Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Let the new adventures begin

I'm currently here in Daytona Beach these photos are of the bridge and area leading to the beach. Love the area so much and enjoying the amazing views, less traffic and congestion, and love our amazing property here with over an acre of land. 

Spent a few hours out looking at vintage 1970/80's Airstream RV's and then looked at a newer model today. Love the vintage ones and love the possibilities of designing my own from scratch using some of the vintage elements of the older styles but infusing some features of the newer models. We also have been looking into cabin styles for building a 2/2 cabin in NC close to my cousin. We have found a few models we love and for sure have decided to have a unfinished basement that we can add on with at least one more bedroom possibly two and one more bathroom. I'm so excited about all the amazing new adventures we are undertaking and it's nice to be settling in. Selling our home was very emotional and hard, especially after losing our cat we had for 16 years last week but I can say with the way things have just fallen into place it really makes us feel assured we have made the right choices. Now to get my oldest daughter through her senior year and off to college so we can have one less house lol. We have more homes then ever right now but the interior designer in me has had a great time decorating them and making them all feel like home. 

I have told both my girls, home is where your heart and family is, it is so true. You can take any place and make it feel like home, you always will have the memories of your passed homes and photos. Letting go was hard but now I must admit that renting temporarily is a huge relief since we don't have to worry about things breaking or any maintenance lol. Kept a lot of our larger and my favorite furniture, decor and accent pieces then we donated a ton of stuff to several local charities. We also had a huge garage sale, sold some larger items on Craigslist and now have the remainder spread out between our 2/2 rental in south Florida and then our 2/1 rental in northern Florida.

I kept the worldly wanderlust boho chic style in the house down south. I love pieces that are from all over the world from Morocco, Indonesia, Africa, France, and Asian countries. I love bohemian fashion and home decor. I purchased some of the most amazing linens and bedding from Pottery Barn for my bed and bath, then got some really fun and unique/eclectic pieces to make it feel cozy. For the rental in northern Florida we went 100% beach themed. It's so funny I have been to Big Lots many times back home but never found much stuff I loved. I went to check out a bed frame for the spare bedroom for my girls and left with tons of decor, rugs, bedding and more. I even got the cutest lighthouse that is solar powered for the front entry in the garden in front of the porch. I also got 2 chairs and a small table for the front porch for under $35 which to me was a bargain. 

Walmart, Target, Kirklands, Homegoods. Bath and Body Works, White Barn candle, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Z Galleries, and the Container  Store were all places we have gone to purchase some new items. We got new mattresses, a new sofa is ordered from Crate and Barrel, and I can't wait to share all my items with you all. I hope everyone is having an amazing summer and keep an eye out I am going to start posting photos of my fashion pieces I have gotten the last few weeks starting this weekend. I have a lot of land here in northern Florida as well as the most gorgeous beach and lots of beautiful places here that I have found I am going to be taking photos wearing my newest styles from tomorrow on. 

Everyone have a lovely end to your week, sending lots of peace, love and light always xoxo. 


Friday, July 21, 2017

Spell & the Gypsy Collective Flower Child collection, 40th birthday

Flower Child

Spell and the Gypsy Collective 

In honor of my upcoming 40th birthday it would mean the world to me if you could use my link to shop the newest collection by Spell and the Gypsy Collective coming out next week, Flower Child. Inspired by the Spell sisters childhood being a 70's baby I am so in love with the floral fabric in yellow, blush and turquoise shades, with the most amazing vintage inspired styles. 

You can click on this link: which will take you directly to their website. Thank you all for your support and be sure to follow Spell on IG @Spelldesigns and on FB as well. 

Peace love and light always,

Melissa xoxo  

Photos are not mine they being to Spell Designs and come from their latest video preview of Flower Child on their FB page.

DIY Small Dining table make over

Our new small rental is a 2/2 with a formal dining and then non formal dining area, I wanted to find an inexpensive table and chairs for this area mostly for not hitting the chandelier walking under it and also so we could have a nice place to eat together.  I went to the Salvation Army and found this solid wood, unfinished table and four chairs for $100. 

