Sunday, September 8, 2013

Melissa Gorga's Sequin Romper

On the Real Housewives of NJ tonight Melissa Gorga wore a cute strapless, short romper that was black with silver sequins. I am starting to google now and haven't found the exact. I have seen a couple cute ones that are comparable at Fredrick's of Hollywood and French Connection. Have some photos of a couple need to do a little more research the photo below was from Dillard's website by French Connection, which Melissa has worn a couple sequin dresses by in the past. Still hunting and if anyone else finds out who makes it or some similar ones please let me know:).  Thank you to readers who let me know where the romper was purchased,  it was available thru Shop Ambience but is sold out, I will post a photo below.

More to come.....

Romper made by Sheri Bodell
Photo from


  1. On tweeter Melissa said that she bought it at shopambience - I looked at their website but they don't offer it anymore. Boo hoo hoo!!!!

  2. It's by Sheri Bodell if that helps?

    1. Thank you so much=) That helped me a lot=).

  3. Thank you:). I have been looking too can't find anywhere and found some similar but not as cute. Will have to look at shop ambiance to see designer. Thanks again:)