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Wilde Bella Nirvana

Wilde Bella Nirvana

Will have a lot more in depth post along with details about these skirts and one of my new fave designers, The Wilde Bella from Australia.  I have been excited for this line since I got a little peak back when she was releasing her Ohana skirts.  I was honored to get to see this collection come together from the print, color choices, and then styles she came up with, she really is going to be a designer to watch out for...

My favorite Nirvana tee and I own many, this one is so colorful and that graphic is amazing.

Link to The Wilde Bella below and promise I am catching up now but will edit this post Thursday when driving to gibe you my details and opinion on these lovely skirts that if you have not gotten yet you must order at least one.

Off to bed long day tomorrow hope everyone is having a great week.  Peace love and light always xoxo

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Spell Lion Heart Angel

Spell Lion Heart Angel

Spell and the Gypsy collective Lion Heart drop 2....

Here I am wearing the Spell angel green tank in a large, as you can see it fits perfectly and has room, the top doesn't stretch and mess up graphics at all.  Skirt is the sage mini skirt in a medium which I only sized up to wear lower on my hips to get added length because I don't like to wear skirts too short.  

Necklace is from Walmart cost $3 on sale was a gift from my mom and regular price was marked $5. Colors match amazing with this collection with the sage/olive green, peach and light blush pink.  Bracelet was a custom idea I had made by my girl Laura who owns Fawninginlove on Etsy.  She always sees my visions and brings them to life.

Happy mid week and hope everyone enjoys their weekend, I am working on getting all my posts published live here since I have been behind and I am going away 5 days in the mountains and an extra day in our new hometown.  Peace love and light y'all xoxo

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Blush strappy ankle sandals by Mi.iM shoes you can find them on IG @shopmiim 

Spell stole my heart with Lion Heart Collection

Spell and the Gypsy Collective Lion Heart 

I'm so excited to share my new favorite skirt from Spell and the Gypsy Collective.  For me to say that means it really is amazing because I own a lot of the skirts going back many years and out of all of my collections, styles, colors and from new to the older vintage Spell this skirt is in my top 3.  May even be my all time favorite.  This maxi skirt is from the newest Spell and the Gypsy Collective Lion Heart collection, the blush, peach and tan tones really are stunning with the brown tone patterns.  Little floral print adds that feminine look but isn't an all over floral pattern.  

I paired it with the matching Off the Shoulder blouse in sundown, I love the addition of the ribbon ties versus the normal tassel ties.  Another feminine new feature that I adore so much.  A little tip for all of you getting ready and don't have time to break out the iron or steamer, I saw on Spell's Insta story they used a flat iron to help flatten out the ribbon which will get bunched up and wrinkled after wearing.  Be sure to set your flat iron on the lowest setting so you do not singe your ribbon please.  I know my flat iron will go up to 450 degrees I lower mine to 180 and then I am sure to quickly run it over not pressing really hard and it works so good.  My blouse is a size L, the waist is a little big but since it is adjustable with the ribbon tie it is easy to tie the right fit you want then make sure to go around and make sure to fit the pleating of it so you don't have some larger gatherings of fabric, sorry my OCD coming out lol.

Amazing how full this skirt is, isn't it?  The layers of multiple fabrics sewn together are amazing, I love the combo of colors, prints, and the ruffles.  This skirt really has that vintage old school prairie skirt mixed with the 1960-70 classic Indian cotton skirts but to the next level.  Everyone has asked me about the length, I am 5'8 and the length when worn on my high waist lands around my ankle then lower waist it sits just above the floor.  I have on some blush strappy ankle boots with a very small block heel but as you can tell there is no issue for.  I had so much fun taking these photos and was so happy with how they turned out.  Usually out of 20-25 pictures I may like 2-3 then a lot of times I don't like any but I am not posting photos to be a model or try to show of how I look, for me I am sharing photos of my clothes not me.

