Thursday, February 7, 2013

Obsessed with the Michael Kors Hamilton bag

Before Christmas I had the Michael Kors Hamilton bag on my wishlist.  I own 6 Michael Kors purses and three wallets.  I was a Coach addict for years then got into Juicy Couture, but only love my two leather hobo styles, don't like the terry material at all, then I got into a few other brands because I wanted to branch out and make my purse collection more extensive.  I have to say I kept going back to Coach and when they opened the outlet here I thought I would never be hooked on any other brand.

Three years ago my hubby asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I asked for a Michael Kors man style watch in silver, the runway model I believe.  He went to the outlet here and got me the watch and the Astor bag by Michael Kors in black with silver hardware.  The purse is so me, I love rock music, ripped jeans, studs, skulls etc.  This bag is so that style but also looks great with dressier outfits as well.  I loved the bag so much I actually carry it more then any of the many bags I own.  I asked for a black wallet that same year for Christmas and he got me the Hamilton, large zip around wallet in black with silver lock and hardware.  I had never seen the Hamilton bag but once I did I wanted it in black.  I then picked up several other purses one in brown, one in olive green, then a navy one.  This year I was sure I wanted the Hamilton it was on my wish list then I went to Macy's for the friends and family sale before the holidays and saw the bag I got, it is gorgeous I have posted several photos.  It is black with silver chain strap and has a python leather embossed body.  I love this bag, looks amazing on and is more dressy then most of my bags.  Then I won the PVC dark brown logo jet set tote, which I love because I can carry my macbook or ipad in the center zipper compartment plus it was free=).  Can't beat that, but missed out on my chance to get the Hamilton.

My black astor bag is getting worn and saw some at TJ Maxx for a great price but told myself my next bag would be the Hamilton in black.  I am so obsessed with this bag that I have been saving but every time I get close something comes up I need or want more.  Usually the kids need something and they always come first.  I recently started seeing these bright colored Hamilton's and they are to die for.  I have a bright pink poppy Coach purse in patent leather that I love, I get so many compliments on this bag, I also have a bright yellow bag from B Markowski I love, but I need a turquoise, or purple or orange lol.  I love them all.  If I hit the lotto tomorrow I would order one in every color.  I have been looking for hours.  I even joined the purseblog site lol.  They have a Michael Kors Hamilton club lol.

I know I am crazy but Valentine's day is Thursday which is also payday, I think it is meant to be.  Now to find these colors locally cause I am not patient enough to wait for a online order to ship lol.  Tomorrow hitting the Michael Kors outlet and store to see what colors they stock.  Hubby always wants to know where and a photo he hates hunting or guessing.  Now what color do I get.  I love turquoise right now and have a pink bag, so purple?  green?  orange?  lol help me out girls.  I know I want silver hardware, not a fan of gold anything.  Here are the photos I found from Macy's, google images and Michael Kors site check them out.  Hope I don't get anyone else addicted lol.

Large Hamilton tote turquoise

smaller satchel lime green

Smaller in purple with silver love

Smaller satchel in the turquoise love

I love large bags but I think I may like the smaller one, maybe I will get the purple smaller and turquoise in the larger lol

Pink but I have a bright pink coach so thinking a new color

Bright orange I love too. Great summer colors

Large turquoise

help me out lol, large or small then what color do you think?  I am thinking first one will be small turquoise lol

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