Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Lusting for a Triangl bikini, not wanting or able to spend the $$, readthis..

Triangl Inspired Bikinis 

  //Have you been lusting after all those amazing Traingl bikinis this summer that you are seeing all over social media and every blog? I know I saw them back last summer and didn't think they were anything special but then I saw the newer designs and all the hot color combos this season, I couldn't help myself I had to have one. Especially once I started seeing them all over the blogs and social media. When I saw the price and heard that it cost $20 for shipping and that some ladies were having to pay $20/40 duty fees depending on where they lived I wasn't sure. My biggest hesitation was buying something I never have tried on or even seen in person. I dread bathing suit shopping because I usually have to try on many before I find one I love, being big busted is a mission then it's so hard to find suits that are flattering for a larger busted gal. I broke down and thanks to my boss ordered a real Triangl bikini paid for by my company for blogging and reviewing purposes, I loved it so much I went ahead and took the plunge to order the Poppy in Pink Lemonade. I had ordered the Brigette in moondance which had a light and darker denim look with crochet paneling on the side, when my company offered to pay, this suit was the most expensive of the line at $99.  However, I wanted something more colorful for our Costa Rica trip and I also had ordered the S++ in the Bridgette but felt a XL may fit better in the cup and then I had ordered a XL bottom with my first order, which fit but when I get it wet it feels looser, so wanted to try the size large. I was super excited when my mom called while we were away on our road trip to tell me two Triangl orders arrived, I only ordered one? Weird. When she opened them one was the pink lemonade poppy I ordered, XL top L bottom ( I am a size 27-29 waist and a 6-8 bottom) the other was a XL top and bottom in the Cola pop, black yellow and white bikini. Still not sure if this was a mistake or a gift from the Triangl company but I love the colors and I am not complaining.  Also my daughter can wear the same size so we share them, now we have many color options.

  //I also hit eBay and won the Poppy in Peach soda for $50 and then another Poppy suit with the mesh over the neoprene in Yellow Marshmallow for $45, my daughter wears this one mostly because it's a XL with medium bottom. We honestly don't see a huge difference in the sizing between the medium to extra large bottoms it's a slight difference, also we felt the suits had more stretch then others had said in blogs or youtube reviews.  Everywhere we read that the neoprene was super tight and didn't have much stretch but we feel opposite, we think they do have stretch and honestly my only complaint was the XL wet started to feel saggy in the back but it doesn't look bad, just feels heavy due to the material. 

  //You can find a few posts back more details on my triangl suits, photos and sizing details. Also info on what real ones I have, eBay finds and my soon to be dupe review. My dupe arrived and it is amazing, you honestly can not tell the difference looks identical and the top fits even better because the cup size is larger. I am waiting for one more suit by another company to arrive before I do my Triangl Poppy dupe/look alike full review. I have been thinking of doing a video to make it easier to show you details and to compare side by side the suits.  My daughter and I are almost the same size and build only difference is she is taller and has all blonde hair. I have a blonde, coral, orange ombre, my hair lady and I refer to it as a rose gold ombre.  I think it would be fun to have one of us wear the Triangl and the other to wear the similar look alike or dupe side by side, so you can see that they look identical, but we will see.  I make plans sometimes and can't seem to find enough hours in my day to accomplish them all. 

H&M Swimwear Line

Similar to the Triangl line bikinis

( I like to call them look alikes since they are not dupes or fakes.)

  //Now moving along to what this post is about, I know that I loved all the style suits by Triangl not just the poppy. I love the Triangl Chloe style, with triangle cups and tie back, then solid bottom with black detail. I also love the zip up bandeau style tops, the Triangl Winnie. It has the solid bottoms and the neoprene bag.  The Triangl Ollie with the mesh covered top with solid bottoms, okay let me just cut to the chase and be honest, basically every style caught my eye and I really would have loved one of each style. Back to reality, I could buy them all but honestly can not afford to. The fact I own five real Triangl bikinis is amazing to me and if not for my job purchasing me one, getting a free one in the mail and the other two I won on eBay I would only have one real authentic triangl and one dupe right now.  I can not splurge, yes I make great money at my job and my hubby has an amazing job as well, but we have two kids, a home, cars, bills, we love to travel and I just can not bring myself to spend a lot of money on one item or multiple items, especially bikinis, I usually would feel guilty and would think of all the other items I could have gotten or ways I could have used the money. I don't like to be in debt so charging is not for me, I like to pay cash for items and I love to find deals.

