This blog is owned and written by Melissa ( the "Author") I am in no way a product expert and any reviews written are based on my opinion.  I do work as a fashion stylist and have worked as a fashion editor so I do have experience in the fashion field but still use my own personal taste and opinion to write my posts.  Any medical or fitness posts please keep in mind I am not a doctor or trained in fitness, I am only writing about my own experiences or opinions.  I do not copy or use others ideas, photos or content. I may use photos from websites to show a product or for illustration but I always give credit to the site, otherwise the photos are my own.  I am in fact a very creative individual who is inspired by magazines, pinterest and things I read on other fashion and lifestyle blogs but I do not let other people's actions or styles influence myself.  I am my own person and my blog is based on my own personal style and opinion.  I do not in any way like negativity, bullying, harassment, bad mouthing, bashing, drama or condone mean comments or remarks. I am posting this now as I have been the victim of harassment and bullying, being accused of lies and of copying someone I do not know.  I have a lawyer I have worked with for almost three years due to my first harassment case and he is briefed on all situations as well as having proof of the harassment by all parties, so if anything arrises he is ready to take action or knows already how to handle.   I am involved in the Kindness movement and a supporter of anti social media and internet stalking/harassment.  

Please read the below guide lines, that cover any forms of samples, affiliations, ambassador programs, reward systems and more.  I mostly review and post about items I like, have purchased and enjoy but on occasion I do receive items for review, free items, offers to promote and collaborate with designers and stores, but I always make my readers aware.  Please be sure to also follow me on social media, that way you can be aware of companies I am working with and items I have ordered, been sent for free or as a sample or sometimes I receive gifts from designers as a thank you for my support.  I always make a point of posting the details of all items on my photos and please do not think every item I wear or write about was given to me, that is indeed not the situation.  As much as I would love to have a free wardrobe I have only received a minimal amount of items,  I do receive discounts on some items also, but only for companies I am working with.  I focus a lot of my blog content to be on my expertise and savvy of being a bargain hunter and shopper,  most of my items I have found and purchased myself.  I love to find designer items for less, or items similar to high end items for an amazing price, bargain shopping is my passion, more than fashion itself, there is nothing I enjoy more than finding a $80 tee shirts for under $10! (example)

This policy is valid from the start of this blog.

Dliteful Trends is a beauty, fashion, home decor, bargain tips and lifestyle blog written, designed and edited by Melissa (the “Author”). For questions about this blog please feel free to contact me @ Dlitefulcreations@ymail.com

You will see disclosures at the bottom of any posts that have any form of compensation including but not limited to press samples, products, gift cards, paid posts, brand ambassadorships and more. It will clearly be disclosed so you know what has gone on. I use the asterisk * and then will write the following prompts to describe the post.  Most of my posts will be posts of outfits I have styled, items I have made, rooms I have designed etc.  Most of the clothing I wear I have purchased myself, however I have been sent promotional items to review for my blog, press or welcome packages for companies that have contacted me for collaborations or to help them promote their products, but below I am outlining how I will make my readers aware of these types of items.  Even if someone sends me a free or complimentary item I will always be 100% honest the same way I would and do review products I purchase.  I am a blunt and honest person, I never like to complain but at the same time when I spend my hard earned money on a item and I am not pleased I will make the seller aware, this does not change when someone is sending me something free, of course I am beyond grateful and thankful for the free items but this will not sway my opinion or review on any items.

*PR SAMPLES  —  When posting, This disclosure will be used anytime the product in the post being talked about has been sent by a company or PR Firm for a review consideration. The opinions provided are 100% my own and I stay as objective as possible regardless of where the product(s) or service(s) came from.  I do not always guarantee a review, I do not like to write negative things about anyone or any product, but I do promise to always be honest and upfront with my readers.  I also allow myself the right to go back on a product if after multiple use or wear a problem arrises.  I will update posts using a note to make readers aware of any defects, or issues I become aware of.

