Friday, January 25, 2013

China Glaze Tranzitions Split Person-Nail-Ity

I saw these and picked up two. I was excited about the possibilities. I came home and swatched other colors this week saving this one for last.

I applied base coat, then did two coats of the polish. One coat gives good coverage but I read reviews and saw that best results were achieved by applying two coats plus that is what it says on the directions. It took forced to dry and this formula is very thick.

China Glaze has always been a hit or miss polish for me. I have some of my favorites by China Glaze but have had some watery, dry dull and chip quick. I have a hard time deciding if it is the batch, the color or just the brand. But since I have many colors I like I continue to try.

Will say I was disappointed and would recommend just saving your money on this polish. A lot of the swatches I saw on other colors the change was not dramatic if barely any. I bought this shade and a light blue/teal going to take back the blue color.

After half an hour of drying I decided to quickly apply different too coat lengths. I painted my right hand so I apologize for the unevenness and how bad it came out. First nail I did when I went to paint the tip a spot of first coat wiped away so have a spot missing. Was frustrated by then so just slapped it on to get photos. Maybe later when I have more time I will try again and play with my nail art brushes or stamping but as of now I have been running like crazy all day plus my hubby is working tonight now:(. He just found out around one so I was sad since it is friday then he called to ask me to drive to Miami after my crazy am to bring him food which of course I will do he is my hubby but been all over town today.

Here are the pictures. The change is the most dramatic of the ones I have seen and I do like it. Just had issues with the thickness, dry time and then top coat messing up the color. Would love to hear from anyone else who has tried these. Is it me lol? I'm thinking my mood may have turned this sour lol. I was looking forward to using this had a ombré design in head but once I started and then had kids asking for stuff while waiting forever for my nails to dry:(. Not use to that cause I use top coat that dries super fast. Being a mom I don't have that long to sit still lol.

I used seche that I had left over since I don't care for it as a top coat but it is shiny. Again I promise to hopefully have better photos for you later lol. Maybe an all around better review or maybe will remain the same.


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