Since my blog is focused on finding the hottest trends and styles for less I hit google to research other companies that make suits similar to the Triangl. Believe it or not there are many smart designers and companies out there with their own styles that look very similar. Some are neoprene and some are regular Lycra spandex. Target has several styles, Victoria secret and their sister store VS Pink have a few. Many bikini and swimsuit exclusive stores like Venus swimwear have similar styles and I even found a couple similar designs/patterns on Asos.com. I love they have a printed version that is super cute. So there are lots of options out there for those who want the same look without that high price tag. 

One of my favorite finds was the below suits. I happened to be shopping H&M for a few items I saw while riding in the car on the boring portion of the road trip, while surfing the web, when I decided to take a look at their swimsuits. I was shocked to see they have many styles that are similar to the Triangl suits. I was so excited I had to add two tops and a bottom to my order. I was not sure what size top I would wear so I ordered a 12 and a 14 figuring if the 12 didn't fit I could return or I was sure my teen daughter wouldn't mind another new suit.  She loves when I order something and I don't like it because it is tight or short, she is always happy to take it over lol.

Okay ladies I am always very honest and straight forward, listen to me now, if you like any of these style suits I am going to tell you to hurry over to their website and order them now before they sell out. Some colors are already gone and a lot of sizes. Since I ordered my suit some styles are even no longer available, they did have a different bottom then the one I got that didn't have tie sides, and looked just like the Triangl bottoms but is now sold out. 

This is the suit I ordered 


    // Top was $12 // Bottoms $12.95 //

It fits amazing and looks stunning on. The top has the strip in the top of plastic, rubber like material to prevent slipping and this suit is just awesome.



This is the triangl version of the one I purchased from H&M as you can see it looks just like it pretty much. 


My choice for bottoms but they have many solid color options that could give you the same look as the real Triangl. I picked this bottom because I plan to order another top I am going to show below. 


                                                   // H&M Solid Bikini Bottom $12.99

They also have bright yellow and some other colors, the link may be for the neon yellow, but this gives you the option of having a solid bottom like the real Traingl has.  These are also made of a dive suit material it says in the description. Assuming that would be closer to the neoprene that the Triangl suits are made of versus a regular Lycra spandex suit. 


As you can see the tie side bottoms I have for my zip up top look a lot like these and check out H&M 



This is why I went with the bottom I did so if I liked the fit I could try this top. Just ordered now and also ordered a solid neon bottom, black bottom then some of the below other option tops that have a similar look. The prices are just amazing and really like the quality and fit. Note these are not neoprene suits but that is fine with me I like the look and if it fits me good, then that is all I am worried about. I was excited to share this as soon as I found them but wanted to receive and see how they were made and try on first. Also I didn't know they were all sold in stores till talking to a customer service rep today, I am going to head out to H&M later today if I feel up to it to or sometime this week to try ones I was hesitant to order because of sizing concerns. 

H&M also offers this style bottom with black waist for $12.95 in their swimwear section. 


They also had this color which I am hoping to find one in store cause this is the color I really wanted but it is sold out online. 

Another style I liked from triangl. 



Love this look but was afraid how this top would fit since it isn't adjustable around the back, but now going to try the H&M version below. Super excited when I saw this...



They also have other colors but some aren't available online and sizes or limited, I would recommend checking your local store also.  I know I am going to.


Again you can find many solid print bottom options on the H&M site to match this, they have neon yellow and orange, blue and black. For sure make sure to check it out and I am sure you will find a combo you love. I went with the orange above and a pair of these.... 




  //My daughter loves the above top with solid black bottoms she feels it also has that trendy Triangl influenced look, she doesn't know yet but I ordered her this one.  Then got her a pair of black hipster bottoms with a bow in back, we both have a striped bottom with the bow back and she loved the style and how it made her rear look so she kept pointing out that style. It isn't triangl looking so not going to post but the top has that look and I love the Metallic. Also Triangl has some suits with Metallic in the top or solid metallic bottoms.//

  //Hope that this is helpful for everyone who had been either saving and realizing summer is almost over,(can't believe we have hit the half way marker and only have a month left before school starts back), now you can stop saving and grab one of these cute and great fitting suits for way less, or if you just didn't have the extra cash to splurge $100 for a bikini now you have many options. My zip front mesh top and tie side bottoms cost me $26 and was worth every dime. I just ordered the white and black mesh top with blue bottoms, and the triangl apricot top to match the bottoms I have and a pair of orange bottoms, my total was $56. That's awesome for two suits. Add my daughter's suit comes to $80 that's the cost of one of the $79 Triangl suits minus shipping. 

