Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Boho Vibes, Hippy Heart and Fun Styles

Sorry I have been not posting as much was out of town for the weekend with my girls and then been sick since I got back.  Here are a few pics from last week and will be shorty adding some new styles with links where to buy Friday.  Above is a pair of black Silver jeans, Tuesday low ankle jeans paired with my Wishyouwerenorthwest Wander Forever tank, and the cute chain ankle boots are from Forever21 under $40.

Spell and the Gypsy Folktown graphic tee paired with the Oracle lilac skirt, also wearing my Charged Jewelry Bracelets in Rose quartz and Amazonite.  If you have pre ordered your order should be shipping soon if it hasn't already.  Also check out my link on social media and will add below along with in my fave shops links to get $5 off your order at ChargedJewelry.com.

Doing some early Christmas shopping for my girls and got myself a choker, bell sleeve top and boots.  Can never find too many cute and affordable styles at Forever21.com.

Check out my armstack last week, recently joined the Lotus and Luna ambassador program, you can use my code MELISSAS20 for 20% off www.lotusandluna.com, then wearing two new styles by www.wandererbracelets.com use the code MELISSA20 for 20% off your purchase with Wanderer Bracelets and help support local Bali artisans.

Last up ordered this super cute hand made tee from my friend @my_hippy_heart on instagram, she has an amazing etsy shop and is where I got this cute tee, the shirt is amazing it is white with silver threads so has a pretty sparkle, she also designed my custom jean jacket I won on IG.  Paired it with my Revolver skirt by Spell and the Gypsy Collective and the Lotus and Luna wrap bracelets that can also be worn as chokers and anklets too.  

Happy shopping and have an amazing week, peace love and light always xoxo.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Dazey LA Graphics

Dazey LA Graphics

A few months back I came across @Dazey_la on Instagram when searching for some new amazing graphic tee designers and brands.  I had found the page for @Electricwest from my friend who designs Bikinis out of tees and saw the Dazey La site, quickly I discovered she has designed so many of my fave graphic tees by some larger labels and was quickly drawn to her amazing designs, style and personality.  I love how supportive, kind, creative and inspiring she is to all other brands, designers as well as bloggers, stylist and her followers/customers.  She is super awesome and I am so beyond inspired by her amazing designs.  My first order was the Don't Hate Collaborate tee and Make your Own luck.  I had been wanting to order through out the summer but saw her tees ran one size fits all, well we all know that isn't always the case so I was worried that her tees wouldn't fit me good, but then noticed her new designs were available in two sizes so gave it a try.  They not only fit so nice, but these tees are all hand distressed and so soft.  Every tee feels and looks like a vintage tee, one of those fave tees you have had most of your life and can't part with.  All her designs are unique, cool and fresh with lots of styles, colors and let me tell you these tees can be styled so many ways.

If you have followed me for some time you know I am a huge graphic top lover and collector, I will wear a graphic tee with jeans or shorts, but then you will see me wearing them with skirts and heels all the time also.  My staple item to my wardrobe is the graphic tee shirt and to have such an amazing brand like Dazey LA that is empowering women not just in the design or fashion industry but ladies all over makes me even prouder to support this amazing lady and her label.

I can't get enough of her summer tees with the choices of colors.  I have so many graphic tees and as you all know most graphic tees are usually white, black or grey.  It is so refreshing to be able to select from colors and to have amazing bold, colorful prints also.  Love love this line and cannot say enough about the quality, design and customer service.  Everything has been amazing, I pre ordered the Don't Hate and Make your own Luck tees in the beginning of October and they shipped sooner then I had thought, then arrived quickly and I was so happy with the quality of the print, shirt and over all design.

Once I saw these fit me I instantly was contacting Dazey to see if the one size tees were much smaller then the M/L in the newer designs.  She was very quick to answer me back and actually told me that the older one size tees ran a little larger then or about the same as the M/L tees.  I was so excited and wished I had only ordered the multiple tees I had been wanting most of the summer.  It's better that I was able to order them still, some of the designs are selling out and may not be restocked.  I actually planned to order the 3 colored tees I had been eyeing because the Best Vibes tee was sold out but she found some extras, so I jumped on all the ones that said low inventory and then ordering the last colored one I don't have in Blue today.

