Saturday, February 9, 2013

Date night manicure and v-day swatching:)

I was trying to pick a color for date night tonight and also looking to find a pretty pink or red for valentine's day.

From thumb to pinky I swatched Julep Joan, pointer finger is the disappointing matte drying "so called" holo silver from Julep Rebel, then Julep Rose from my mystery box, please excuse the bubble had cotton on finger nail still but was swatching quick and then ring finger is OPI DS Reserve and pinky is Julep Petra.

My favorites were of course OPI Reserve, Julep's Joann and Petra:). The Rebel holo looked very flat maybe with a top coat it would shine but wasn't like any of my other holo polishes. Julep Rose is pretty but like shimmery shades right now:).

I decided to go with Julep Joann let hubby pick and he said eithe Joann or Petra were his two favorites:). May use the OPI next. Julep polish usually chips on me with a day or two. I decided to try Seche top coat forgot how awful it smells very toxic fumes. Will see if my opinion changes at all. Wanted to try the julep poly topcoat but didn't have time for polish to dry then top coat to dry needed quick very busy today:).

Enjoy photos let me know what you think or like:).

Happy Saturday



  1. I'm liking Julep Joan and OPI DS Reserve the best. Have a good time at Cirque!

    1. Mine too:). Thank you we had a great time:). So happy you got your package sorry again for the delay. Got your emails hope you are feeling better and have a great week hun xoxo