  //Happy bargain shopping ladies, also pretty please I would love to hear your feed back or if you own one of these share your thoughts, review or photos in the comments below. Maybe you have found an amazing suit that looks a lot like a triangl style suit please share with us. I know I am always happy to share my bargain and trendy fashion finds with everyone. Nothing I love more then saving money and looking good. ✌️❤️

Note:  All photos except the one taken by me of my suit come from either the H&M website or Triangl.com site.  They are being used solely for comparison and links to all items are under the photos.  Just click the tag under the photo or caption, that should direct you to the website where you can find the pictured item.  Hope this makes it easier for ordering and finding for all my readers.  Also I am in no way trying to talk anyone out of ordering from Triangl, I love my Triangl suits, I am only offering alternatives that are less expensive for my fellow bargain shoppers who like to have the latest fashion trends and styles without breaking the bank. Hope the easy clickable links make shopping and finding the items easier. A benefit of the new features I am adding as I update my blog.  Love my hubby for buying me the new MacBook love it.  Ty babe, xoxo.  

Hey there wanted to pop in and add some photos of my H&M suits I have worn that I ordered. When I went to order the apricot and black top to go with the bottoms I have above, that match the zip up bandeau top the mesh, black and white top was not available in my size but happened to check today and they had a 14 and had the matching bottoms along with more of the solid neoprene neon orange bottoms, so I just placed another order. I have to say I absolutely love the new top and both suits I own now. Can't wait for the others to arrive. Currently working on a blog feature for two etsy shops I love and then one for Silver Jeans but promise to have one last triangl suit post with the real suits I have from Triangl, eBay (authentic but bid and won for under $50), a Alibaba look alike, two Target styles my daughter got, a VS look alike, a Amazon shop very amazing high quality dupe and then all the H&M look alike suits. You will get to see that you can either splurge for the real deal and treat yourself or if you don't have the cash for that you can still achieve the trendy look and rock these styles without breaking the bank. Check out my styles...

Make sure to follow me @cr8tivefashionwanderlust and don't forget to scoop up a awesome new beach towel to go with your suits from www.sandcloudapparel.com and use my exclusive code Wanderlust25 for 25% off. My coral pillow towel should be here any day and seafoam pocket towel then you had to have seen my bohemian blue towel that can also be worn as a sarong or coverup. Amazing. Must have for summer or some last minute cruises or trips to the beach. Hope you are enjoying your summer and so sad it's almost over. Love you all for your support and always kind words. Xoxo ✌️❤️✨

//H&M triangl style twin// Triangle top and tie side bottoms. Links above.//

//H&M mesh, bandeau style zip front top and tie side bottoms in apricot. Link above, pictured with Sand Cloud Boho blue towel that can be worn as sarong. Use my code Wanderlust25 for 25% off, free shipping always and 10% of proceeds donated to help protect marine life.//

More photos coming soon on a future post. Thank you everyone and hope everyone got to order some of these suits before they sold out. You will love trust me. 


  1. You ROCK! I have been wanting a Triangl suit the same one you got with the mesh and zipper but lost my job in March and have not found a good job full time. I am working two part time jobs and we just don't have the money. I just placed an order for the same top and then the orange with black strip top bottoms thank you. I love your blog and always check for deals and style tips. I got a few items already like the Sun of a beach and Cactus tanks from Wetseal you shared and then a Turkish necklace for $6 off eBay. I love you and haven't even met you. Thanks for sharing and going to email you now just to say Ty again. Made my summer. Thank you for taking the time out of your day and life to post and share these tips and finds. Hugs and kisses to you and hope you feel better you will be in my prayers xoxo ����

    1. First off thank you for the well wishes and prayers means a lot to me and my family right now. Bless you. Next yay. I am so happy that you enjoyed my post and that you placed an order you are going to love this suit. It's amazing, usually strapless tops I need something more to support my larger bust but this is amazing it fits gorgeous. I can't wait to wear it and plan to order a sand cloud coral towel to match lol. Ty for leaving a comment and taking the time to compliment my blog. I am happy you have found some of my deals to be good and gotten to order some items. Those wetseal deals were awesome too. Have a great summer and keep checking back have some exciting posts coming and new companies I will be featuring with some amazing items. Lots of good things happening for me and the blog. Can't wait to share. Take care and Ty again xoxo ✌️❤️

