Saturday, July 18, 2015

Sand Cloud Apparel and Towels, link for 40% off now

Sand Cloud Apparel

Hey there my friends and readers be sure to head over to @sand_cloud on Instagram or go to SandCloudApparel now to receive 40% off your purchase of one of their lovely Turkish or bohemian towels for the beach. They have free shipping on all US orders and all their towels, blankets and bags are amazing quality. I placed my order for a bohemian towel, which can also be used as a wrap or sarong, in blue and was so excited when I got home to see it, it's even more gorgeous and luxurious in person. They also have bag towels, large blankets, pillow towels and iPhone cases available in the store.

Use above link now to receive 40% off your first order and help get me credit towards my ambassador rewards. Thank you. 

40% Code only good for a limited time, after that expires use code Wanderlust25 for 25% off every order and always free shipping anywhere in the USA.  Thank you for your support.

Also Sand Cloud donates 10% of net proceeds to preserve marine life. Love that. 

Make sure to head on over and follow them on social media, they have FB, IG and twitter accounts, then head on over to pick up your beach towel or blanket for the summer. For now you can use the above link to receive 40% off, after that expires you can use my ambassador code to receive 25% off and free shipping, use code Wanderlust25

You can roll it up for easy carrying and has a built in pillow. 

 I went with this pretty blue one and can also be worn as a sarong wrap that looks stylish while walking the beach or boardwalk. Love these and can't wait to use mine at the beach for the rest of the summer. 

Thank you, make sure to use the above link now to redeem this amazing 40% off discount and after that please be sure to use my exclusive code when shopping for your 25% off discount. Wanderlust25 also helps to show how many people are seeing the product from me. You can also sign up to be an ambassador, be sure to tell them I sent you:). They are always looking for ladies who love nature, beach, photography and good vibes. 

Hav a great one 


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  1. These are super cute and trendy towels love them. Going to check out the page now. You find the best stuff and these really are awesome love the idea of having a towel rhat looks like a sarong so when I wrap it around myself at the beach it is attractive great idea

  2. Love these, been looking for some nice towels or blankets for my upcoming trip to Jamaica for my honey moon. Thanks for sharing

  3. I was looking for a code remembered seeing them on my Instagram before and came across your blog. Thank you for sharing your promo code and all the photos, details and multiple uses. Placing an order now using your code, thanks again and great work.

  4. WANDERLUST25 is my code for 25% off your purchase, I would like to just say that the 40% off link was good back when I first became a rep/ambasssdor it is now 25% off. Also if you are interested in becoming a brand rep ambassador please email or message me I can always help you or answer any questions. I have been working with Sand cloud for sometime now and own all their products