Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hair, what will I do?

Have a hair appointment on Thursday and been going thru photos looking for ideas. I was born blonde but have dyed my hair every possible color. I have been black, brown, red, auburn, platinum, white with black, white with red, pink, purple, turquoise, you name it. I even did rainbow bright as I call it lol, when I was bleach blonde and doing my own color I dyed pink, purple, blue, turquoise and green streaks lol. I get bored easy and like to change it up.

About six months ago I was sick of the maintenance of being bleach blonde so I went to my hair stylist, I had her add some low lights on top then dye underneath purple, the next visit did underneath a red brown, then had a cool purple almost pink chunk on sides. Then I did a couple streaks a few months ago with every color on the one streak, looked cool but after a few weeks washes out. Now I'm trying to decide what to do.

I have been considering going dark for awhile but during the summer I prefer being blonde. I am growing out my hair and trying to get the health back considering I bleached it a lot over the passed few years. I love funky colors. I also love the ombre look every one is doing now. I have to say I have never been a fan of red but I love and get tons of compliments on the red color I have underneath right now. It is a rich brown with a bright red tone to it. Been thinking of having her just do my highlights on top then touch up the underneath and add that red without the brown to the ends only. Looking for ideas and will post photos Thursday for sure:).

On another note did some retail therapy today:). Found an amazing bra at Victoria Secret. It is hard to find bras that I like, being bigger busted. Usually they have to much padding or look like a grandma bra. It is the dream angel demi, it has little padding something I don't need. No need for push up when you wear a DD lol. It has a lining so it covers everything and looks amazing. I got one today but plan to place an online order on Thursday. I want a swim suit and they don't carry it in my top size at the store. Trying to decide on a color, I love coral and bright blue right now but also love white. Have to decide cause Thursday planning on placing a large order because I also want some sweats and tops from pink line:).

I also am ordering from Stella and Dot. Been eyeing a few necklaces for a couple months and decided to go for it this payday. With our spring break family trip planned I need to get some closed toe shoes, thinking black Toms and then some tanks along with a new bikini. I got an amazing pair of Lucky Brand dark denim shorts today. I have to say the eating healthy, boxing/kickboxing and cycling classes have been paying off. I also have been walking daily with my hubby. I'm down almost 30 pounds since October and went from a size 11/12 to a 5 or 6 depends on who makes it. I'm still working on toning and losing want to get to 125-130. Almost there a few extra pound to go. It is nice to know I am losing it the healthy and right way this time around. I am addicted to working out and hope to be back to crossfit after our vacation. Really want to get a six pack. Going to be a lot of hard work but want to be fit at forty lol.

Off to chill with my little one before I pick up my oldest. Crazy rain and winds here so my hubby is working late. The joys of having a hubby that works for the power company. Not complaining means nice paycheck and with vacation weeks away could use it:). Hope everyone is having a great week.


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