Thursday, February 7, 2013

LA Idol Jeans review

I have mentioned I read a lot about LA Idol jeans getting rave reviews all over Internet. Some bloggers say they fit amazing and make all body types look great, make butt look amazing, are like Miss Me jeans, etc. I'm a huge Silver Jeans Co, True Religion, Lucky brand and then Miss Me fan so I read these blogs and had to try them myself. I first ordered a pair of capris because here in south Florida it is warm so I wear a lot of shorts and capris during the day. I loved them:). Then started looking all over locally for the jeans. I rather buy locally so I can try them on but it was not easy. I do however find a small local boutique who carried a few styles. I bought one pair but they were $45 I had read you could get them for less. Marshall's has a few brand and so does Kohl's that have the beading but what I love is the stitching and fit of Miss Me the denim quality is amazing too. I have one pair of Miss Me jeans it was my first pair I purchased and paid full price so they were $100 easily, they have lasted 3 years. No crystals have come off and still look like new:).

I finally found a bunch on EBay. I was hesitant but I messaged a few different sellers that had great buy now prices. I ended up going with the seller who was most helpful. She messaged me back right away, was super helpful with sizing, and price was reasonable at $28 then $4.00 for shipping:). I went with the basic dark boot cut with white stitching and they have crystals on buttons not a design on pocket but my other pair has that. These kind of remind me of True Religion with the stitching and pocket look. They came in three days I ordered sunday they were here Wednesday.

Always nervous when I order from online or eBay. Sometimes you get something different, fake or they don't fit great. Luckily they came exactly as described and fit perfect. I love them. The quality is amazing. Love the stitching like I mentioned I have a few pairs of True Religion jeans, these use to be my go to brand but way over priced. We have an outlet which is where I buy mine but I only buy capris now cause the inseam in True Religion jeans is 34" I'm tall 5'7 almost 5'8 and that is super long on me. The LA Idol also have a long inseam but not as bad so if you are short you may have to find a good seamstress to hem them for you. I have always taken my designer jeans to a lady I found who uses the same thread so it looks like you bought them that way. A good seamstress is a must, I am big busted so I take a lot of dresses and dressier tops to her for altering so they don't look to big everywhere else. A seamstress is key sometimes to making your clothes look amazing. Especially if you have larger top or bottom and also if you are shorter.

These jeans fit and compliment my body amazing. I couldn't get a good back side shot I will have to post one later when hubby can snap one for me:). They look amazing with heels and a nice top also. They are a dark denim with white stitching and accent crystal buttons. They have a little stretch to them and I was worried they would get loose after wearing but they held up amazing:). I recommend these to everyone who is looking for a designer expensive look for a quarter of the price:). These are for sure not mom jeans. I have read a lot about women wearing mom jeans. I actually have a few friends then a girl I knew previously who dressed in mom jeans they are not flattering at all lol. Try to avoid jeans with large pockets, dark stitching and always check your bottom in mirror, some jeans just the placement of the pockets can make your rear look flat and awful.

Please message me for any questions and also would love to hear comments on jeans you like, what you think of LA Idol jeans and more:). Love comments and feed back always. Also remember follow me and I will follow your blog also:). Help me spread the trends and deals by sharing my blog I will do the same for you:). It isn't easy getting a huge following but so many do and I'm determined:).

Everyone have a great rest of the afternoon and enjoy my photos below of the LA Idol dark denim boot cut jeans. They have many styles, cuts and a lot of fancy designs on pockets a lot like Miss Me. Another brand I have seen is Miss Chic but haven't tried those yet. Will one of these days lol.


I prefer my Silver Jeans Co and Miss Me but for the price they aren't a bad fit, they run smaller so size up and the stitching is really what compliments the body.  Also google Sneak Peek jeans they are affordable and a lot of the newer online shops are carrying them now.  If you want some really high quality and well fit jeans check out