Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tuesday Trending

Happy Tuesday to all, wanted to quickly share my outfit posts and my new face mask addiction with everyone. 

Graphic tee is by Pam & Gela, my striped grey and white pencil skirt is from www.Taralynnsboutique.com. You can order this or many other hot fall trends using my promo code, WANDERLUST to save 15% off your order. 

Here is a preview of a few of the amazing new styles I got from Tara Lynn's Boutique. The left is the grey and white cotton, totally comfy pencil skirt called the Easy Breezy, middle is the red button me up pencil skirt and the right one is a grid black and white patterned Cassie skirt. WANDERLUST is the promo code and she also has some amazing long sleeve tops, dresses, skirts and accessories all great for your fall and winter wardrobe. 

Monday I started the week with my Friday I'm in Love graphic tee, you can follow her on Instagram @Fridayiminlovexo and message for ordering details. Available in cream or charcoal. Faux perforated suede vest with fringe is from Target. 

My chokers are both made by Ettika jewelry. The top one is black onyx and available at www.shopbop.com. Bottom one is the tiger eye dropped feather charm and you can purchase at www.southmoonunder.com.  Ettika jewelry is launching their sister store Charged Jewelry you can follow them on Instagram @Chargedjewelry. 

They are giving away 101 prizes which includes on grand prize gift certificate then 100 bracelets to the winners. Enter here: http://woobox.com/8mjipc/hwrtoe

My jeans from my Monday outfit are Silver Jeans Co flare jeans with raw unfinished hem and exposed buttons. They give the vintage look and vibe I was going for. Bracelets are Sashka Co. These are hand made in Nepal and you can use my WANDERLUST25 for 25% off at www.Sashkaco.com.

My most recent Rocksbox arrived and loving my Kendra Scott gold and rose gold long pendant necklace. You can get your free trial month with no strings attached using my code MELISSASBFF10 now.  www.rocksbox.com

Pam & Gela lace up sweatsuit in blue from their huge warehouse sale. Necklaces Kendra Scott and bracelets are Alex & Ani with the matching rose gold Kendra Scott cuff.

Rose gold charmed arms by Alex & Ani with one Kendra Scott cuff at top. 

My mask obsession is by Beauty Stones, I tried out and then posted here several times on their Green tea facial mask for acne prone skin, my teen daughter has had issues with break outs for a few years being a teen and having hormonal changes as well as being a makeup lover, she has been using this mask for over a month now twice a week and has seen amazing results.  These masks are mess free and easy to apply, you simply place the mask on your face and then let sit, I have to adjust the eye holes cause they are small but it depends on the person.  After letting it sit for 20-30 minutes we then massage the remaining product after removing the mask into the skin.  My daughter and I both have sensitive skin, and usually any products for acne cause redness, irritation and drying but this product is opposite.  Neither my daughter nor myself had any additional or abnormal break outs like you will have sometimes when starting a new product.  My daughter noticed right away a change in her skin, her red scars or marks from past acne began to lighten in the first week, her skin was noticeably softer, smoother and after two weeks she has noticed less breakouts and even during that time of the month which is when she would get the most irritation or acne flare ups.  She has now only been using the mask and discontinued her prior acne treatment products, she uses a daily facial wash for acne by Neutrogena and then her morning moisturizer with the use of the mask 2-3 times a week.  The honey mask below is a new product I just received but will be using this month and will have a review on the Honey mask coming soon,  I want to try it for at least 2-3 times or even maybe for 2 weeks so I can give you a good idea of the results.  I highly recommend to Green Tea mask for acne prone skin or if you had acne, wanting to reduce redness or old scars, prevent break outs, even skin tone and moisturize.  

You can purchase these masks at www.unearthbeautystones.com  and use my code DLITE15 for 15% off your order.  If you have any questions feel free to email me, comment below and you can scroll down a few posts to see my daughter's video applying the mask to show you how simple and mess free it is and read more on our review of the Green Tea Mask.  You can also follow Beauty Stones on Instagram @unearthyourinnerbeauty

Have an amazing week everyone. Peace, love and light always xoxo.

