Saturday, January 26, 2013

Crack Hair Fix

I am in love with this product! I received some samples from my favorite beauty supply and used it the other day. A little goes a long way. At first it feels strange in your hands, I was unsure cause it felt sticky but wow this is amazing!

It works as a frizz control, heat protectant when blow drying and flat ironing or curling your hair, styling instead of gel or mousse, it is amazing. I honestly can't put into words what this has done for my hair routine. I use to use leave in conditioner, thermal protectant, oil for taming frizz and mouse or gel for wearing curly. My kids I also used a detangler on cause both have ringlet curly hair which is hard to brush after a shower or when they wake up, this works for that also.

It calms down frizzy hair or fly always. Makes dry damaged hair look healthy, shiny and amazing. I usually don't wear my hair curly because mousse and gel make it sticky, hard or wet looking, this product makes it look natural, smells amazing and is frizz free.

I can't say enough about this. I read the reviews because I honestly thought this product was too good to be true but even the reviews I read we're mostly positive except for some thinner or finer haired people that wrote it felt heavy or greasy. I am guessing they may have used too much, I have long hair that is very thick and course I used a small dime size drop in my hand then ran thru the ends then a little around my face to smooth split ends from heat styling. I can imagine if you have thinner, fine hair or short hair you wouldn't use that much or it could look greasy or weighed down. My hai needs to look weighed down and can use moisture I use to color my hair frequently and stripped/bleached so many times I lucky I have hair. I also blow dry it weekly and touch up with iron daily. I actually have pretty healthy hair considering. I recently have cut back on heat styling and have stoppe bleaching I now have low lights and dark underneath but plan to do some funky colors on ends soon.

They sell this at beauty supply shops and Ulta. You can check out their Facebook page at Amazing product and highly recommend it is pricey for a small tune but like I said a little goes a long way and for the many uses honestly when I compare to all the products I can now not use and cut out I will actually be saving.

It also says it is amazing for chlorine protection, sun protection along with heat styling protection and styling. Love multi purpose products they are the best:).


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