As you can see these look amazing with jeans but look how gorgeous my Unbreakable Dazey LA tee looks with the new Lovebird Collection just released last week on Thursday by Spell and the Gypsy Collective.  Is it not a perfect match made in styling heaven with loads of color and just an overall happy feel.  I love color and Dazey LA does not lack that punch of color and over all killer designs I am always drawn to with graphic tees and tops.  It's funny when I look back on my blog to 3-4 years ago and some of my favorite online tee shirt shops to now.  I am so happy to have found another amazing tee line with an amazing, creative, straight up chill designer with a great heart who is supporting and inspiring women all over.

Be sure to check her out on IG and Twitter @Dazey_La and head over to her site for graphic tops, bottoms, hats, pins, patches and more.  She is someone I think you will be seeing a lot of amazing work from here on out, and I bet just like me you may already own some of her amazing designs on a tee from another label she has worked with or designed for.  I know when I found her page and saw some of the designs she has done in the passed I was amazed to see a few I owned already.

Here's to a fabulous week, and as always 
Peace, Love and Light to all.

Happy shopping my friends and be sure to check out the newest drop from Spell, Lovebird and if you are looking for some really amazing swimwear check out the Isla Bay line also released last week,  I know I am excited for the second half of the Lovebird collection.  I got myself this skirt since I am in Christmas and birthday mode for my kids trying to not spend on me, but had to get one piece before they all sold out and it's funny my hubby went online to order me the tank, and luckily he got me a different skirt, he said he almost got the blue but since blue is my favorite color he knew I had a few Spell skirts in blue so he went with the red.  After a fun girls weekend with my kids in Orlando it was fun to come home to my packages and enjoyed styling the above look using my new Spell skirt and Dazey LA tees I got prior to leaving.   Hope you had a great Sunday Funday off to relax.  XoXo

Monday, November 7, 2016

Ettika Jewelry Heavenly Desire Choker Available at Lulus.com

Ettika Jewelry X Lulu's
Heavenly Desire Choker By Ettika available now at Lulus.com and follow @Lulus on IG

You can order your own beautiful Rose Quartz choker by Ettika Jewelry at Lulus.com link below

This beautiful rose quartz, which stands for love and heart.  This delicate, dainty style gold choker with crystal accents and gorgeous large oval rose quartz stone in center.  

You can enter the Ettika Fall Jewelry contest by clicking my below link to enter, daily entries are allowed and winner will be announced via email.  Good luck to all xoxo

Have an amazing week and make sure to check out Ettika Jewelry's new sister store Charged Jewelry with one of a kind new beaded bracelets, hand made and then sent on their journey to be charged in the amazing positive vortex in Sedona and then sent to you for wearing.  I am wearing my amazonite blue stone charge your peace and then my rose quartz to match my choker that is to charge your heart.  Peace, love and light always.  Later this week will have a Dazey LA exclusive with several of her amazing graphic tops and tees, along with another exclusive preview of my fun project.  Also will have a contest for a tee shirt from an amazing group of ladies I have connected with and am collaborating with and much more on fashion, life, photography, beauty, hair and accessories.  Everyone have an amazing week, make sure if you didn't early vote to get out tomorrow and not only exercise one of our rights but one of our responsibilities also.  Make your voice heard and your vote count, bless this country and hoping for the best in the end, I don't like to talk politics so controversial but no matter who we vote for I am wishing well to all, in the end all I am about is Peace, Love and Light.  Rising by lifting others and empowering all.  xoxo 

Two last minute added photos with my Heavenly Desire choker paired with this gorgeous Spell and the Gypsy Collective Babushka cami and matching skirt, some of my faves by Spell.  The triangle opal necklace is handmade by Fawning in Love on etsy, and on Instagram @Fawninginlove.  XOXO