Please feel free to contact me direct with any questions, or if you want to be featured on my blog.
You can contact me at Attn: Melissa.

Have rate cards and pricing available.  I am not only accepting samples and products you can also advertise on my page or promote.  I have lots of marketing and promotional experience and limited spaces available for Fall/Winter 2016 up to Spring 2017  Email now before spaces are all filled up

I always am interested in trying new products, getting samples to giveaway for contest or review on my blog.  I love everything from beauty products, fitness, health, home and body fragrances and scent, interior design, gardening, crafts, diy, repurposing, recycling, bargain shopping, photography and camera gear, nature, outdoor decor, to home decor.  All samples are welcome and I will review them and post a link for your product.  I support Indie, aristans, handmade items, and small businesses, being a small business owner myself I love to support all creative people that are going for their dreams and goals. Please if you have a product or business contact me for more information=).I am always open to ideas, collabs, reviewing items and brand rep/ambassador deals.  If a product is something I don't feel will work with my style or blog I am always honest I do not accept all items or products I try to keep with styles, products and price ranges I know my followers will like.  I always give 100% honest reviews and opinions when sampling items.

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  1. do you know where i can get this 3 button blazer that sam was wearing?