The house we moved into is all gray which to me is a little gloomy but being an interior designer at heart and it's my passion it was nothing I couldn't take on.  I painted some accent walls using Benjamin Moore Jamaican Aqua and Galapagos Teal to add some color, then mixed in a Sand off white wall here and there.We have a beach theme and world traveled theme using lots of maps, globes, and accents from many different countries like Morocco, Indonesia, China, Japan, Australia, and Greece.

The plain wood table and chairs were an easy fix using a small can of gray stain.  I simply lightly sanded the pieces, wiped clean and applied the stain.  First coat I left on for 20 minutes and wiped off but didn't like how light it was then had a weird tone to it so I applied a thick coat that appeared blue before wiping.  I left this thicker coat on for 45 minutes and then used a damp cloth with some mineral spirits to lightly wipe it off.  I believe I got the perfect weathered washed gray perfect for a beach cottage feel.  I am still settling in and I don't plan to unpack a lot but slowly hanging some accents then added some aqua blue cushions from Target, and have placemats for quick dining and a cute checkered white and aqua round table cloth for more special occasions or visitors.

Below is a dark terrible photo and will be posting a few more photos of the rental house once I get the empty boxes dumped and my hubby's boxes out of here.  I will be away till August 1 vacationing in our new home town while helping my husband settle in, then leaving again Aug 5 to spend the rest of the summer there, but I will share photos of the transformation from both of our rentals.  We have another 2 bedroom home we are renting where he is working that was built in 1940 on an acre+ of land.  Can't wait for that challenge but going with a more vintage vibe there and a then a mix of pieces we need to store and items we didn't sell or donate in the moving process.

Stay tuned and can't wait to share my home decor diy projects and finds.  Trust me no matter what your budget I can show you ways to make your needs and wants come true for your own home.  Remember too that no matter how expensive, large, new, etc your home is that home is where the heart is and you can make every space cozy with a little love.  I know it has been hard for me to go from a 4/2 home with a bonus room, living and family room, that I got to renovate and design after gutting it.  Lake view and pool in my back yard etc but I am so happy to be here with my girls.  This is a special experience being done just so my oldest can graduate with her friends.

Off to bed and wanted to post this because I had 2 posts that needed some content other then photos, proofing and to be posted live.  Have a wonderful weekend and hope everyone is having an amazing summer.

Peace, love and light always,

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Bohemian Gypsy Rock n Roll Goddess Outfit Inspiration

Bohemian Gypsy Rock n' Roll Goddess Vibes

I am always so inspired by the fashion of the 1970s and the free love, music festival era.  I love music, concerts, outdoor festivals, and bike weeks.  I love to mix up my love of graphic, biker and band tees/tanks with my favorite boho chic maxi, mini skirts and dresses.

Above I am wearing an older Trunk Ltd Harley Davidson Graphic tank I found on eBay, with my new Spell and the Gypsy collective Etienne Monaco skirt.  These two are a match made in boho rocker heaven.

Nothing is better then when your outfit of the day matches your hair.  I am currently settling in from a long crazy month of my husband announcing he is considering a job transfer 5 hours north of where we have lived for over 30 years, listing our home of over 10 years for sale, having it sell super fast, then having everything fall in to place with a rental for each of us.  Life is really amazing when you put good things out there and get them in return.

In the above photo I am wearing on of my Spell and the Gypsy graphic tanks paired with Mahiya Leather skirt.  I just lightened my hair on top to my blonde roots, allowing my bright vivid purple I had all over fade to a lilac pastel purple tone.  I am about to add a blush pink tone to my hair for my birthday coming up in August when I will be turning 40.  I am the youngest of most of my friends and it feels so weird to say I am turning 40 when I have watched all our friends and loved ones celebrate their 40th birthdays over the passed decade, one good thing of being the younger in the group.  I love to curl my hair using my rollers or brush with blow dryer, and I also use a cheap curling wand from Walmart that you can change out the tips.

Some new styles I got prior to the move, I had been debating on the Spell Lotus gown and it sold it out so I jumped when they released the play dress.  Normally I am more reserved and stray away from mini skirts and short dresses but after I got the mini skirts above I realized it isn't that short and with some cute boy shorts underneath it isn't as risquรฉ as I had felt.  This dress is gorgeous, the print, color and then the cut of this dress is just stunning.  My fave is the bell ruffle style sleeves.  I am larger busted but very small in the waist and this dress fits my curvy shape amazing with the tie cinch waist string, it also looks amazing with all kinds of trendy and vintage belts.  

