Thursday, July 23, 2015

Triangl Poppy Peach Soda/Yellow Marshmallow

I recently have purchased several Triangl suits. I wanted one along with my 15 year old daughter for awhile but we didn't want to spend 89 plus shipping. The one I wanted was $99 and wasn't sure it would fit. If you have read my prior Triangl posts you know about my boss ordering the Brigette, Moondance for me to try. Only difference is it has crochet material and white stitching on the neoprene and I went with a S++ and XL but ended up curious if a XL top and L bottom would be better. I then ordered the Poppy Pink Lemonade using a Visa gift card I won and ended up also receiving the Pop Cola, black, white and yellow bikini as well. Not sure if this was an error or gift. Triangl gifts bikinis to bloggers and social media fashion account holders. It had a thank you card and leads me to believe it was complimentary along with a link for Triangl_girls on IG and a hashtag to use. 

I then hit the dupe market on Alibaba and eBay wanting to compare since I had done so much research. I came across this suit in a XL top and L bottom which fits me the best of all the sizes I have tried. I am larger busted but smaller in bottom. The S++ was too small in the cup this XL fits better but had to have the back straps taken in 2-3" by my mom in law. My daughter and I now share the suits. Went from none to one to three to now I have this one I scored off eBay for $50 and the Poppy Yellow Marshmallow with mesh for $46. I also have several dupes in route heard they take awhile and got a Winnie in route. Also ordered a look alike from VS and one from H&M. I will eventually have all of them and do just one big post but for now wanted to post this one. 

I am still on the fence if it's real or a good knock off. It's a little different then my other suits size wise and the top seems to have a thin lining over the cup of a nylon material. I asked the seller and they became rude and defensive. It didn't come with the box but did come with a black tag and all the tags look same along with back buckle. I know the mesh suits have a mesh material over the cups but my Brigette is all neoprene then is stitched all around the out edges. My other Poppy suits are also all neoprene and don't have this lighter weight material. The bottoms are the same, just top seems a little different but it's gorgeous. I am giving this one to my daughter along with the pop cola. I kept the Brigette but exchanged the top waiting now for the XL to come then will have it adjusted around the band. 

I will be sure to post next week hopefully once all the look a like and dupes arrie as well as my other eBay scores. I want to have them all ready to take photos and compare for you. Till then happy shopping and please beware buying on eBay and alibaba. If you want a real suit check out seller or I suggest investing in a real suit from the Triangl site however if you don't have the cash for the real deal eBay is a good spot. A lot of ladies order and they don't fit or they don't like how they look on because neoprene is tight and snugs your body, also these bra style tops are a Demi style cup like the Demi bras which are moderate coverage and larger busted ladies like myself may not feel comfortable in a top this revealing. I know I feel weird posting photos of it on because it does show a lot of cleavage. You can score a real suit if your lucky through eBay bidding for anywhere from 40-70 with shipping. I have two more I am bidding on now. Different styles want to try other styles and colors. I plan to share with my daughter and sell some that we don't like or need once we have them all and have decided which we like. I don't need 12 of the same suit lol. This color my daughter loves. I love the brigette blue is my favorite color and the pink lemonade looks amazing on y skin tone with a tan. The pop cola is black and is a pretty color combo but you can't be to white or it looks off. 

Got the yellow and took some pics so wanted to post a collage quickly will have my fave swim wear coming soon and must have beach summer styles. Below is a little flat lay of some of my faves for this summer enjoy. 

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Enjoy and happy shopping ✌️❤️


  1. I love the triangl swim suits but so expensive and concerned about sizing myself. Ty for sharing your posts and sizing info as well as the eBay tip going to check there and can't wait to see your dupe review and look a like posts. Have a great weekend and love the blog

  2. I ordered two of these one bra style and one tie back, no luck had to return them both, the XL bottoms fit me and I am usually a medium in regular bikinis but the XL top not even close. I am only a 34D and feel like I am exposed and naked. I have heard the dupes run larger but don't want to waste money, I spent $246 for two suits and then $60 almost returning them to only be refunded back the cost of the suits so lost $100 or more. Downer. Any suggestions I know you are larger busted and been trying look a like and dupes also. Really enjoy your blog and wish more regular women with larger busts and normal size bodies blogged and posted shots of these suits. Ty because I know posting bikini shots aren't easy but I appreciate it only wish I found you before I wasted all my money went on eBay and found four suits for bid in the US I could have tried and not wasted so much. You are very resourceful and a great bargain shopper. I bet your closet is to die for because your blog photos are amazing. You make a tee shrt look fabulous and kimonos look like a queens cape, making every shirt you wear look classy. Love your style

  3. Fabulous and inspiring love your blog

  4. I was searching for on google for Triangl dupes, look a likes and reviews then came across this post. Love you found authentic bikinis on eBay, after reading your post I was like duh! eBay. I have two fakes one from Ebuddy on amazon and another from Alibaba which I saw you had one from alibaba also. Mine is horrible and my amazon one is so so, but thank you for sharing your eBay finds I am bidding now on two fingers crossed I win. Would love to have an authentic suit for under $50 and shipped from a US seller so it arrives before the end of summer. Also saw your triangl H&M look a likes amazing great find. I have one from VS that is similar but a little small. Love your post