Friday, September 23, 2016

It's Friday, Follow me to hippy hollow

Happy Friday and time for weekend fun, come follow me to hippy hollow. 

This graphic tank is by a long time favorite Etsy shop I found in Texas a while back ago BohoCircus, I own many of their amazing graphic tees and tanks along with some cute Texas style tees from their sister store A Rosy Outlook, they have a new site coming soon Texan Outfitters

My choker is the Ettika double crossed suede choker available now at www.Freepeople.com. Love it and available in multiple colors. Friday and my boho chic look called for a floral headband. Feeling much better then when the week started but had to apply some makeup due to lack of sleep this week. 

My armcandy today is Alex and Ani shiny silver charms, from bottom to top I have the butterfly UNICEF charm, peridot birthstone charm, peace love and music floral charm, free spirit and the purple painted feather charm. Paired them with a colorful glass beaded, handmade with love in Nepal by Sashka Co. Use my code WANDERLUST25 for 25% off and check the home page on their site they have had a free gift bracelet promotion going on, not sure if it still is available but if it is no promo code needed just add to your cart and it will be deducted when you check out along with 25% when you use my promotional code, WANDERLUST25.

My skirt is by Spell and the Gypsy one of my faves but totally addicted to their skirts. Love their entire line but I gravitate towards their graphic tees, tanks, skirts and kimonos have a few dresses and one play suit but been catching up on a few styles I missed out on last year when I first got sick and couldn't shop much. 

Outfit with choker and my Pandora feather pendant and chain. Friday is one of those days I just feel so happy I have to wear lots of color. 

Same pose as top photo but choker isn't cropped out here. This way you can see the entire look with accessories. Sandals are white strappy, braided leather sandals I have had for some time. Not pictured so won't get to detailed about them. 

Wanted to share a photo of my Sand Cloud rainbow swirl spread out versus just on the foot of the bed. Love it and think it will look even better with my white bedding and blue or pink. You can order your own at www.sandcloudtowels.com and use my code WANDERLUST25 for 25% off, 10% of proceeds donated to save the fishies and protect marine life. 

Have an amazing Friday and fabulous weekend. Peace, love and light always xoxo 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Rocksbox Free Monthly Trial, best monthly subscription box

Unlimited Monthly Jewelry Rental Box

Use code MELISSASBFF10 for your FREE month

I have been receiving Rocksbox for a while now and it is my favorite monthly box.  You can use my promo code to receive a free month with no strings attached, MELISSASBFF10.  I love the unlimited Jewelry rentals each month, the amazing selection of designer Jewelry, discounted prices on the items you decide to purchase/keep from your box, my stylist has gotten my style down and I get amazing pieces every month and I love that I can get more then one box each month. After the free month it's only $19 each month and you get a $10 shine credit to use towards your purchases for the month which makes the items even less then they are already priced. I have kept several items now including the Kendra Scott rose gold drusy bracelet and necklace from my most recent box. I checked the retail prices and saved around $30-49 for  the set so I couldn't pass it up. I also have kept a turquoise ring and necklace that I got in other boxes. There have been many pieces I wanted to keep but had a great time styling them into my wardrobe for the time I kept them. You can keep the 3 items they send for the entire month or you can keep them for a week and send back in the postage paid envelope for another amazing set.

Use my code MELISSASBFF10 for your free trial month no strings attached. Take the style survey and set up your account then start adding designer jewelry to your Wishlist on their site or go to their Instagram feed @rocksbox and simply hashtag #Wishlist on any items you find in their feed you love. If you don't like earrings like me you can leave feedback for your stylist and they will make a note on your account but you can still add a pair if you see some you love then let them know that you found a pair that you love they will then add them to your list. You do get some items not on your Wishlist but they are always amazing oh pieces that style great with the other 3 items they send. 

Here are some of the boxes I have received. 

My most recent box with the Kendra Scott rose gold drusy necklace and bangle bracelet I kept, then the Gorjana necklace which was great for layering. 

