Thursday, February 28, 2013

Blonde, lavender and purple Ombre hair

Got my hair colored today and I am beyond happy with it. I snapped a few quick pics after, excuse the photos wasn't made up or prepared for photos but wanted to get a few to show. My hair dresser did my partial highlights and then underneath is a dark brown with purple tone, then a ombre effect on bottom which looks lavender and then purple. Love how it came out. My hair dresser Deb from Rock Paper Scissors in Plantation, Florida is amazing and super talented. She always does a great job and love the cut too. Need to get some photos of the back so you can see the long layers and the color. Let me know what you think=).Melissa

1 comment:

  1. You were not joking you have been coloring glue hair for years. Don't listen to mean people that call you a copycat they should check your blog and see you have been doing the same stuff for many years! They need to grow up!