Wednesday, April 4, 2018

New Photos & Outfit Inspiration featuring current Favorites

Sorry I have been so crazy with our new home being built and my oldest being a senior.  I am working hard on relaunching my blog this summer and wanted to quickly add some of my recent fave outfit photos.  Have a lot of fun fashion, home decor and design, bargains and more to share with y'all coming very soon.  Be sure to follow my Instagram @cr8tivewanderlust in the mean time and I will be sure to post here as often as I can until my blog is officially relaunched July 2018.  

Chaser Brand Graphic Tee /  The Wilde Bella Secret Garden Skirt

Foxy Folk Boutique / Banjo and Bella Dress / Shovava Scarf

Miss June Paris Skirt / Pastel Designs Cropped off shoulder blouse

Dazey LA Tee / Urban Outfitters Cargo Skirt

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Dazey LA Tee/ House of Skye Lost in Arizona Skirt 

Spell Panther Jacket and Noir Strappy Dress

Spell Gypsy Love Maxi Dress

Shop Spell here:  Spell Designs Link

Spell Wild Child Tee / Miss June Skirt 

Spell Celestial Midi dress Stockist exclusive dress from Nepenthe Boutique 
Jewelry is Ettika 

Spell and the Gypsy Unicorn Tears Tee / Gypsy Love Orange Blossom Skirt

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Dazey LA Friends & Family weekend

Happy New Year to all. This weekend I wanted to share my Dazey La link with all of you and the promo code for the weekend to receive 10% off your purchase. Simply click my link below and use the code SEPTIEN at checkout for 10% off your order. Perfect time to stock up on awesome Dazey LA goodies just in time for the warmer spring weather. If you still have cooler weather for a few months she stocks all her awesome tees in long sleeve options also. 

Thank you for your auooort and cheers to 2018. Peace, love and light always xoxo 

Sunday, November 19, 2017

ѕpell and тнe gypѕy collecтιve ѕιren ѕong

ʂıཞɛŋ ʂơŋɠ ῳıŋơŋą 

ʂıཞɛŋ ʂơŋɠ ɬɧɛ ɖཞɛąɱ ɱąƙɛཞʂ ɠཞą℘ɧıƈ

My new favorite color in berry with gold lurex threading that when the light hits it looks so stunning.

Love this graphic tank, has a shorter cut but I sized up by accident so not as short, this is a L I should have done a M but either way I love it.  My skirt is a size S and plenty of room, its mid length so meant to not touch the ankle length wise.

ѕнop мy ѕpell and тнe gypѕy looĸ нere:

Camisole styled with matching Winona skirt in berry, looks good tucked in too.

Friday wore the Winona skirt and camisole in Berry loved it and looks so good with my pastel pink, peach and purple tone hair.

I'm excited because Nov 20 in US and Nov 21 in AU is the second drop of the Siren Song collection. I love the new styles and colors, planning to order the mermaid mini dress, skirt or off shoulder top, baby blue graphic tee and then my top item is the marigold mid length dress with ruffle front.  I may even get the kimono in the mermaid love it and would look good with jeans with the blue tones.  Please if you plan to order the second drop use my link located in my side bars, banners all over my blog, link located in my blog posts, and on my social media pages.  All of your support means the world to me.  Have a Happy Thanksgiving, we will be in our new home tome and celebrating our oldest daughter, who was born on Thanksgiving Day in 1999,  18th birthday this Saturday.  Can't believe I have an 18 year old daughter who will be in college, so blessed and this year have so much to be thankful for.  Peace, love and light always XOXO  ~Melissa 

Dream Home Final Design Accents

Dream Home Details and Design Finishes 

Our exterior paint will be a darker gray with creamy white trim and until I get approval from the HOA for my blue door paint our front door will be black.  If you have followed me for some time you know that I have owned my own design business, so interior and exterior design is not only my first career and job, training but passion.  We selected a stacked stone for the Craftsman style pillars on the bottom with the dark gray, light gray and earth tones.  I like the dimensions and tones versus all grays or whites.  We did a dark gray roof which we only had two choices in this style shingle roof with a 3 dimensional look and the other was a brown.

I'm thrilled with the backsplash they found for me, I previously selected a stacked thin stone and glass back splash in marble and gray tones but I felt it was too busy to go with my dark gray stained wood cabinets.  Our cabinets are a fancy shaker style and doing the 5 piece drawer fronts versus the flat fronts.  This tile is so me and has that moroccan quatrefoil design I so love for decades now.  I went with a dark gray grout to really make the white tiles pop.  Our kitchen has under cabinet lighting so this will be a focal point for my kitchen and I know to some of you it may seem some plain, but it is the shape I wanted you will see more as it all comes together the design plan I am shooting for with lots of texture and dimension to my look.  