Kendra Scott silver Druzy ring that was a fun stacking piece, this gorgeous Slate statement necklace and arrow House of Harlow bangle in silver. Loved these styles and had fun wearing them. 

Another favorite box with the House of Harlow crescent necklace, silver bangle and a ring I kept with 3 turquoise stones. The ring is gorgeous and goes with a lot of my own jewelry I already own. Considered keeping this necklace but have some similar styles. 

House of Harlow arrowhead pendant, Kendra Scott iridescent hand chain which I loved the clasp on this was not hard to fasten like most it has an adjustable pull style closure that made it easy to wear. This simple gold hammered find was a fun accent piece I loved wearing and also considered keeping. 

This set the necklace was a piece that I got so many compliments about I had to keep, the earrings by Gorjana were a fun style and the criss cross ring is a popular trend right now. Every box really has gotten better and I see more of my own style coming through. I posted the most recent boxes first with these being some of the first boxes I received. 

This was a favorite box, I loved all three pieces and had a blast layering the necklaces together and this double ring by House of Harlow was really an awesome piece. Every time I wear my Rocksbox jewelry someone compliments one or all of the pieces and my husband always jokes this is a dangerous monthly box because now I'm getting access to jewelry I wouldn't normally see, I only go to the jewelry store for special events or holidays to purchase gifts or when I purchase new Alex and Ani styles which happens monthly lol, and we don't have the luxury of having an Alex and Ani store close to my house so I go out local family owned and operated jewelry store that has a large selection of designer jewelry. I would only go a few times a year to really look at jewelry other then my Alex and Ani or maybe some styles I see online or in magazines, now with Rocksbox I have unlimited access to high end jewelry monthly. 

This was my first box and was so exited about the necklaces in this set. Loved the Slate collar necklace, the Kendra Scott long fringe pendant layering necklace, and my triangle silver bangle by House of Harlow 1960. As you can see just from a few of my boxes I features there are so many amazing designers like House of Harlow 1960, Kendra Scott, Slate, Gorjana, Jenny Bird, Ettika, and that's just to name a few. You get to customize your account and pick your favorite styles to add to your wish list plus you can leave feedback with each set for your stylist letting them know what you loved, liked or disliked as well as what you would like to see more of. Use my code MELISSASBFF10 now and try the box for one month and if you don't love it like me your cancel anytime that month but I would wait till your billing cycle for the month is about to end, then you get that entire month of unlimited jewelry rental for free. What do you have to lose? Nothing at all, you get to sample amazing jewelry for free for a month. You can get 2-3 boxes in that time which is 6-9 pieces of amazing designer jewelry to style into your daily looks. 

Thank you for visiting my post and hope you will give Rocksbox a try. If you do use my code please let me know either by leaving a comment below, emailing me or sending me a DM on Instagram. I love to see who is taking advantage of my promo codes and also love to hear your feedback on what you think. I don't like to promote any products or brands I don't 100% stand behind their quality and always only recommend or review items here that I love. 

Hope you had an amazing and happy international peace day. Peace, love and light always xoxo 

Tuesday Outfit of the day post

Quick post today with my ootd and some more photos of my purple and silver hair.  Today I have been sick so just used a skull print bandana to pull my hair back then applied some simple quick makeup to brighten my skin some.  Caught a cold my kids brought home and have had a fever on and off for two days, chills, stuffy then runny nose, congestion, achy and sinus pressure.  It seems to be worse at night and first thing in the morning, can't wait to be off Thursday through Tuesday need a long weekend.

Necklace by Kendra Scott, rose gold Druzy pendant. Got this in my Rocksbox and you can try this monthly jewelry rental box for free using the code MELISSASBFF10, totally free for one month and only $19 after. You get $10 monthly credit good towards any items you decide or keep or purchase plus the jewelry is all discounted if you decide not to return for a new set and buy.

My outfit of the day is a sweatshirt from Maurices.com paired with my dark wash girlfriend jeans by Silver Jeans Co. Love these jeans fit amazing and this sweatshirt is so soft reminds me of something Wild fox Couture would design.  Silver jeans is having a mystery sale today so be sure to head over to their website and see how much you will save.  Love surprises and savings.

