Saturday, February 2, 2013

Promised I would post a few pics

I said I would post some pics of my progress with losing weight. Been cool here so been in jeans and sweaters passed few days but still feels nice to wear a size seven again:). Could wear smaller but don't want to squeeze into anything like to be comfy.

This week my kids have been sick the end of the week so missed a day at the gym but yesterday did some shopping for dresses and walked a ton. Getting ready to walk now to breakfast:). Have a great weekend everyone. Have some nail polish posts coming soon.



  1. Thank you been busting my butt girl between 1200 calorie diet and boxing, walking and gym. I just want to be where I was last year lol. It isn't easy over 30 with two kids. I am determined this time to do it the healthy way and be dedicated to working out and staying fit