Monday, September 16, 2013

Found my new car

Been looking for a car for awhile now. I posted a few times different cars I liked and been searching for over six months on and off. I had a Lexus GX but the interior was a light tan and brown, loved it when we bought it but having two kids the light interior was rough. I was thinking I was ready for something smaller. I have owned cars and years ago when my youngest was little we got a Ford Expedition, since then I have become a truck and suv girl.

Back five years ago almost we decided to get a bigger car, I had purchased a mini van when I had my second daughter and that lasted six months almost but wasn't for me. I just didn't like the feel and drive of it. It was nice to have power doors when you carry a babyseat and stroller plus diaper bag but it just wasnt for me and was soon a huge regret. We decided to eat the money we put down and get the Lexus SUV. I loved it but as my girls have gotten older I started thinking maybe I wanted a smaller or sportier suv.

I love luxury vehicles and have always loved Audis so thought maybe a Audi or even a Mercedes. I test drove two models of the Audi the smaller and larger version suv, then two of the Mercedes the smaller and middle size ones. I have to say the Mercedes were a bit of a let down. The interior felt kind of cheap and reminded me of a Ford or Chevy, then they drive rough. Nothing really nice about them, but I had to try them out. The Audis are amazing, but the larger one still felt small. I was really almost about to buy the smaller Q5 sport edition which had all the bells and whistles but I felt like it was going to be to cramped.

When looking for a car my color wish list was a silver, black or preferably white exterior, I think white cars looks so classy, but I had to have dark interior. Today the last car I test drove was a Lexus GX in white with black interior. I fell in love. I was still going back and forth between the Audi and the Lexus cause I really did want something smaller and better on gas but hubby wouldn't give me his input he kept saying it is your car, your choice. I finally decided that the Lexus rides so much smoother it's like floating on a cloud plus we had the Lexus before for five years and it held its value plus never gave us any problems. Also it has the third row seats and now they automatically fold down at the touch of a button into the floor which my older model didn't do, you had to fold then up which took up half the back storage space or remove completely which isn't easy for a small girl like me alone to do. I feel it was meant to be, we got an amazing trade in on our old Lexus and can't believe how much value it held over the years, didn't have to put anything extra down, and it's white with black interior.

Already have my smoky mountain sticker on the back window and my owl on the visor:). Ordering a new FSU license plate frame for the back because I allow hubby to put his Dallas cowboys plate on the front. I am so happy and feel so blessed. I have such an amazing hubby who takes great care of me and our girls. I am beyond thankful for everything God has blessed us with and feel this really was meant to be. Bellow are a couple shots of my new ride, it isn't brand new we refuse to buy new cause the depreciation and then I can't handle having a perfect new car and worrying about dents or damage. We always buy one or two years old and broken in. That way it holds it's value and we always have a great trade in for the future. I hope this car lasts us many years and keeps us safe thru all our daily travels.


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