Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ab Cuts

Been looking for a all natural supplement to promote weight loss. I am currently taking fish oil and green bean coffee extract along with multi vitamins. I did research and came across these ab cut supplements. Several celebrities endorse them and you can buy at GNC or Walmart. They have the ab cuts along with shakes, a caffeine style am pill and a sleep pill. I am going to check out more tomorrow on payday. Thinking maybe I will try and see. I have been eating healthy and working out at least five days a week. Running, walking, boxing, cycling which is amazing I have taken a class similar to flywheel which I read about in Us weekly but they don't have one close to me, I did find a class similar and it is much more fun then regular cycling or spinning.

I have lost a lot of weight passed five months and feel great. I have energy, love to stay busy, and look much healthier. I have plans to start working out with a trainer after our vacation for two months until my membership at box fit ends then I will join regular gym and possibly start crossfit two to three days a week for toning. I will let you know if I decide to invest in the Ab Vut line and following their diet, exercise plan. It is this last five pounds that is hardest to take off. Just happy to be back in my old clothes again:).

Check out ab cuts on Facebook and google them for website. I will update with links when I get a chance to use my laptop or iPad. Kids are always on them or they are dead lol

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