*AFFILIATE LINKS  —  You will see this disclosure at the bottom of posts when the post includes links to certain products that are affiliate links and I may make a small commission if you choose to purchase the item(s) through my link. I only link to products I have tried and/or fully believe will be of use or interest to my readers.  Also some companies may make a promo code available to me for a limited time to make available for my readers, this does not mean I am in any way being compensated it is just to let them know if my post is in fact helping promote their product or site.  I will always be clear at the bottom of my posts if I am being compensated or receiving any type of rewards for your purchase or clicking on the link by using the *Affiliate Links prompt on the bottom of posts.  Please allow me time to add these to any older posts, as I have been posting from my phone for over a year and am just now getting my blog organized again. I only have at this time two companies I am affiliated with that I make a small commission on, the rest I only receive points or rewards which I use to get more items from that company or brand to review or post on my blog and social media.  I love to get unique products to style and post to share with my readers that I think they will like and enjoy as much as I do.

Not every link is an affiliate link. I will still continue to only post and link to products that fit my personal style and believe are a help, or interest to my readers. The blog owner only shares products, services and promotes companies that she believes will benefit herself and/or her readers and that meet a high standard.  Also that I approve of or agree with their ethical and quality standards.

*BRAND AMBASSADOR  —  You will see this disclosure if the products and company being talked about are someone whom I have a formal relationship with as a Brand Ambassador. All opinions have and will always be 100% my own regardless of the relationship I have with said company. I am only currently in a Brand Ambassador agreement with Silver Jeans Co. as an official Ambassador.  This is a company I have loved, and worn for over a decade and before being asked to become a part of their brand ambassador program I have stood by this company because of their high quality, style, and my love for the brand.  I will never partner up or become an ambassador with a brand only to receive free products or discounts, if I do not stand behind the brand and their quality.  I have recently joined up with PuraVida Bracelets as a Ambassador and Sand Cloud Apparel, but their program is a little different, I have not signed a contract or agreement and am solely helping to spread the word of two brands that I like, enjoy their products and like their donations to charities.  I will always let you know in the link at the top of my page brands that I am working with and that I am in a Ambassador program or contract with.  I also will let you know when I have received a product for free, just because I am an Ambassador does not mean every item I own by that brand or company was free, I own a lot of pairs of jeans by Silver Jeans and they were not all free.  Same as Sand Cloud, I purchased my towel for a discounted price, I receive reward points when readers use my promo code or link to purchase an item, which will lead to me being able to receive free products.  Just so you understand more about this, I do not receive loads of free goodies and then just write up amazing things about them, I purchase a lot of items, more than I receive free items and I always give my full honest opinion whether it was free or I purchased the items.

*SPONSORED — You will see this disclosure in a situation where a sponsored post is a regular post (written by me, my wording, my opinions), but the brand pays me to ensure that the product does appear on the site, and with their timeline. Again, all opinions will be my own and I will never accept compensation just to show a product in a better light.  I will always remain true to my readers and be honest, up front and stand by my opinion even when being compensated.  I do not ever let the fact that someone offers me free products, or money to alter my review or opinion when posting.

Sponsored Posts, continued: you may see something similar to this quoted at the bottom of the post “This post has been sponsored by COMPANY NAME, although I have been compensated for this post. All opinions are 100% my own”.

COMPENSATION:The main form of financial compensation this blog receives is via advertising. This blog does on occasion and always with discretion accept forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation for collaborations consisting of original posts written by the Author, in what may be termed “advertorial”. Collaborations are only agreed upon so long as the Author may maintain her own opinion, voice, content, and personality that her readers have come to know. Affiliate links, which provide a commission based on sale or click number, may be used in posts and will be disclosed at the top of each post to maintain transparency. All editorial content is written without prejudice or bias, regardless of sponsor or affiliate associations.  I also appear in local publications and on other blogs which I get paid or compensated for but are no way affiliated with this blog. 

