Thursday, February 7, 2013

February Julep Maven It Girl box

Got my julep maven it girl box an forgot to post photos and review. I was going to cancel but decided since they had the holo polish and freedom polymer top coat I would try them out first. Then I got an email about the mystery valentines day box, after my Halloween mystery box mess was hesitant but decided before I cancel I will give them one last shot at the mystery box. Says it comes with mystery colors and a mystery holo shade, I sure hope I don't get dupes like I did before:(. If I do will be willing to trade actually working on a list of trades and blog sale items that I hope to finish soon so I can post:).

On to the box, it was nicely wrapped and when I opened it was happy tower the little heart chocolates for valentines day, I am dieting so won't be eating but my daughters loved them:). I also got a travel eye lash curler that I great for my purse or travel bags. Then there is their new top coat the Freedom Polymer/polymere top coat. They claim goes on like a polish, performs like a gel. My daughter loves the gel polish and when I treat her to a manicure when I go for my pedicures she always does the gel which lasts weeks. I think a gel like top coat would be a great invention if it worked. I have not tried this one yet but will my next manicure which should be later today:). My OPi DS I applied last week and posted is just now chipping which is impressive because I didn't apply a top coat. I was sampling colors so I was planning to remove and try another color but I fell in love with this color. I got a ton of compliments on it from people all over. My next swatch will be another OPI DS called Reserve it is a pink shade. The one I'm referring to that didn't chop for a week is the OPI DS Magic which is a blue and purple sparkly amazing color that has a holo like effect:).

Back to Julep lol sorry got off topic. The box had three polishes, this is the box I had picked for me from the test. I haven't changed the box ever cause usually the colors picked from quiz I took are more my style:). It is nice to have the option though. First up is Julep Joan, it is inspired by Joan Crawford and looks like a nice sparkly red:). Can't wait to try. Second is Julep Marion and is inspired by Marion Cotillard. This is a pretty blue with a shimmer. This box remind me of July fourth lol with red, blue and silver:). Last up is the color I was looking forward to trying, have read mixed reviews on Juleps attempt at Holo polish. Some say it isn't that amazing. I love holo polishes, the OPI DS silver is amazing and The hits along with Milani brand have some nice holographic colors. I also have a couple Layla. I have read this dries a little flat but once a good shiny top coat is applied looks amazing. I'm going to try it out and post photos ASAP. I mentioned before I got a new dslr camera, a Nikon and have been learning to use the camera along with editing photos. I have been reading a lot and have a friend who does photography who ha been helping me but breaking down and enrolling in a class here at the adult school ASAP. I want to learn all the tricks then I can post amazing photos that really show how gorgeous some of these polishes and items are:). It is hard to capture with my iPhone and I'm not always the best at getting on my laptop to upload from my Nikon s400. Can't wait because I love taking photos and can't wait to combine one day with my cosmetology license to hopefully do professional photos like the pin up pictures I took awhile ago:). Anyways again off topic lol I do that a lot sorry if I lost you there lol. The holo Julep is called Rebel from my box. I have seen some of the others and want to try them all hope to get a different one in my mystery box:). Julep Rebel is silver and inspired by Rebel Wilson. I promise to have swatches soon. I hav plans to remove my polish tonight and hope to have swatches of these colors along with the DS color:).

That's my Julep box:). My mystery box should be here any day along with new Birchbox for Feb and the Ipsy glam bag:). All have shipped or been billed. I also have some reviews coming for some Butter London pastel spring colors I picked up:). Stay posted and have a great end of the week. Excited one more day till weekend then hubby and I are going to see Cirque Du Soleil Totem in Miami for a pre valentine's day present he got me, also have my oldest daughter's cheer competition then Valentine's day next week. Will be posting lots of photos of deserts and sweets this is a busy time for my baking/event business have a lot of orders. I also deliver from 9-3 on Valentines day for some of my regular customers. Make chocolate and candy bouquets, cupcakes, cake pops and more. Will share photo next week for sure. Also excited to see what hubby has planned for Valentine's day, my mom slipped and said he asked her to babysit earlier evening can't wait:).

Happy Thursday,


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