Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ootd Fashion Post

Today I am packing for our vacation, currently in the process of washing the last load of laundry and just finished cleaning the house. I always love to leave the house spotless, and have fresh linens so when we come home we can just relax that first evening. I also try to wash my clothes the last day of vacation or when we have some down time since we rent a house, that way I don't come home with two weeks of dirty laundry. It is a great way to do things because then you can come home from vacation and chill instead of having to clean or wash clothes the first couple days you are home. 

We are super excited to leave tomorrow am, we are picking up the rental car and booked a mid size SUV but my hubby called because the girl told me I could get a free upgrade the day I pick up and looks like we are going to get a Tahoe for the price of the Explorer or Equinox. I drive the large Lexus SUV, but we don't like to put mileage on my car if we don't have to, we are hoping to get the Tahoe or even a mini van if that's all they have, since it has more room. We will be gone two weeks and need lots of room for luggage along with room to stretch out and be able to relax while driving. I always over pack lol, and have two daughters so we have a lot of luggage. 

While I am traveling I will be updating and posting on the blog, especially while we are driving to the locations. I am hoping to be able to have time to work on some of the posts I have had ideas for, for some time but just haven't had the time to sit down and type up. I have several reviews on shops and products I would like to share as well as some more photos. 

Today I just wanted to quickly post from my iPhone and upload some new photos of some of my ootd posts from Instagram along with my new hair photos, and some other new stuff I got. I am excited and sad I will be missing the annual Miami swim fashion week but my post on the Traingl bikini will be up on several local blogs thanks to my amazing boss. It isn't the same post I shared here but I plan to repost or share the link here. It has more photos of the suit on, detailed photos of the suit, from stitching to buckle and more. Plus I review not just the swimsuit but the website, live chat, customer service, sizing, material, shipping and discuss some research I did on their return policy and how others felt about returning their suit. Keep an eye out here and on my Instagram for that, also I will be showing some of my favorite Miami swimsuit designers along with the best swim fashion shows to hit, the ones I would have been at for sure if I wasn't away on vacation. I was lucky enough to work this passed week and weeks prior with several amazing designers on helping set up or design their booths, style their shows and more. I am sad I won't be here for the actual event but it has been amazing being part of it. Also got some super cute bikinis and cover ups to share when I return. Hoping by the time I get back I will have my custom Betty bangs bikini made, and can show you how amazing her suits are. She makes them all by herself with her sewing machine, she is famous for the teekini where she took band tee shirts and sewed them with a lining turning them into sexy, super hot, swimsuits that were all the buzz here in Miami and south Florida. I am lucky enough to have met her many years ago before her line took off and she sent me one bikini many years ago and I just recently contacted her about getting a custom made gypsy bohemian vibe bikini made, she promised me as soon as swim week was over she would make it. 

Okay enough rambling about that lol, here are the photos I wanted to share below. I will add details below each photo. Also I will be adding the links to the site and posts little by little, as you can see in some posts I have already changed them. I post most of my blog posts from my iPhone because it is so easy, all my photos are in my phone and I just find it so convenient. Only down side I can't add the links to sites. I like to have a few links that make it easier for you, the reader to just click and be directed straight to the web page or even the product I am showing or reviewing. I promise I will have most of the more recent posts updated by the end of the month. 

Enjoy my photos and new stuff I have gotten. A few items didn't make it yet, I still have till six tonight for UPS and Fed Ex to deliver, I may update if they do make it later adding some more photos but if not I will have some amazing handmade jewelry I ordered from a sweet lady I met on IG @gypsyhavenjewels and some other eBay scores. 

This super cute Caftan style top is from Forever 21. It is made of a super sheer, light weight gauze style material, with a pull tie right below your bust to adjust, it really accentuates your figure and looks amazing. Love the black Aztec style pattern that trims the top. It can be worn as a dress or beach cover up, or like I have it with some light weight leggings in capri length. 

I chose to pair it with my Adam Rabbit raw citrine necklace and a silver crescent moon with star necklace I found on eBay. 
Can't see them but wearing black Tory Burch sandals with silver TB logo and a similar design black and cream bottom. Love TB sandals, flats and even her flip flops. 

Got this super cute pair of pajamas at Target. I also got a pair with icecream for breakfast, and ones with little cute foxes on them. Wanted some light weight pj's since we will be in the hot south and Texas. The cute doughnut socks I found at Forever 21 and also have a pair with Pineapples and Foxes, which made me have to grab the fox pajama's also. I was told the fox pjs are normally only sold online but I guess someone had returned them to the store, my daughter also wanted a pair and when I asked the lady looked to see on the computer if they had any in the back or in store that maybe we over looked, but she said that they were a online only item and had been a return. They are super cute and for $14.99 can't beat it. 

I ordered a large order from Wet Seal over two weeks ago and it arrived this week. I got this cute, Go climb a cactus tank, for $6 and these ripped white Machine denim jean shorts for $10, also wearing my Forever 21 cactus necklace. Can't wait to rock this in Texas. I also got other shorts, jeans and tops you can see on my Instagram page, @cr8tivefashionwanderlust. You can also always look just at my graphic tee and tank collection on Instagram by using the hashtag #melissastees. Makes it easier if you only want to see my collection of graphic tees and tanks versus all my other many photos lol. 

More cute tops from Boho Circus. Love this Free Spirit, VW with feather graphic tank and the Radiate positive vibes tee. The kimono underneath I scored for $3 bucks off eBay. It's gorgeous and have seen the exact same and similar ones from $25-45 online. It has the tassel crochet style bottom and lovely blue teal floral print. I love it. 

M new hair color which I call rose gold ombré. It's a light blonde to reddish, orange, coral color ombré, there are shades of peach and coral as it gets darker. It is blended lovely and after having to strip my hair two days in a row, thanks to a product I have been using for around 6-8 months, Olaplex, my hair is even healthier them before. Normally it would be fried but this Olaplex three step product is amazing. The blue I had didn't want to come out the neon shade was very happy and didn't want to leave but the orange eventually just covered it and canceled it out. 

Looks brighter due to the lighting but it is a gorgeous white blonde that fades down into a peach, coral and then orange and brownish red tone. Love it and couldn't be happier. Judy, a new stylist I found did it for me and used of course Pravana colors, that's all I use in my hair and again Olaplex. 

Here wearing my pam&gela tank I got for $20 off eBay, blonde power! Love it this is my third top from their line. I have two tanks and one tee. Love them. 

Wearing my silver jeans suki shorts and forever 21 kimono, the necklace is also forever 21 and the bracelets are Lacey Ryan, and lokai. For those who don't know already I am a official brand rep or as they call it at Silver jeans, a Silver jeans Ambassador. I was so excited am honored to be asked to apply to be a part of this amazing program and then even more excited and over joyed to get the email welcoming me. I love silver jeans and have worn them for over a decade. I will have an upcoming post dedicated to the brand and all the many styles I own. 

Have to run and do some stuff quick but will be back to finish the post shortly, sorry to run mid post but looks like rain is coming and have to get a few things done quickly so I can start packing. Promise I will add the rest of the photos and new items shortly. Ty ✌️❤️😘


  1. Hope you have a great time on your trip, can't wait to see many photos. Love all your tees and cute outfits. Really have enjoyed your blog since I found it recently. Also enjoy following your fashion page on ig. You have such a awesome, stylish, everyday sense of fashion that I enjoy and totally vibe. Have a fab vacation and thank you for sharing

  2. I love your hair, just read back some posts with your purple and blue also, gorgeous. I have been wanting to dye my hair but was afraid that being almost 35 I am too old but you have changed my mind. Ty for sharing and love your blog