Saturday, November 3, 2018

Grove Collabortive Holiday special

It’s that time of year, Grove Collaborative has their amazing Mrs Meyers holiday scents for winter and Christmas season in stock. You can order now using my link below to get your choice of scents, Orange Clove, Pepermint or Iowa Pine.

New Customer Offer:
  • Mrs. Meyer's holiday hand soap
  • Mrs. Meyer's holiday dish soap
  • Mrs. Meyer's holiday multi-surface spray
  • Grove red caddy *new!
  • Grove walnut scrubber sponges
I adore the caddy and the red is so fun for the holidays. Existing customers get their Walnut scrubber sponges from Grove for using my link also.

I can’t wait to hear what scent is your favorite. Here is my link: Grove Collaborative Holiday Link

Happy holidays and have a great weekend. Be sure to follow my Instagram @cr8tivewanderlust for daily deals and all my links.


Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Falling for our new home

Hello my friends and long time followers. I have had the most hectic passed few months but all in all it has truly been the best and most amazing time in our life. My oldest daughter graduates from high school, got accepted into her dream college and got a scholarship. We couldn’t be more proud of her and she is attending my fave college, have loved their footballl team most of my life.

I know I had promised prior to moving, closing on our home and the major changes in my life that I would be relaunching my blog. I had hoped I could relaunch this exact same blog on blogspot but have not had the most success with getting them to answer me back about how I can change my blog to the new platform. I am working now on seeing if I will start a new blog connected to this one here on blogspot or if I need to change platforms. I started this blog close to ten years ago and it was my 3 blog I started over 2-3 years. I have had so many tell me that they can’t follow the blog like how you usually can that most have to follow me via email or bloglovin.

I have to admit I really love instagram it is easy to post and share with you all, but I have to say there is something about blogging I have always truly enjoyed and loved. I have blogged through my life since becoming a mother and it has really been a great way to share my passion for fashion, home decor and creative ideas. I love to share no time only ideas but deals I find and other fun stuff. For me blogging was social media, Pinterest and a friend network all in one.

Below I want to share some photos of our new home. I shared a lot photos of our home being built which was a fun experience. At the same time it has been a stressful one, add into the mix the fact we moved far from all our family and friends, had our oldest leave for college, dealing with the stress of contractors and issues with the building process, trying to decorate, unpack, paint and find stuff for the new house. Wow it’s been a crazy whirlwind but I wouldn’t change a thing. I have been very sick for a few weeks now with a cold then now a kidney thing, but I have taken this time I have that is down time where I’m not crazy working on a huge to do list, to start working on things with my blog, social media, pinterest and getting my stuff all organized before 2018 ends.

I have some fun new brands I am collaborating with from home decor, furniture and bedding brands to my favorite fashion designers and brands as well. I also still work with most of the same brands I have been either an affiliate, brand rep or amabsssor and partner with from when I started this journey a decade ago. Every brand I work with is always a positive experience and I can tell after a week if a partnership is a good fit for myself and those who follow me.

Be sure to check out my Instagram over @cr8tivewanderlust where you can find one of my fave collabs with Grove Collaborative

Here are some exterior photos of our Crafstman style home. I wanted to share fall decorated photos so you can get into the festive mode. I am still unpacking so it’s a process of remembering what I have already from many years of decorating for the holidays then last year when we had the house being built I was buying stuff on sale at the end of each holiday or season also. I have gotten some items like acrylic paint, spray paint, rub and buff (a great new friend on IG introduced me to this product I will be sure to share her user name when I share my project I did using it) some ribbon I got on sale last winter after Christmas at Hobby Lobby with black and white check plaid and bows. I am simply trying to save funds since it’s been an expensive build and move to repurpose as much of our decor we had as I can. We were blessed to get a lot of our furniture and decor new but I had a year to save up and sell off my old decor or furniture also.

Halloween wreath and decorated entry

Here are a couple of the interior of the home. I will share much more of the home as well as decor projects we are working on in the weeks and months to come.  For now I just wanted to make sure all my friends and followers know I am not gone that I’m here and thinking of all of you. I’m excited to share our new journey with you. It’s not just about a new home and home decor it’s about our lifestyle changes for health, moving to a new area hours and hours away from everyone, new schools, new jobs, a daughter away at college,  so many changes but overall in 20 years of marriage I can’t complain. My husband always does the best for myself and our children.