I also had asked them to find me a high quality vinyl plank wood look flooring, we had selected a few porcelain tile wood look styles but I didn't want tile or grout how ever we have had laminate and wood flooring, it scratches and can't get wet, if you drop something on tile it cracks and laminate dents or also chips.  I know with the laminate and wood flooring if you dragged your chairs or furniture it would leave scratches and scuffs.  Vinyl flooring has come a long way, it is softer to step on and not as hard as wood or laminate, it has a cushion between the vinyl and subfloor that helps with a little bounce to it.  Also I can't rave enough from designing other homes for clients and working with flooring designers, brands and contractors, Vinyl wood planks are the most durable wood like product on the market.  Water proof, scratch, cuff and stain resistant.  You can't beat it and depending on the level you go with even more affordable, and best of all the easiest to clean.  It has the texture and more realistic look to where most people can't tell the difference between this flooring and real wood.  I was in love with wood look tile but having had tile in a few of our homes grout is the worst and hard to keep clean.  Having OCD I have to have easy to clean flooring cause my home has to be clean I want my floors shiny and spotless without a lot of work.

Our master bathroom was one room along with our master bedroom that I told my hubby when we decided to design and build our dream home, I was not scrimping on.  In prior homes we always had big dreams for our master retreat but it always came last after the rest of the home and never was finished or to the level I really wanted.  I went with blue glass listello trim in the shower, my fave feature is my pebble white flooring in shower, shaving corner shelf or seat, large gray and white floor tiles that are the largest floor tiles I have ever seen with matching wall and tub surround tiles.  Our vanities are not one long double vanity but we have separate vanities, both are dark gray stained like kitchen but without the 5 piece front drawers I ordered the same drawers but the ones with the beveled edge instead of 5 pc fronts.  I felt it had a more bathroom look where the 5 pc fronts are a must have for the kitchen.  We upgraded to comfort height toilets, under mounted sinks, quarts counter, wide spread faucets, seamless glass between shower and my huge tub, I am having a chandelier electrical box replace the recessed light over the soaker jet tub to hang a chandelier then I have already been looking into a wall mounted tv and those cool wall fireplaces with blue sea glass pebbles to match my tile listello at the foot of the shower under the window for warmth and ambiance.

We didn't plan to upgrade or add much to the second bath upstairs but I went with the old accent listello tile trim in a stacked glass and stone small tile from our old master bath choices, slightly smaller floor tile in a simple color with matching wall tile, we have same cabinets in the gray dusk stain and silver pulls, I have my lighting already picked out for this bathroom will find a stock photo to share cause I didn't have room on my phone that day and hubby forgot his.  I am excited to finish selecting lighting and fans.

More photos of the selections and finishes, I am doing a dark Gray stain like my cabinets for the hand rail in stairs in a matte finish, dark gray high level carpeting and our gray wood plank vinyl flooring by Floorte in Pola.  Will have more photos soon to share.  

I was so excited to see huge table size blue prints of the home we deigned, primarily myself with hunny helping me some and the contractor/building manager.  Love the extended lanai, triple slider instead of double slider then we added lots of windows cause the builder normally only does front and back windows, being into photography and an indoor plant lover I had to have as much natural lighting as possible, it just makes me happy when the house is simple and bright.

Side elevation to see the side windows we added and front/back porch/lanai.

Some interior stuff to get an idea of the bottom floor, I don't think I am using the area between the kitchen and gathering room as dining room.  We are considering but waiting till the framing walk through to see the sizing and may sell our long table with maybe top to get a round table but it is so hard to know what the rooms will look like a sizing when we just have drawings and never been able to walk a model like most people do, only down fall with deigning your home but the builder is amazing, he loves our design and after having all Spanish, mediterranean and farm style homes in their collections he is excited to do a craftsman style like this one, they do have 4 or maybe 6 similar looks on exterior but none like mine with the dormer windows and porches.  

Stay tuned going to have my top picks for lighting, paint, decor, accents, furniture and more.  If you love home and interior design, decor you will really enjoy some upcoming posts as I share my design in person, photos of the progress and my passion for interior design, landscaping and anything related to our dream home.  Have a great holiday week ahead, Happy Thanksgiving to all so many things to be thankful for with the biggest life changes we have had in over 7-8 years.  Life is good and enjoying purging all our old stuff donating to those who really can use it, to the VA and to a women's shelter.  Happy designing and decorating, cannot wait till next Christmas to go all out in our new home, I already went all out in our smaller home with 2 large trees and 4 mid to small trees.  I am silly lol but I love the holidays as a designer because you can be bold and try things you may never try.  Peace, love and light always xoxo.

