Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Ft. Worth fun fashion, Texas

Hey y'all, hope everyone is having a fab week. I know we are having a blast. Vacation has been amazing and Texas is awesome. I love the vintage and antique stores. Amazing bohemian, country, southwest, gypsy and hippie inspired apparel, home decor and more. It's just awesome plus all the wild life. We have a pack of deer that come to the yard every night at dusk then the neighbor breeds horses so we get to visit with them every morning when we wake and afternoon or evening when we return. They have babies along with the deer, which are cute to watch play. My girls and of course my hubby and I are really happy with our choice of rental properties. 

Today we are off to the safari, Texas style and then to the Ft. Worth nature preserve to see some Bison. Yesterday we hit the Ft. Worth stockyards and did some shopping, saw cattle and enjoyed some real Texas BBQ. Amazing. 

Real quick while I was in the car wanted to do a post to share some of my favorite vacation shots along with some cute vacation fashion... 

Today wearing my bargain find, "Go climb a Cactus" graphic tank from Wet Seal. Paid $6 for this fab find. 

        Wetseal // Go Climb A Cactus

Paired it with a black, with white embroidered floral pattern, kimono I found at Forever 21. This has a lace trim bottom and 3/4 length sleeves. 

                  \\ J Crew Factory//              
       Embroidered Cotton Gauze Short


(Will add clickable link when I get on my laptop) 


Necklaces // Mini Cactus from Forever21    // Cattle skull got in Ft. Worth at stockyards for $3.99. Love it. 

Again will add links to all items that are still available and if something isn't available I will find something close or another shop that carries it for you, right now traveling so just trying to give as many details as I can. 


Bracelets are by Lacey Ryan from Then wearing two of my Live Lokai bracelets. The classic and camo for WWF. 

Last night after a long shower to clean up from a hot day, temps reached 103 felt like 120 lol, I ended up in my faithful VS pink sweats. These are the embroidered logo boyfriend sweats in blue. The graphic tank I got in New Orleans at the original Peaches records. Love my graphic tanks and tees, also got a distressed Rolling Stones lyric tank there, then I have gotten several other aweome tees and tanks which you will see soon. 

Yesterday went with a graphic tee I bought on Etsy, the shop is called Wooden Arrow shop, you can find the sweet Christie's shop Instagram page, which has a link to her Etsy shop in her bio She makes some amazing jewelry, embroidered hand stitched decorative hoops and awesome vintage finds. Be sure to check out her shop and follow her on IG. I started stocking up on cute Texas and desert style graphic tops back after Christmas. Always have loved the deer and cattle skull or antler style tees and tops but really started getting in to buffalo while planning our trip to Texas. Found this perfect tee while purchasing some decorative pieces for my bedroom. Couldn't pass it up. Was my third buffalo tee, got my first at Urban Outfitters and then one over spring break in NC. 

Paired this tee with some Silver Jeans, Suki model shorts. You can find these at and will add link for exact shorts soon. I got mine from Buckle along with the necklace because I had a gift card. Bracelets again are Lacey Ryan, her IG is @laceyryaninc or you can find some pieces at just search Lacey Ryan and her site is www. Love all her piece because they can be mixed and matched then stacked with lots of other style bracelets. The quality is also amazing and the designer is so sweet, inspiring and talented. Make sure to show her some love❤️.

            Fort Worth Stock Yards

                  🌵Paso Roble🌵
       Our cozy 1900 Stone Tudor home



This was the Cattle walk where they walk the cattle down through the Main Street. Very cool, I love Longhorns and they had a ton. Will have better shots from my DSLR when I get home, haven't had the time I had thought in evenings to upload photos and post on the blog. Sorry. Really enjoying the family time. 

Found the green beaded bracelet in Ft. Worth yesterday. Love it and was $14.99
Hand made by a local designer. Love to support small businesses and creative/inspiring peeps. 


We get to wake to these faces and visit with them every afternoon or evening when we get back from adventuring. They have several babies and are so friendly. My girls love horses and the deer are also awesome. We love wildlife since where we live we don't have much really. 


               Mama & Baby Horse  

Hope you enjoyed my ootd choices for passed few days and some vacation shots. Almost to our destination so back to family time. For more photos and fashion fun check out my Instagram account @Cr8tivefashionwanderlust and I have a twitter now @Gypseawanderer. Have a great hump day:). ✌️❤️


  1. I wanted to tell you great job, love your blog and love this post. Loaded with details, great photos and links. Thank you so much for sharing and this is one of many times I have been googling fashion bargains and been directed to your blog. I love your blog style and that you don't just blog about yourself or think you are super cool like so many high end bloggers, the laid back approach is awesome. I like your everyday style but taste for the more high end looks on a everyday middle class budget. Thanks and you got me turned on to eBay. Just got my first Triangl off eBay and got my kimonos and a few designer jeans off eBay thanks to you. Enjoy your trip peace ��

  2. Texas is gorgeous I use to live there and miss it so badly. Make sure to visit the Dallas area and lots of great outlet shipping in many of the towns. Love your blog

  3. I can't find this tank now on Wetseal website when you first posted had it in my cart now it's not there but other items are must be sold out :(. Love this tank and love the price any ideas where I can find for under $15?

  4. I checked with Wetseal myself and they are sold out online but some local stores will have still and on clearance. I looked for shops that have it under 15 can't find but did find for $19.99. Have never ordered from the site going to ask first if they mind if I share their link on my blog. You can direct message me for the site name until then. Thank you. Also Ty for checking out my blog to everyone I appreciate all the support and love. Xoxo ✌️❤️