Thank you again for passing by, I hope to be able to figure out what I am doing next as far as the blog in the next few weeks. Keep an eye out here for my new link if I change but really want to keep my same blog. I’m not about deleting all my old photos to repost them again years later to appear like new content or to cover up something. I continue to create and remain authentic always. Sending lots of peace, love and light always xoxo.



Fall decor and wreath in entry 
Grove Collaborative

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Mahiya Vintage Rose

I'm so excited to share with you a favorite brand and designer of mine from Australia, Mahiya Leather.  I have posted many photos over the last couple of years of some of Mahiya's passed collections and styles.  I love the high low cut skirts with the shorter mid to knee length front and swishy maxi length back.  The fabric is always stunning and their last collection they had a graphic tank top, then in the Vintage Rose drop they have a couple style tees and a long sleeve graphic sweatshirt style top.  

Photo from: Mahiya website.  Joplin Fringe Vest a favorite from the Vintage Rose collection.

Mahiya Leather is not just leather goods, they carry lots of lovely bohemian inspired and vintage 70's vibe fashion apparel pieces.  Their leather pieces are top quality and the selection of styles is some of my favorites.  I love that I can get my entire outfit all from one online shop, with purses, clutches, sandals, boots and clothing that are just my style.  Be sure to head over to their site now using this link, 

Don't forget for a limited time you can use the code FESTIVALHIGH to receive a 20% discount.  I would love if you email me, DM me on social media or tag me if you purchase some of the Mahiya styles so I can admire the styles you have selected or love.  I love the white vintage rose skirt, with the Wanderlust Awaits or For the Dreamer back graphic print tee.  I also love the skirt in Black rose with the tee print of the Free Fallin' graphic they used in the prior collection on the tank tops, which I adore.

Enjoy the new Vintage Rose collection and many other awesome accessories as well as prior collection pieces that are on sale.  Be sure to use the above link along with the code FESTIVALHIGH.  You can check back here for new coupon codes and current promotions in the future.  

Peace, love, and light always Melissa xoxo

Photo from Mahiya website. Vintage Rose Collection in Black Rose.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Spell Jasmine Collection Drop 1

Hello my fellow Spellies, it has been a little while since the last large Spell drop.  I have been so crazy with our move and finishing up building our new home, we also had our daughter leave for college and so many huge milestones.  I am about to launch my new blog and have already started working designing and staging homes again.  I am still working in fashion but with the move I have gone back to my interior design roots but still will always be bringing you lots of fun fashion.  I love blogging to not only meet other ladies who like the same styles and designs or hobbies as myself but cause I love the inspiration I gather therefor I love to share my own passions and favorites with the hope to inspire others the way I am always inspired.  I'm just a girl next door sharing what I love.

So let's chat Spell, its been a little while since the last large drop like this one. We had Stargazer which I loved cause my first love from Spell was jewelry then graphic tees.  I also loved Rosa cause I love a great Spell swishy skirt.  I am head over heels for Jasmine, if you have not yet seen the collection it is stunning.  There is some floral and lighter colors for those who love the Spell pastels or more feminine styles, then my favorites are the Kombi like maxi and strappys then the brown floral pieces that have amazing vintage vibes.  Did I mention the awesome Stevie graphic tee?  Who doesn't like Stevie and then mix with a Spell graphic tee, you can't go wrong.  I also have seen some glimpses of a pocket tee with Spell on back and some other really awesome pieces, like the camo jacket that should be a huge sell out like that Panther jacket that has become a sought after Spell piece.

Be sure to mark your calendars and set your reminder for tomorrow night, and be sure to click my link to save it in your phone or browser.  Thank you for using my link and let me know what your fave pieces are, I know I can't wait to see everyone in their new styles.  Peace, Love and Light to all xoxo

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Grove Collaborative Summer Special

Grove Collaborative is having a great summer promotion for new members.  Get the below items and their awesome Grove caddy along with the VIP membership now if you use my link below.

I love my Mrs. Meyer's Cleaning products, this caddy is great for storing and carrying all of your cleaning supplies in.  Be sure to sign up now to get your caddy before they sell out.  Lots of love and light always, Melissa xoxo.

