Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Euro Centrale collection by OPI

Got a five of the new Euro collection by OPI. Wanted to get them all but also wanted a couple of the Butter London Spring collection. This week hitting Sephora for some new Chanel colors I have seen online.

I was drawn to this collection because I love dark colors and they had a few brighter spring looking shades. I will start with Eurso Euro, this is deep blue cream and is gorgeous on. I did one finger swatches last week but will be doing on all my nails soon. Dark colors are my favorite:). This blue has a royal blue look in the light and is very opaque. One coat looked good but I always like to do two coats for full even look and to really see the color.

Next up I have Suzi's Hungary again. This is a warm yummy pink and has almost a coral look to it. The photos made it look orange in some light but it is a coral pink. This color I needed two coats for full coverage and for the true color to appear. Love OPI I have to say that over the passes year of really extending my nail polish collection that OPI has become my favorite polish. I love the brush, the formula and how long the color lasts. Have never been disappointed with any OPI polish I have bought. My all time favorite color is OPI Lincoln Park After Dark and I love the DS series they are all stunning.

The third color is Can't find my Czechbook. This is a gorgeous aqua blue shade. Some photos it looked mint but that was the lighting for sure. I almost used this color over the weekend because blue has become my favorite nail color lately. I love blues, coral/pinks and greens right now. To me they feel super spring and remind me of Easter. This color needed two coats, almost three.

You're such a Budapest is a periwinkle purple shade and for sure a perfect spring color. This took two coats for full opacity and is a gorgeous pastel purple. Periwinkle is the first word that came to mind when thinking of a color to describe. I love this collection because OPI has great pastels, bright spring fun colors, dark vamp colors, great tan and neutrals, along with a great white shade that I really like. The nude/white shade is called My Vampire is Buff it is on my wish list. Didn't buy it just cause I wanted color for spring.

Last up I went with Vant to bite my neck? Sorry for any miss types my iPhone wants to keep auto correcting Vant to Want lol. This is a favorite also in this collection being a deep eggplant purple. Like I have mentioned several times I love dark colors and this is a great dark color. I love colors that from a distance look black but in the light up close have amazing depth and color. Purple was always my favorite color growing up and this purple is great especially if you like darker vamp looking colors;).

There are a lot that I didn't get that day, I have I saw...U saw... We saw... Warsaw. That is a deep midnight blue and only passed on it cause I have Russian Navy and Nicole by OPI Wavy Navy. My Paprika is Hotter than Yours! Also looks gorgeous, it is a fiery red and has some coral tone to it also. Polka is the glitter polish in this collection and goes with the entire collection, I love that because would be great as an accent on any and all the colors:). Oy another Polish Joke is a shimmery gold color and Hands off my Kielbasa is a bronzy tan shade. I love these being polish and all:). I didn't get them because nudes don't always look good on my skin tone it's hit or miss plus Julep sent me a nude shimmery shade last month. The last one I didn't get is A Woman's Prague-ative. This polish is a shimmery copper shade almost like a penny.

I am still working on updating my list for my polish stash then I need to update my wish list. I have purchased a lot of colors since I started my polish inventory. Trying to find room for them all, my daughter counted them and I have over 300. Think it is time for a blog sale lol.

Below are some swatches of the five colors I own from the OPI Euro collection along with some photos from the flyer I got from the display at Ulta. Enjoy the photos, I did my best to get a good photo but I did this swatch quick and had a nail that was peeling ended up having to buff between polish changes. Sorry my photos aren't always perfect. I tend to polish late at night because during the day my life is busy and hectic with my girls. Also I take photos sometimes before I get to clean cuticles and any polish I get on sides. Mostly trying to show the color and post a description of the color along with polish. Enjoy and it is almost Wednesday! Can't wait for the weekend again. My hubby is working a lot with this rain and wind:(. Miss him.


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