Accessories are a Turkish coin necklace in silver with matching bracelet I got several years ago on eBay.  I had seen similar ones for sometime priced over $75 and all the way up to $180.  Whenever I find something that is not a brand or designer made it I will search eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and other sites to see what I can find.  When I am investing into Spell drops and other collections by similar brands I have to really take the small left over money from my clothing budget to accessorize.  I don't really need new pieces I have a huge collection of authentic vintage jewelry I have been collecting, Etsy artisan handmade pieces, but there is always a piece I see that I can't get it of my mind.  Sometimes I will see a piece on Pinterest and it is older so you can't find it online anywhere so I will contact one of my favorite Etsy sellers with photos or sometimes ideas I come up with, she always find the most lovely pieces to create the perfect piece that always is more then I even hoped for.  This Turkish coin necklace is made very heavy duty and the quality is amazing, I paid around $6-8 for it and the matching bracelet was $3-4.  I struggle to put the bracelet on when I am alone but I have an elastic one similar with bells from Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe that looks so much like this one and is much easier to put on when no one is home lol.

It is fall everywhere around the country but here in South Florida it is hot and humid.  It was in the low 90's and so humid I was sweating so bad.  I took my photos early before the sun got too hot and wow what a fun time taking photos.  I know I mention this all the time but other then the amazing styles and patterns, quality and fit Spell and the gypsy collective always makes me feel so beautiful, confident and happy when I wear it.  This combo is no exception it is stunning and the fabric feels so good on.  I didn't wear any makeup this day and my hair was a little messy but I twisted some pieces on one side and used a few bobby pins to pin it back on one side.  I really was amazed how good the photos turned out.  These are taken with my iPhone and been working hard to make time to post better pictures then my old selfie style pics I was always posting.  I really am working hard to step up mu blog for all of you.  For reference my maxi is size Small.  If you have nay other sizing questions or any comments feel free to email me or send me a DM on IG and you can always comment below.  It makes my day when y'all leave comments for me.

I promise you if you have the chance to get one of these pieces, which today they had a restock in all sizes and styles. I grabbed the long sleeve sage blouse and I was really hoping to get the moroccan luxe blouse in dusty pink, I have the skirt and sand blouse from first half of the drop and I have to say I don't know why I didn't get it the day I ordered all of these items, it was on my wishlist and it was a piece I knew I already love but I was on a budget so I got this skirt in a S, the mini skirt in sage in a M, Off the shoulder blouse in a L and the green Spell angel tank in a L.  I kind of stuck with my true sizes.  I have to say when I saw some measurements surface on their Aussie site after I already had ordered I was anxious and worried but everything fits me so good.  I can't wait for the sage blouse already have a few pieces other then my mini skirt I was to wear it with.  

Everyone have an amazing weekend, we are heading to the mountains and I can't wait to relax for the weekend.  Peace love and light always xoxo 

Where to shop:

Please use my personal link for Spell and the Gypsy when shopping it really means the world to me and in return I will always be happy to help with product, sizing and any other details or questions you need help with just DM me, I will always be honest about quality and sizing as well as any other things I would want to know as a buyer of this brand.  

Turkish coin jewelry found on eBay 

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

❤Vintage Stevie & Spell 🌸New Wilde Bella

My vintage Stevie Nicks 1983 Don't blame it on me, Don't blame my gypsy heart tour tee.  Amazing find on eBay for under $100 these are getting harder to find.  I have 3 now and one reprint.  Spell and the Gypsy red wine color Folktown maxi skirt.

New Wilde Bella skirts use below link to shop her brand new amazing collection.

Peace Love and light always xoxo

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Bohemian Fall accessories 🍁

Free 30 day trial 

These super cute Aster spike earrings came in one of my recent Rocksbox packages.  Rocksbox has been killing it with their styles and designs recently even more then ever.  I have been keeping 1-2 pieces per box where I use to keep one piece maybe every 3-5 boxes.  You can sign up for a free month by clicking on the Rocksbox link above or below then using my personal code MELISSASBFF20 for your free 30 day trial.  Trust me you will be hooked once you experience the revolving door of lovely jewelry and you can personalize your wishlist where you receive items you love and not have surprise pieces coming that you would never wear.  Recently they even changed it where now you can swap one item each month also.  Love this box and I have tried so many subscription boxes, at one time I had like 10 and now have 2.  Try it out whats there to lose?