Monday, May 14, 2018

New promo code for a brand I have worked with for a long time, Sand Cloud towels

Sand Cloud towels has issued me a new promo code.  They never contacted me to let me know my old code had been removed from the system, lucky for me a few people had sent me messages or emails letting me know my code was not active so I emailed them. I wanted to make sure I let all of you know ASAP, cause I was wondering why my sales suddenly stopped.  My new code is 


This code will save you 25% off all Sand Cloud items.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Vintage Romance

The Wilde Bella's newest collection, Vintage Romance is so beautiful in person.  The colors are very unique and the chartreuse is a favorite of mine because I own so many amazing bohemian skirts or dresses but this color is not like any other color I own.  I'm always looking for colors or patterns, even styles that are not like the other many pieces in my closet.  This color is so beautiful and perfect for summer time.  I love the light weight fabric and simplicity of the camisole.  I also am very proud to have been able to come up with name for this collection, her amazing designs always inspire me when she share them with me and I have been so blessed to be able to see the process she goes through with every collection.  If you haven't check out The Wilde Bella collections yet be sure to head over to her website below and take a look.  I promise you will for sure find some styles you love and with summer around the corner, pieces perfect for those boho days and nights.  

Be sure to check out her new collection and lots of other beautiful pieces.

My amazing cowrie shell and turquoise necklace is created by a favorite of mine, Ouroboros Designs and this piece can be found on her site as well as on Free People.  If you are searching for it, it is called the Siren Necklace and she also has so many other stunning pieces in her collections.  These are perfect for festival season, bohemian looks, beach styles, and summer time of course.  Countdown to summer is here and only a couple weeks left.  Most of all we are so excited to share our move and new home with everyone, it has been almost a year in the making.  We feel beyond blessed and grateful.  Thank you to everyone for your kindness and support.  

Have a lovely end to your week.  Peace, love and light always.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Grove Collaborative May Special


I'm so excited to share with you one of my favorite sites.  It is a monthly box you can customize by adding your favorite cleaning, hygiene and Eco friendly products by brands like Mrs. Meyers, Method, Grove and more.  Grove Collaboratives mission is to inspire every family to create and sustain a healthy, beautiful home.  I know they have helped me do just that and I'm so excited to share this awesome offer with you.  For the month of May they have a promotion for new customers who sign up to receive all the below items for free.  

Mrs. Meyer's Hand Soap
Mrs. Meyer's Dish Soap
Mrs. Meyer's Hand Lotion
Grove Replaceable Head Dish Brush
Free Shipping & VIP Trial

If you are already a member at Grove Collaborative you can use my link to receive a pack of Grove Walnut scrubber brushes for free with your next order.

How does this service work?  You simply click my link here:  Grove Collaborative May Special to sign up.  Once you sign up all the items above will be in your cart.  You will receive all these amazing items and if you want you can add some other awesome items into your box or you can always wait until the next month.  Each month you receive an email and it will have suggestions for items you already have purchased, like replacements for your hand or dish soap, replacement head for your scrubber brush.  Grove keeps up with all the items you order and basically reminds you when it is time to replace those old sponges or refill your favorite products.  Every month they have awesome incentives and with the VIP upgrade you always get free shipping.   Their shipments are flexible you do not have to purchase every month.  

The Grove Guides are your personal concierges, they are there to help you make educated choices and to ensure you feel comfortable trying new natural products.  They have the best customer service who is always happy to help out and answer all your questions.  I have been amazed with the service and every product I have received since I joined.  Having a child with bad allergies and asthma making sure we use safe products in our home that are not made with harsh chemicals is very important, once I had my second child I realized asthma or allergies or none at all why have products with harsh chemicals in the home when you can clean just as good with products made safely with Eco friendly, sustainable products.  All in all this service is one of my all time favorites, for a busy mom on the go all the time I have all my favorite products delivered to my door and save money.  I have gotten to try new products I may have never known about and my house is always smelling great, gleaming and clean.  

Thank you for taking the time to pass by and check out this awesome offer from Grove Collaborative.  I hope you give it a try, trust me you will really enjoy this box of goodies and before long like myself become a regular.  I normally am one who goes to the store forgetting to grab my glass cleaner or dryer sheets, now I have a company who reminds me of the items I am due to order or may need.  Then the best part they are all shipped to my door, packaged nicely and at an amazing price.  How could this be wrong?  It has saved me not only money but time.  Let me know if you are a member or if you sign up, I would love to hear about your experience, what products are your favorite and so much more.  Peace, love and light always  ~Melissa