Friday, July 17, 2015

New shop, must check out Bohemian Vibe Boutique

Exited to be teaming up with this amazing new Bohemian boutique. They carry tons of the hottest and latest trends in bohemian style. Some of my favorites from Adam Rabbit jewlery, and Jolie USA bands. You can find both of these shops on IG at @jolieusa and @Adamrabbitjewlery,  found already in my favorite store links in side bar. I will be adding more new boutiques and designers soon. The winner was announced for the contest to win the Jolie headband but you can still head over to Bohemian Vibe Boutique and purchase one for yourself. I know I will be along with the Adam Rabbit exclusive agate slice bangle bracelet I been dying to get my hands on.  I have a package waiting for me when I return home. Super excited for when I arrive home have a lot of new goodies from new brands, designers and shops to share. 

Tonight Bohemian Vibe Boutique had a happy hour promo to save 30% I shared over on my Instagram @cr8tivefashiomwanderlust and you can follow them on Instagram @bohemianvibeboutique to stay up to date on all their new arrivals, sales and promos. Make sure to tell them I sent you you can simply mention Melissa Cr8tive fashion.

I will have lots more to come from this shop in the weeks to come and I am so honored they reached out to me to collaborate with them, this made my month and I am so honored. I have made it my personal goal to help them any way I can and I am so excited to share their fabulous products and pieces with you. Remember as women we need to be out there supporting one another and empowering each other in all our dreams, goals and endeavors. I know them teaming up with me will help me pursue my goals, and dreams here onmy blog and social media spreading my fashion love. 

Some of my favorite items currently available in the boutique: 

Top center dress is on sale and would match with flip flops, wrap bracelet and even bag. The best part about the bohemian and gypsy style is most items can be mixed and matched, and all look great together. Then the more accessories the better. Stacks of bracelets and layers of necklaces. 

 I am off to bed beat and excuse any typos packed away my glasses a little while ago and typing blind basically. Hopefully isn't bad will check back in the am. 


Here's to gypsy vibes and bohemian dreams. ✌️❤️

*Shop collaboration 


  1. Very aweome thanks for sharing, always looking for new bohemian shops. Blog is AMA-ZIN!

  2. They have a lot of really cute accesores will they be adding more clothing in the future? I love the bracelets and think I may place an order is there a promo code you have that I can use so they know you sent me?

  3. You have amazing style and love all the shops you share. Great blog keep up it's on point rocking it