Graphic tee is by Trunk Ltd and has a V-neck with Poison the band graphic print.  Jewelry is some of my new Ettika Jewelry pieces from their summer collection.

A new brand I have become a huge fan of for graphic and band tees is Recycled Karma.  I found this cute halter style Woodstock tank and excited to announce I will be featuring a lot more of this brand as I am going to be working with them in the next couple of months.  I have mostly posted flat lay style photos because I have been moving but as you can see below I did take a day to dress up and wear this lovely combo.

I rocked the Recycled Karma tank with my The Wilde Bella Ohana Ocean skirt.  Love the castaway high low style skirt with ruffle bottom it is my fave style with longer maxi length in the back but mid to shorter length in the front.  This is perfect for a day to evening look and so versatile from casual to dressier looks.  Make sure to check out the Wilde Bella, she has some new styles on her site now and I have seen her next collection sneak peek, you are going to love it trust me.

Finally going to end this post with another Spell Etienne piece, the mini and bralette in Sienna print.  I was so honored to see this photo and the top photo featured by Spell on their FB page.  It is always such an honor when the label or designers feature my photos because it really shows that they are supporting me the same way I am supporting them.  My shoes are from, then the faux fur hyde is from Target awhile back on clearance, and the ram skull was a gift from my mom only $24.99 at Homegoods.  Feather headband is from Tara Lynn's boutique and have had since last summer.

You can shop Spell and the Gypsy using my own link: and I appreciate each one of you who uses my link, it helps to support me with a brand I have loved for many years and in honor of my upcoming birthday I would love if you could use my link to make any purchases you have planned.  You can also share it with your friends, family and on your own social media, blog outlets.  

Thank you to everyone and can't wait to share some amazing photos of new pieces and brands I am going to be making a point of styling, modeling and photographing in my soon to be new home in Port Orange and Daytona/Ormond beach area.  

Peace love and light always,

Melissa aka Cr8tiveWanderlust 

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Thrift store finds, DIY cut off Levi's, tips for fraying, cutting andmore.

Thrifting Thursday

New weekly feature I am going to start doing, is thrifting Thursday.  Every week I'm going to try to remember to share with all of you my thrift store finds and then also share some of my DIY projects I do with my thrift finds.  I sell a lot of my finds that aren't my size or personal style on eBay.  Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think.

Today I went to Goodwill and the Salvation Army thrift stores. I have both only a couple minutes from my home and wanted to hunt for some vintage or older style Levi's to cut into shorts as well as some fun graphic tees. Here you can see I found 4 pairs of Levi's. 3 pairs are vintage and one pair are black label Levi's that are more current styles but still going to cut them off. 

I have a hard time finding shorts in the length I like, I also love frayed cut off style shorts but they are always really short. Being a mother and almost 40 I don't want to wear daisy dukes but I do want to have some cute shorter shorts with a more modest look. I got all the above items for under $20. I went today because Thursday is their 30% off sale on denim at one store and then my mom gets 20% being a senior. 

I have already cut 2 pairs and started to fray one pair. I am going to make a video and I will add it to the post later. All you need is a pair of scissors, a ruler and marker. I put the shorts on, mark the inseam and then I like to cut my shorts at an angle going shorter as it goes to the outer thigh. I will mark the inside then the height for the outside. If you aren't sure of the length you want or will need, keep in mind you are going to lose 1-2" fraying them depending on how much fray you like. I always consider this when marking them, then I take them off and use a ruler to line up the marks at an angle leaving me a perfect line so cutting is easy. Once you have cut both sides you simply pull some of the strings sticking out, and once you have done that you begin using the sharp side of the scissors, scraping the bottom of the jeans. Continue to scrap the bottom until you have a decent amount of fraying done. Everyone likes their own personal length, style, cut and amount of fraying. I love a lot of fraying and strings hanging down. Once you have achieved the desired look, or close to it, simply wash them in the washer on heavy duty. You want to wash them cause this helps fray some more and also you just got some used jeans that who knows when they were last washed or where they came from. 

If after washing them you aren't happy with the fraying you can always continue to use your scissors to add more and you can also cut any uneven threads too. I also will sometimes cut the jeans then use my sewing machine to sew a quick seam across each leg to secure that my fraying doesn't go any shorter then a certain length. Some older denim is so broke in and soft that you will lose a lot of length washing and they will continue to become more and more frayed or get even shorter. 

