Friday, February 8, 2013

Julep Valentine's day/February 2013 mystery box

Never again lol. You would think I would have learned after October I swore I would never order a mystery box but they hooked me up with some maven points and I ended up getting a holiday gift box with five to six polishes for my daughter plus a couple add ins for other months.

My mystery box came today, didn't sleep last night so was napping when mailman woke me. I thought it would be all wrapped up cute and have valentines day theme to it and maybe the chocolates like the February box had. Nope just a plain box with some red shredded paper.

My box had a lipgloss which looks super soft pink in bottle but goes on clear pretty much and super thick. Removed within minutes. It's called Camelia I believe. Then I got Morgan, again that makes three now:(. I gave one to my daughter this one will go to my nail mail buddy:). It is a gorgeous purple but one is enough lol. I also got had read the email that said we would get four valentine's day polishes and one holo mystery polish or a coupon for a free polish. I didn't receive a holo or a coupon. I thought the Julep Evangeline was the mystery holo but applied it not holo at all! I googled and someone said she emailed Julep and they said it was a mystery color not holo that it said we would receive a mystery color, holo or coupon. That is wrong cause I re read my message and it says, "one mystery holo or free polish coupon". Wouldn't be first time julep let me down or false advertised.

Wondering who got free jewelry?! Lol. I haven't seen anyone yet. My four Valentine's day colors were the purple Morgan, not really valentine's to me an like I said third time I got it, I always get dupes with Julep:(. Luckily I can trade or give to someone but not why I signed up lol. My next color is Rose a pretty bright red almost hot pink color. Looking forward to trying this one for valentine's day. Then I got Julep Petra a dark red with shimmer or glitter look. Also thought this may be the holo but not it is an older color doesn't have the swatch sticker on top. Last up my least favorite, Julep Jennifer. This is a creamy pale pink. These colors look horrible on me cause I have lighter skin. Was hoping for a nice red and pink but alteast I got one thing the nice red lol.

I am pretty much over the Julep boxes. The holo from February box Rebel was not so holo to me and a bit of a let down. My second mystery box was not so good and first one I got in October was awful not to mention the ten emails I had to send explaining missing items, damaged items and no packing in the box! Think I will cancel this box cost 20 a month were my other two subscription boxes are ten I could join a different one for less:(. Also I am not a huge Julep fan. Don't like the thickness and brush. Below are some quick photos I snapped. Going to lay down migraine and slept four hours last night then woke up late to take my girls to school. I did get some photos of my new shoes I will post later:). Shoes make me happy lol. Happy weekend everyone. I will be busy going to Cirque du soleil Totem tomorrow night and my oldest daughter has a cheer competition Sunday early. Get to roll her hair tomorrow before we go:).



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