REVIEWS: At this time Dliteful Trends is currently accepting products, services, website mentions, social media collaborations and mentions, or various other topics from brands, PR representatives, small businesses, EBay and Etsy shops. To provide you with an accurate and honest review. The fact that the Author has received a complimentary product will never influence the content, topics or posts made on the blog. Press samples submitted for review are For Consideration only. The blog and it’s Author do not provide any guarantee of review, positive or negative, unless we have spoken prior to you sending the items and have our own personal agreement. While Dliteful Trends, tries to only accept products of interest if something does not fit right, looks weird, is not associated with the topics covered on the site, etc the Author will not claim it to be otherwise! The blog and it’s Author may choose not to review a item, and the Author will never endorse or encourage the sale of a product that does not meet the Author’s standards or expectations. All reviews will always be 100% in the Authors opinion.  All reviews of products are 100% in the blog owners opinion and are not subject to pre-approval by PR Representatives or brands. Brands or PR Representatives that wish to impose such pre-approval guidelines or wish to provide content that is not written by me, will not be accepted without compensation and will be labeled & disclosed appropriately as an advertorial. I reserve the right to NOT review an item sent to me for review. If you are sending me an item for review I will assume you have read all of these rules or have contacted me directly to make sure your product will work on the blog and is something that the readers and myself will find of interest.  

REVIEW DISCLAIMER: Please understand that due to the volume of requests I receive, I cannot guarantee a time frame when your item will appear in a post or on my social media.  I always offer not just coverage on my blog but I also post all items I review, wear or collaborate on, in and on all my social media accounts.  This is something that a lot of my brands and shops like, that leads them to me usually is that I am very active on social media and I will not only do a blog review or post on your items but they will be featured often if they are something I really like or goes with my style, because I post daily OOTD (outfit of the day) posts and will highlight, tag and mention the designer or brand when ever worn. ( There are some items I have purchased that I do not have a relationship or agreement with that I do not mention or advertise for but wear often, these are just items I like and bought that I have no obligation or agreement to post or promote.) I’m currently on a 2-3 week turnaround on some items for product reviews. Mostly because I was out of town for two weeks and I am catching up, because I work as a fashion stylist, I was away during swim week here in Florida and have a lot of samples or material from the swim week and seasonal summer items I need to review or post.  Some items will be posted right away on my daily mail haul features on social media and some items for a season may be posted right away while some items that are not seasonal may be put off a little longer to make room for seasonal items to be reviewed sooner.  For example if you send me sweaters or boots in the middle of summer it may not be reviewed until the end of the summer.  Please make note due to the volume of submissions and the investment of time and effort that goes into incorporating products into the content on Dliteful Trends, any products sent for any purposes will not be returned. 

WARRANTY & CLAIMS: The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the blog owners. If we claim or appear to be experts on a certain topic or product or service area, we will only endorse products or services that we believe, based on our own expertise and experience are worthy of such endorsement. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with manufacturer or provider. The Author makes NO WARRANTY OF ANY KIND. This blog is provided “As Is” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied.

MEDICAL DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical professional and the advice on this page is not to be taken as such. The opinions expressed on Dliteful Trends, are not meant to be substituted for professional medical advice and if you have any questions you should consult a medical professional.
This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.
If you would like more information about our disclosures please email me @ Dlitefulcreations@ymail.com

If you would like to collaborate, send items for review, press kits, advertising information and more please click on my wish list tab or contact me via email. Dlitefulcreations@ymail.com ATTN: COLLAB/BLOG. I am always looking for new shops, online boutiques, products, designers, and brands to style, review and help promote.  I am open and always love to see creative, unique and handmade items as well as fashion, fitness, beauty, home design, home decor, cooking or baking items, hair products, kids items, and more.  Please feel free to send me any product you represent or make, I am really open and I love to support and empower creative individuals, it is something that as a blogger and social media fashion posting lover I really enjoy is helping to promote businesses.  I really am just as into the smaller businesses as I am the big name stores and designers.  I feel that helping a new brand or smaller store is such an amazing honor for me.  Thank you again for visiting my blog.  If you have any concerns please contact me, and for any legal matters please email me so I can forward to my attorney.

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