that still wears some of the stuff I did in my early twenties, I am a rock n roll girl at heart, love me classic, new, old, any kind of rock, even the crazy heavy stuff which is my favorite lol.  So even though I am in my thirties with two kids I still love black, and I love ripped destroyed jeans.  Silver jeans makes the best destroyed denim ever=).  I love the way they wash, wear and how long they last.  Going to post a few photos from the Miss me, Silver and Dillard's websites of some of my favorite styles and washes.  I have over twenty Silver Jeans and close to thirty Miss me.  That includes capris and bermudas.  I have even more in my smaller sizes but don't count the ones I can't wear currently.  I have one pair of Silver Jeans I have had for four years and the older they get the better they look and feel.

The Miss Me jeans run for anywhere from $50-$140 depending on the detail, rhinestones etc.  I usually pay around $65 a pair with sales and buy one get one deals.  Silver Jeans can be anywhere from $29.99 at Marshall's, hard to find though up to $89.  I still wear True Religion, only from the outlets, every now and then American Eagle and I like Seven for Mankind too, just a few cuts though.

One of these days I will take some photos of my collection.  Let me know what brands you love=).


Miss Me with Rhinestones

Miss Me skinny jeans

Silver Jeans

You can go to, and check out the other brands websites.  Photos are not taken by me from company websites.

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