I will have more tips for fraying, cutting and distressing your old jeans or vintage finds coming later this weekend. I have many tools and tricks from the metal cheese grater to using a razor blade, or knife to create different types of holes, fraying and distressed areas on the denim. 

You can also add patches, studs, lace, fabric and thread to your jeans to personalize them giving them your own unique touch, be you and have fun, showcase your own personal style whether it be boho chic, rocker edgy vibes, girly fashionista, bold, more reserved, etc. 

Share your fave tips for distressing and fraying with me below, and tag me on IG to share some of your fave DIY creations. Peace love and light 

Melissa xoxo 

Monday, June 26, 2017

๐Ÿ’• Let's collaborate ๐Ÿ’•

๐Ÿ’•Let's collaborate, searching for brands, boutiques, designers, bloggers, and creative inspiring people to work with on upcoming material and content. I'm shifting gears and putting all my focus into my blog and social media. I am looking for local photographers, makeup artist, hair stylist, designers and boutiques for styled shoots for my blog and social media. I'm also looking for designers, brands, and boutiques from all over to collaborate on features, and styled shoots for same. 

I am working on blogger and social media influencer features also, I would like to feature one new blogger or social media influencer each week that has amazing and unique style. You don't have to have a bunch of followers or even have a blog of your own. If you have amazing style, are creative and take great photos I would love to work with you. If you are a fellow blogger I would love to have some blog takeovers where you can submit a post with links and photos using your own content. 

If you have a brand or boutique and looking for some extra marketing, promotion and exposure, please contact me. We can host a giveaway or we can do a designer, boutique feature with photos of your favorite pieces and links to your shop, social media and more. 

I'm currently working on brand new rate cards for fall 2017 but for the time being I am open to working with anyone and everyone for exchange of items, content, photos, promotional support and more. 

I am always looking for awesome fashions, I love vintage styles, vintage inspired pieces, accessories and jewelry, graphic tees, bohemian styles, and anything unique. I also am moving into a rental for the next 10 months after selling our home we have lived in over 10 years. I am going to be doing an entire home decor, and design. The rental space is a newer build home, open floor plan, with 2 master suites, 2 bathrooms, formal and casual dining areas, large open living room, and brand new updated kitchen. I'm looking for home design and decor stores, furniture and accessories, bedding and bath, outside furniture, gardening and landscaping, you name it I am looking for it. I want to create a fun, colorful, bright, sunny, home for my girls and I as we transition from their home they have grown up in to a space we want to make as much like home as we can for the next 10-11 months while my oldest daughter completed High school. My husband recently took a job up north and is leaving in two weeks to start his new job, I decided to stay here with my 17 year old and 10 year old to allow my oldest to finish out her last year of high school with her friends at her school she has gone to since second grade. 

I have a degree in interior and architectural   design.  I have worked for Home Depot in their Expo Design store, and regular store in their garden and kitchen/bath design areas. I had my own business for over 6 years staging homes, decorating offices and businesses for holidays, basic interior design for home and office/retail spaces, as well as event party planning decor. I have a creative mind and eye for putting together unique and eclectic pieces for amazing cutting edge designs. I'm looking to do something very bohemian chic. I love using lots of colors, patterns, solids, textures, and accessories. I'm not afraid to take chances and do a lot of diy as well. I have my current furniture I can use and lots of stuff I can repurpose but really looking for some new pieces to bring it all together. 

Some stores I love are ZGallerie, Home Goods, Pottery Barn, Urban Outfitters, Crate and Barrel, Pier One, Kirklands, Anthropologie, World Market, Earthbound Trading Co and that's just to name some of the more well known shops that pop into my head. I also love to hit garage sales, thrift stores and online sites like Craigslist. I have lots of vintage furniture from the 1920-70's I have refinished, painted and repurposed. Anything I can make my own by creating something fun and unique I am game for. 

Please contact me if you are interested via email, and make sure to put Attn Collaboration so I don't miss it. I'm excited to meet and work with you, I am always happy to meet new people and to be able to work with new designers, fellow bloggers and creative types. Looking forward  to seeing the responses and hope everyone is having an amazing summer. 

Peace love and light always 


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