Monday, February 25, 2013

General Hospital, Sam fashion

I am a fan of General Hospital, when I was growing up my grandmother and mom both watched the show.  I was a little one watching this and grew up with this soap opera.  I still watch to this day no matter what is going on.  I usually record it on the tivo and then will watch when I have time, not like I use to be, I use to watch it every day before I went to work or when my youngest was a baby I watched every day while she took her afternoon nap, after I got my oldest from school.

I love the fashion from this show.  Some of my favorite characters are Sam, Lulu, Maxie, Carly and Kristina.  I love to see what they are wearing.  Sam is one of my favorites, the actress Kelly Monaco that plays her is gorgeous and everything she wears looks amazing.  I love her style on the show.  She wears a lot of jeans, tees and layers amazing.  I love how she can take a basic look and make it look so well put together along with trendy.  I am going to be putting together a few posts here and there on what they are wearing on the show that I love.  I always see cute clothes they wear and look to see what designer or where they got the outfits.  It isn't easy and from time to time find some of the outfits or things that are similar.  I know I am not alone in this search because when I get bored and try to look up this info I find a lot of other fans are also doing the same thing.  Figured since my blog is about trends, beauty, fashion and saving on these items, why not do something like this=).

This week I am featuring Sam Morgan.  She is played by actress Kelly Monaco.  Her basic style is lots of dark colors.  She wears gray, white and black tops, usually with some awesome skinny jeans, boots or heels and layers with a leather jacket or cute cardigan.  Simple but trendy.  I put together a collage on Polyvore and then grabbed a photos from the General Hospital website of the actress.  I will also be showing a look Lulu Spencer wore last week, she had on an amazing coral, pink and nude dress in the episodes last week and found something very close to it.  A few weeks ago she wore a bandage style dress that I actually found on the Guess site.  I will try to do my best to feature the actress and character in photos along with what I find that is close to what they are wearing in the show.  Just one thing I figured I would enjoy posting about and maybe other GH fans would enjoy reading.

Here is the photos and let me know if you are also a fan of the show=).

Samantha Morgan from General Hospital
Played by actress: Kelly Monaco
Photo from General Hospital website

Leather look

Above was made on polyvore website.

You can sign up for Polyvore at Polyvore

Also you can check out General Hospital on the ABC website link coming soon.

Thank you for reading and would love to hear feedback on fashion, General Hospital and more;).



  1. I am SO happy that you put this site together. I have been looking for a particular "type" of shirt that Kelly Monaco wears on GH. It is the shirts with the extra long sleeves that go beyond her wrists. I had one of these in the late 80s but have not been able to find them since then. I think they are adorable and add a bit of sexy to comfortable everyday style. If you know what this type of shirt is called or perhaps where they find these for Kelly that would be great.

  2. I wish you could tell me where to find the top Kelly wore on June 11th and 12th on GH, Love that top

  3. Love your blog post more GH fashion again miss those posts

  4. where can i find that three button blazer that sam was wearing in 2005? Here is the link:

  5. Hey, where can I find that pink 3 button blazer that sam was wearing when jason lost his memory back in 2005