Thursday, February 7, 2013

Marshall's and TJ Maxx purses.

Lately my local Marshall's and TJ Maxx have had huge shipments of Michael Kors, Juicy, Coach, Jessica Simpson and other nice bags also in gorgeous bright colors along with pastels for spring and summer.

Last week before payday I was browsing Marshall's waiting for my little one to get out of school and came across a Michael Kor's Hamilton purse in silver. I have wanted a Hamilton for a little while but at Christmas time when Macy's had their friends and family sale I went for a dressier black python bag with silver chain and hardware cause I couldn't resist for the price. Then entered an online contest to win one of three Michael Kors bags and actually won a jet set tote which I would have never bought but was pleased with cause it isn't the usual canvas material rather a nice almost PVC material, which I love because the canvas ones stain and get dirty/fade quickly if you carry it a lot.

I didn't get the Hamilton bag and once I got home I was mad! Even if you don't have the cash at the time both Marshall's and TJ Maxx have layaway so it makes it easier to not miss out in a great find. My main reason for passing up was I really want turquoise or bright color or a black one.

I figured keep looking so that is what I have been doing. I frequent these stores often since both are close to home and my daughter's school. Every Tuesday and Thursday around 9:30-11 they roll out the new freight and stock the shelves. Today my mom and I walked into TJ Maxx as they were unpacking. I was excited but unfortunately didn't fall in love with any of the ones they got in today:(. Then Marshall's is always either a hit or miss today they had a couple but none again I had to have. I have been carrying around forty bucks to throw one on layaway as soon as I find it but hasn't happened.

I took photos of the ones I liked at TJ Maxx at let me tell you there was several ladies who walked in a filled their carts. Most were canvas ones and a few totes they all ranged from 119 up to 249. I tend to like an all leather bag usually but some of these were super cute. I am holding out for a bright color or all leather black bag for now and I know if I'm patient I will find one especially since passed few weeks they have been getting ALOT!

Enjoy the photos of the bags below. All the ones I took pictures of we're $179 and $199. I almost got the gray or blue one and liked the black canvas that has the Hamilton outlet look. My mom liked the brown and ran canvas with orange accents. Again I like silver hardware on my bags but if I really like one and the price is good I will buy one with gold:).

Happy deal hunting and stay posted have my Feb Julep box review along with some photos and review for the LA Idol jeans I purchased online:).


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