These cute suede tie front slides by Bamboo shoes I got on IG for $14.  I follow a shop called @smokinhotstudio and happened to see they posted a sale on some of their shoes as well as some other cute fashion pieces so I couldn't pass them up.  Always looking for comfy slip on shoes for wearing to run errands or just on chilling days.  You cannot beat the price.

Next up got these bags off eBay, they are handmade round shaped rattan wicker purses.  These are very on trend right now and can cost from $55-125, this one is 20. Around and I won them both for $24 with free shipping.  They have a lovely fabric lining and leather strap and closure.  The smell is amazing also and love how no two are alike.  Lots of room for small wallet and some other miscellaneous items.

My yellow buddha and the embroidered Indonesian pillows are all from Homegoods but the buddha I have had for close to 10 years and the cushions or pillows I got back in May for my bistro table out front.

Last up my mom grabbed this necklace for $3 on sale normally it is only $5 at Walmart.  It isn't something I would have ever picked up for myself but the day she got it my new Spell and the Gypsy collective Lion Heart items arrived and it matches so good with the sage/olive green, peach and pink tones.  Be sure to check out my IG for photos of my new Spell pieces which are some of my all time favorites as well as tomorrow I will be posting all those photos here live on my blog.

Have a wonderful night and sorry I have been creating my blog posts on my phone daily but then have not had time to come onto my laptop to edit, add links, and change size of photos before making my posts live to the public so that is why you are seeing 2-4 posts a day and then none for 2-4 days.  I am working on getting more time to post daily or at the least every other day but right now I am a single parent basically and my girls both have the most craziest and hectic schedules with sports and after school clubs.  I barely have time to think yet alone edit posts and take photos it really is not easy.

Hope everyone has a great mid week and I will be away for a few days in the mountains but will be sure to post a few scenic photos.  I may take a break for the weekend but I will be sure to take a lot of photos I can post when we get back, looking forward to some quality time together all four of us.  Peace, love and light always,  Melissa xoxo

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💕 Stuck on You 🌵

Mate the Label, Stuck on You graphic tank.  Love Mate the Label graphic tops because they always have fun graphics, high quality tees and tanks, and all their products are made in the USA.  This California based label is always worth the extra money to know your getting a high quality product and of course the designs are always unique.  

I paired my Mate tank with this lovely Mahiya Leather, Anita skirt.  I had been wanting this skirt for a couple of months before I took the plunge.  I had never purchased from this designer before and was not sure of the quality or sizing.  My skirt is a S/M with elastic waist and button down front with tassel tie waist.  It has the high low, or as many Spell lovers refer to them as castaway style skirts.  The bottom ruffle adds that extra flowy feeling to the skirt for a perfect bohemian luxe feel and vibe.  The pastel colors are very nice together and the fabric is super soft.  All around Mahiya leather has been a great label to purchase from,  I own a few of their skirts now and just saw their Aussie summer collection previews that look amazing.  If you love leather goods too then for sure check their shop out they have some amazing wallets, clutches and leather goods with a nice mix of dresses, skirts and tops.  

It is still super hot here in Florida so while I am watching some of my favorite bloggers starting to post their fall layers, sweaters, boots and fall styles I have to get a little sad because I love layering but sadly here the weather just isn't really great for layering.  We may get an occasional cool front that moves through usually lifting our humidity level from making it mid to upper 90's with high humidity making it horrible hair weather, sticky and even warmer feeling to the humidity drop makes it feel semi cooler.  We get really lucky and sometimes a strong cool front comes down and really cools us down to maybe the 60-70's but nothing much colder really, if we get into the upper 50's its in the late over night to early morning hours.

Shop my look below and be sure to check out my Instagram for my daily looks and for outfit ideas or inspiration.  Peace, love and light always,   Melissa xoxo 

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