Ishani Designs


I recently connected with this amazing Australian designer, Ishani Designs.  I am loving her designs, the details are amazing, quality block print fabric, and normally mini dresses or skirts are a little shorter then I normally care to wear but all her shorter styles are knee length which is perfect for this now 40 year old blogger.  I like to keep it modest and I totally am in love with the Mala Short dress in Periwinkle.  It has a lovely crochet neckline and my favorite design feature is the lace up back.  It is a great detail and perfect for ladies that are larger busted or have a curvier frame, you can adjust the lace up back straps that tie into a pretty corset look style but while adjusting the length of the straps and cinching the bust, waist area perfectly.  It leaves you with a perfect fit dress from the bust to the bottom.  This is hard to find being a larger busted but smaller waisted lady.  I paired it with a crochet and lace detail kimono since it is mid fall and a little cool here in Florida but still rather warm compared to other areas where some of y'all have already begun to deal with snow.  Link for my dress is below and be sure to check out the same block printed fabric and color in other styles as well.

Second Ishani Designs piece I am featuring on this post is a lovely kaftan dress.  This is the Kamali Kaftan in Wallflower.  It has open cut out cold shoulder style with a lovely vibrant purple trim, this block printed light weight fabric is beautiful on and has a great flow, perfect for a kaftan style dress.  I love the cinched matching purple waist tie with coordinating tassel details.  Has a beautiful boho luxe look and feel.  I cannot wait to wear this when spring and summer come because the fabric is so soft and light weight.  This beauty is on sale for $59 AUD which is an amazing price.

I'm excited to be able to collaborate with Ishani Designs and hope to be able to bring you more styles soon.  She has tops, skirts, short and maxi dresses.  All of her block printed fabrics are vibrant colors with beautiful details and unique design styles.  Her price points are affordable and International shipping was very fast.  Please be sure to check out her IG page @isanidesigns and follow.  If you decide to place an order please be sure to tell her you found her website and details on her collection from Melissa of Dliteful Trends or Cr8tivewanderlust.  I like to try to bring you some of the brands I come across that have styles I love and that inspire my followers to build their bohemian wardrobe.  Bohemian style is not only fun to wear but comfortable and easy to wear, I love that I can throw on a dress or skirt with top and look so put together, just add the right shoes and jewelry you can go from a casual everyday, street style look to a more put together event or evening look.  I can't wait for all of you to visit the Ishani Designs Instagram page and website to see more of her designs and pieces because there are so many amazing styles.  I created a wish list and its very long, I literally love every pattern, color way and style.  I hope you enjoy these designs and please if you own any Ishani designs please tag me on IG or feel free to message me below to share.  Happy shopping, sending peace love and light always, xoxo.

Some of my Wish list items and fave styles:

Photos from

I am in love with this cute short dress looks so comfy and stylish with beautiful colors, colorful pieces are my fave cause they make me smile. 

Skirt and matching blouse that look so good together, also love the other print in this wrap skirt with super cute lace up camisole.  All items on my wish list and directly from their website and photos on their IG page @ishanidesigns.  

Where to shop:

For all Ishani Designs 

My top dress and retails for only $89 AUD

Bottom Kaftan Dress in Wall Flower on sale now

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Little House on the Prairie Vintage Inspired outfit...

Inspired by the prairie looks of the 1970s, when I was born my mom told me my older brother liked the name Melissa which was one of the actresses from the show Little House on the Prairie. 

This vintage find was a good one finding not just the skirt, but matching top and sash tie belt.  Love the details and lace, very high quality and in excellent vintage condition looks like brand new.

Kept it simple wearing the outfit how it would have been worn many years ago and adding just a simple Lacey Ryan blue tassel gold bangle.  

Hope everyone has a great week and Veteran's day weekend. Peace, love, and light always xoxo Melissa ~

Monday, November 6, 2017

ѕand coacнella & elecтrιc weѕт

Graphic tee from Electric West based out of California.

My skirt is from Sand Coachella, found the designer who shipped to me direct and love this skirt, it has pockets, elastic waist, the most lovely soft fabric and vibrant fall/autumn tone colors.  This skirt is really everything right now especially with fall in full swing...

Yes, my tee is correct but I'm a kind Bad B@*ch.  I had to change my shirt this day to another one that says Babes Build Empires before I picked up my youngest, whom is only 10, from school and later I went trick or treating in this skirt.  Was perfect to steal some candy from the kiddos and hide away in my pockets lol.  As soon as I get more details on how to order these skirts I will add the link below.  xoxo