  2. I am so excited I have wanted a triangl bikini for awhile I bought the purple version target has and got a clearance one for Victoria Secret but really wanted the zip front with mesh like you purchased. Just ordered off H&M site and paid $12 for the top then got the orange dive material bottoms you show here that from the online photos look like the solid triangl bottoms for $12.99 then I got the bottoms you ordered, hoping they fit like you mentioned the sizes are limited and colors now online, and the tie top in the apricot 12.99 and 17.99 I spent around $50 for two suits, I am so excited. I now have that feeling you described of happiness saving. Can't wait to receive them. Thank you for sharing this I never would have thought of H&M. I know they have dupes on amazon, eBay and alibaba like you mentioned in a old post but I don't have patience to wait a month then never trust that, don't want to throw away $13 on something I won't wear. These look great and so close to the real suits. Great find you are talented and love your blog. I follow you on twitter and have followed you on IG for sometime this is my fave blog post and now have been looking for an hour at your blog love your posts. You really are the queen of bargain finds. Kisses for sharing this and making my summer hope you have a great end of summer XO

    1. 💕I am so excited for you also you are going to love these suits for sure. I was so happy and excited to share them especially when it arrived today and I tried it on. Thank you for leaving a comment and for your kind words. I hope you will come back I have a lot of super cool new stuff coming up and some new shops, designers and brands I am teaming up with. Going to have a contest coming and just so many cool new things happening. It really is a big time for myself and the blog. Ty again and have a fabulous summer, please come back once you get your suits and let me know how you like them. Xoxo ✌️❤️😘

  3. Just wanted to say thank you I placed an order the other night after finding your post and happy I placed my order that night because today my friend went online to order the same suits and told me they are sold out in almost all sizes. Hope you were able to find the ones you wanted in store and recommend to others who are interested to head to the site or your local store because the night I ordered they still had a lot of sizes today almost every style I ordered and a couple others I planned to order tomorrow for payday are sold out. This was a great post and must have been informative to many others because they sold like hot cakes. You have a wonderful blog and talent, thanks for sharing. Can't wait now to received my suits. Got the black and white mesh top with the orange bottoms that say they are made of dive suit material, then the bottoms you got in apricot with matching tie back triangle style top. Ty again. Hoped to get the same top you got and another of the mesh tops in the green but all sold out online and the top I ordered my friend said they didn't have larger sizes only size 10 left. Thank you so much.

  4. Thank you for this post, just wanted to share that I placed an order for the peach or apricot and black, top and bottom, then the white with mesh top and white with black trim bottoms that were suggested with it on the site and the zip up mesh top you also recommended to go with the same bottoms as the triangle style top. I also got the solid neon yellow bottoms you have the link for and the orange neon neoprene style ones you have above. Everything came in today and look amazing! The solid neoprene bottoms look just like the solid Triangl bottoms and the tops all look very close. Wore the apricot suit to my pool with my friends today and everyone complimented my new Triangl! It was awesome and looks so good on. Thank you for sharing, these are the best look alike suits I have found. I have two from Target and one from eBay that is cheap made, these H&M suits are well made and look so close to the real Triangl suits that I have everyone fooled. Love your blog and can't wait for you to post shots of the other suits you also ordered when they arrive. Can't wait to see what other amazing styles you find and post. Thanks for making my summer suit dreams come true and I purchased all those pieces which make three suits all together for less than one triangl! It was $28, $24 and $28 each so 80 and free shipping for orders over $50. Kisses to you and really can't say for everyone reading this post if they still have some be sure to grab a couple they really are amazing wish I could share photos here, you would never know they aren't the real deal unless you look at the material and the one neon orange solid bottoms are real neoprene material. I honestly can't say how great they fit too, I am 5'4 and 108 lbs wear a size 2 bottom and medium top I am a 34C and they all fit amazing. Great suits and trust me all summer I looked for options on a number of other blogs, that is how I found out Target had some similar styles, and then eBay. The eBay ones are cheap made and thin material, the target ones are similar but don't look as much like the real suits as these H&M, this blogger really knows her stuff and this post was awesome she has links to all the items and details. Love it. Can't say enough. A++++. XO����

  5. I wanted to say thank you I placed an order for the apricot bottoms and top along with the mesh white and black top with matching white and black bottoms not pictured that were suggested with the top on the site. They arrived and fit amazing, all my friends think that both are Triangl suits and when I tell them I paid $12 for each piece and $17 for one they all want to order also. H&M should see this amazing post and how well you promote their suits. I am sure many sold due to your awesome post. Thank you again and going to tag you on Instagram in my photos of my new suits. Love your blog and all your shopping, styling tips. XO