Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tamra Judge Pink Peplum Dress

On the episode of Tamra's OC Wedding she had on a cute pink peplum dress, these peplum dresses and tops are so popular with the ladies.  I have done a few previous posts on tops and dresses worn by the ladies of the Real Housewives and posted some less expensive, super cute comparable tops from retailers like Forever 21, JCPenney, Target and even Walmart so make sure to check around.  I try to post comparable items always but some times I have so many cute things I am searching, I can't find the time to look up everything.

This cute peplum dress I am thinking is from BeBe.  Tamra had a similar one for sale on her EBay store but as of now she has no items listed for sale.  Below is the photo of the dress in pink, it is also available in red and white or black, can't remember.  Also some of the colors are on sale.  Make sure to check out the link below.  Also posting the same black dress in peplum from JCPenney cause it is super cute and for $34.99 can't beat the price.



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