Peace love and light. Happy mid week to all xoxo 

Where to shop: 

New Sand Cloud Tapestries and products

Sand Cloud Towels

Wall Tapestries, Aloe Mandala Towel, Whale tail Wristlet & Necklace 

www.sandcloudtowels.com WANDERLUST25 25% off

Happy mid week to all, hope the week has been good for all. I'm battling a cold and finally getting towards the end of it with the worst parts being yesterday running a fever all day and having a hard time sleeping for a couple of nights which led to being exhausted. 

Tonight I wanted to share some of the newest products released by Sand Cloud, one of the brands I'm an ambassador for. I'm truly honored to be an ambassador for this amazing brand. They donate 10% of proceeds from each purchase to protecting and saving marine life. I love companies that don't just have an amazing line of products and styles but also is doing something to make a difference. 

First up was the Rainbow Swirl tapestry released back a few weeks ago. I shared some photos here when my tapestry arrived but wanted to show you again in case some of you may have missed out.

I love their wanderlust tie dye towel, it is one of my favorites still. I have two or three of the pocket style towels in my house between myself and my girls, a XL wanderlust beach towel/blanket and then the roundie in the rainbow tie dye. Naturally I had to buy the wall tapestry also, I don't have a lot of wall space left in our home so I wasn't sure what I would use it for but as soon as it arrived I could see it being used for concerts and the beach as well as for a throw or cover on my bed. 

As you can see I have it folded in half at the foot of my bed, matches nicely in my room with my KDS Dreamcatcher that has recycled tie dyed tee shirts for the strings on it. Love her designs. I have a code also to save on her amazing creations in my favorite shops in side bar and will post link with code below in where to shop section of this post. This wall tapestry is large enough to cover my king size bed, so it is huge. It is made of a thinner material then the Turkish style towels, more like a large sheet but very soft. The colors are vibrant and the tie dye is amazing like all their tie dye towels. They also have the Luna, pacific and indigo tie dye towels, bag and then the acid wash in black still, I have the strawberry pink color also. Not sure if they plan to bring that color back I know several people have asked me and I will be sure to ask them my next email. 

Here is the Seabreeze tapestry which I went ahead and ordered because blue is my favorite color, it always was purple but over the passed five years all shades of blue have become my favorite. I think of blue as a happy and calming shade. I also got the whale wristlet for my beach bag or to carry to concert or football games. It is perfect for holding my ID, keys and small essentials. 

As soon as we opened the tapestry my oldest daughter asked to see if it fit in her bed. She changed her room last year to grey walls with yellow, black and white with some blue accents, and she uses a duvet cover like me, she has been shopping around for a cover with more blue for when she washes her yellow accented covers and this worked amazing. She loves it and then my mom saw it so I had to order her one also. I also got another for myself because it looks great on the dining table and my sofa since I have aqua and teal blue accent walls with all shades of blue curtains and pillows between my dining room and living room. With an open floor plan it all flows nicely. This tapestry is slightly smaller then the rainbow swirl but fits a full and queen bed perfectly then my dining table is a six to eight setting table that it looks amazing on, will post photos once my next one arrives since this one has been taken over lol. 

*photo from www.sandcloudtowels.com not a photo by blog owner

Sand Cloud also added the Rose gold whale tail necklace and then the Aloe mandala towel that is a lot like my blue iris one in a pretty pastel Sea foam green shade. Remember when you order to use my code WANDERLUST25 to get 25% off and free shipping is available also on your order. 

Happy shopping and would love to see how you style or use your Sand Cloud wall tapestry and towels. Peace love and light always, xoxo 

Where to shop:

www.sandcloudtowels.com WANDERLUST25 for 25% off your order

*All photos unless stated under photo belong to and were taken by the owner of this blog, only persons allowed to reuse these photos without written consent or permission is the brand Sand Cloud due to ambassador deal, anyone else must first ask permission to repost all my photos from my blog or social media.  Once you receive permission photo credit must be given to my blog, or social media user name on the platform use.  Thank you, and all photos are protected by copyright, all photos are my own original photos taken by myself of my items.  

Monday, September 19, 2016

I vote we cancel all Monday's

I vote we cancel all Monday's and make it a three day weekend, but then Tuesday would become the new Monday lol. Fighting a cold which won, started last week and was battling it good till both my girls had it, now been miserable for two days. Woke up all night, have had barely 2-3 hours of straight sleep for two nights, running a fever on and off all day, stuffy then runny nose, basically no fun at all. Top it all off the kids are sick, my younger daughter is pretty much at the end of it just has a little congestion and has been getting mid day headaches from sniffling or sinus pressure. My oldest missed school today and I'm sure she had a great time with no one home to bother her, from what I saw looked like she slept all day. I wish that was me but I did have Sunday which was pretty much sleeping and bumming around. 

My makeup today was light, same eyeliner pencil in purple by NYX, black Kat Von D tattoo liner, Too Faced Better then Sex black mascara, MAC loose powder blush in Melba, Laura Mercier loose powder, MAC highlighter to brighten under my eyes, Bareminerals Smokey eye kit with double ended brush (one of my fave kits) contains Shades: Soul (light cream linen), Celestine (light pewter), Graphite Eye color (deep coal), and my lips are Lancôme Juicy tubes in tickled pink. Got addicted to those Lancôme Juicy tubes in my early twenties when I had multiple friends working at Macy's at the Lancôme counter. I get a bunch in my stocking every holiday, they are perfect for a on the go quick splash of color and shine. 

My look today kind of went with the grey overcast skies and rain, my tank is by Knit Riot LA and yes I wished I would have heard that Monday was cancelled and I could go home today. Layered this tank over a solid black cami since it has high side slits, love the slits they make the top feel flowy and light. My necklace is by Whiskey + Bone, check her out on instragam @Whiskeyandbone, you can now use the code WANDERLUSTBABE for 10% off your order at www.whiskeyandbone.com on Etsy

Paired my graphic tank with Silver Jeans Co grey, distressed, Suki Mid ankle skinny jeans. Love the frayed bottoms that can be folded up more for a more cropped Capri look.  My belt is a black leather grommet belt that matches my shoes which aren't in the photos. Wearing some cute Madden grommet trimmed sandals. 

Close up view of my jeans by Silver Jeans Co. These are a favorite of mine, love the grey wash with distressing and some of the holes have a black patch under them. The bottoms are rolled up once with a frayed unfinished bottom. These are the Suki Mid Ankle Skinny jeans in grey. Photo was taken on my Rainbow Swirl tie dye Sand Cloud Tapestry I have on the foot of my bed as a throw. Use code WANDERLUST25 for 25% off and free shipping at www.sandcloudtowels.com. 10% from each purchase is donated to protecting and saving marine life. 

Back side of the jeans, for me pickets are a huge factor when purchasing jeans. With the proper placement, size and stitching the pockets can create the perfect backside. No mom jeans here, these are some of my hubby's favorites. He is always complementing me in these jeans. 

Close up of the bracelets I wore today by Alex and Ani, and Sashka Co. Went with some shiny silver charm bracelets by Alex and Ani with my black beaded wrap. I have from left to right, Peace Love Music, Painted Feather, and Free Soirit charm bracelets all are not that old and from the spring/summer collections. My beaded wrap has beautiful iridescent black beads on a silver wire wrap that matched perfectly with my Sashka Company glass beaded iridescent bracelet. These amazing bracelets come in a huge variety of patterns, solids and colors. They are all handmade in Nepal by local artisans and each purchase empowers and provides sustainable work for local Nepali families. Use my code WANDERLUST25 for 25% off www.Sashkaco.com  and make sure to add the free bracelet gift from the home screen when you first enter their website, no code is required for the free bracelet promo and you get one per order. 

Heading to bed was planning to go to sleep early but dosed off around 4 ended up sleeping till around 6 then made dinner, hoping I won't be up all night because the entire weekend I was lucky if if I got 3 solid hours of sleep. Have an amazing week, Peace, Love and Light always, xoxo