Thursday, July 2, 2015

Dupe or fake Triangl Bikinis

Hello, happy almost Friday and July 4th weekend. I have gotten a huge response from my review I posted yesterday on the Traingl bikinis, so many questions and I will be doing my best to answer as many of them as possible. I am going to try to add on to yesterday's review some more details, answers to as many questions as I can answer and I am going to add some photos today also. // Also quick note I have since come back and re edited this because I have received other Triangl suits and have since ordered two dupes off Ali Express site for my daughter so I can compare for my readers. Didn't want to order dupes and upset the Triangl company because they have been so awesome but it is solely for comparison and to show the true quality of the real suit, but allow a less expensive, safe alternate for younger readers and those who just can't spend that kind of money. //

One big question I have seen a lot of here on the blog, emails, on my twitter and then on instagram is about fake or dupe bikinis. Yes there are a ton of them out there. When I was researching this bikini I came across many reviews and YouTube videos on the fakes as well as listings for the fake suits. I also saw a bunch on ebay. Since last summer when these suits really started to get popular a lot of people even some stores have come out with styles that are similar. 

Above suit I found at Target by their Exhilaration line and my daughter has a purple and black suit that looks a lot like the suit they had last summer with triangle top, purple with black trim. This suit has a lot of padding would not fit me but would be great for ladies A-D cup comes in S-XL. This has a halter fit and ties behind neck versus the bra like straps the Poppy style Triangl has. 

Target (like shown above) has a few that look like the triangl, and even Victoria Secret has some styles as well. I know we all love to save money, I will be the first person to tell you that I am always looking for a good way to save but when it came to this suit I wanted a Triangl and none of the knock off or dupes were going to fulfill my want or needs. Sure VS makes a good quality suit I have many suits by them but it still wasn't a Triangl. Then looking at the fakes out there, being larger busted I couldn't even consider these because they are made cheap, most are not even neoprene, then a lot of them only come in the option of ordering S-L or if they do have a XL it has padding or is for a D cup and is larger around. I don't like padding and love the Triangl Brigette and Poppy for the bra like support.  The more I have watched videos and now that I own a few real Triangl suits, when I first started this review I had the Brigette only but now I have several of the Poppy suits in different colors, ordered one myself, got a complimentary one with my purchase, then won three off eBay. I have now taken the plunge to order a couple of the dupes myself. I watched a lot of videos on the dupes and was amazed how real some looked. I really wanted to just have an option for my readers who are bargain shoppers like myself or for those who just can't afford it but want the look, even the younger ladies like my daughter who love the look but can't afford to spend that money, or even are still growing and don't want to waste $100 on a suit that they will only out grow. 

Below I am going to show you some of the many popular dupes. If you want to read more reviews check out YouTube there are some ladies who did some amazing reviews. I did see one girl who ordered three styles from a site similar to eBay (Alibaba) and the suits were the solid color bra style suits, I have to say they looked pretty spot on and were priced at 15 each and free shipping. I don't recommend or promote buying a fake/dupe because again you won't have the high quality luxe neoprene material that made these suits popular and the fit won't be as good, but I do understand that some want the look without breaking the bank. I get it, I am guilty I have done it many times and usually it is with a shirt, kimono or some jeans that are a no brand name but you always get what you pay for in the end and sometimes some things seem to good to be true. Just be careful, make sure the person you order from has several sales, read their reviews, a lot of customers post photos of the suits and leave great feed back. I recommend ordering from Alibaba if you are looking for the higher quality dupes. Most of the lower quality I found on eBay and Amazon or even some online shops. I recommend searching for neoprene bikini or neoprene triangl. 

Okay let's start with the ones that look just like the real deal. 

Above suit is from site, it is the Milly-SantaRosa. As you can see it is a lovely bright blue with black trim. These suits are made of a very thick wet suit material, neoprene. When you receive the suit you will see right away the bottoms are a thick material. They also look just like th photo, they aren't these large brief looking bottoms. 

The above photo is from EBay. (Not my photo using only for comparison) This shows you how close the dupes are and can be to looking just like the real deal. But when it arrives it does not look always look like the photo. I have ordered many items off eBay that they will use a photo of the original item and send you a cheap knock off that looks nothing like the photo. Be cautious of ads with photos of models wearing the suit usually taken from IG or blogs, and ones that look just like the photo from the real website. You want to look like photos like the one below that show the suit alone and usually you will be able to tell then the difference from the other shots. 

Above is what the suit really looks like. A great example of how they take several photos of the real suit then luckily some have the actual suit like this seller. Like I mentioned above a lot of  sellers, mostly from over seas will take photos from other sites or the actual real site and use them on their ad. That's why you always have to be aware and prepared that when it arrives it most likely isn't going to look just like the photo. As you can see this suit is not neoprene. It is made of a Lycra and spandex mix material. When you are purchasing and a suit only costs $5-20 bucks then you have to realize it isn't going to be made of the same high end material as the original is. 

Above is the Poppy by Triangl in flamingo fling. This suit has a mesh like material over the cups and sides of the bottoms. 

This is the dupe for the above style and as you can see it is made of a thin martial and the cups are flimsy. The detachable strap, I have read a lot of reviews about and they weren't good. A lot of people said it was made cheap and the clasp broke off or was just hanging when they received it. I know again it can be tempting to want to purchase one of these suits but honestly you are getting what you pay for, I can't stress that enough. Think about, these fake suits are cheaper then a suit from Walmart, so the material and make of them is for sure nothing even close to being the quality of even a Walmart or cheap no name brand suit. The material must be thin. Possibly even see thru and the cups probably are flimsy and not supportive. 

Above is another Triangle suit from their website, this is the Poppy in Pink Lemonade, which I hope to order one of these soon. Love the bright colors. This suit retails for $89 and is made of a high quality luxe neoprene. The top has no padding or lining then the bottoms have the side color block detail which all their suits have, unless it is solid or solid with a black trim. 

Here is a knock off seller from eBay, the bottom again are the first sign of a fake, they are not neoprene and then they don't have the black inside which depending on the color all Triangl suits have unless your suit is white or some of the solid color suits have the color inside. I have seen some knockoffs that are a thicker material on another site similar to eBay called Alibaba, I am not 100% what material it is have been asking around but it has the neoprene look but it isn't the real deal. Also the ones with mesh I have seen some that don't have mesh when you zoom in on the actual suit instead it has a texture to the material to look like it has mesh. I pay a lot of attention to detail and always zoom in to get a closer look. 

Again, I know there are may people who don't have $140 to spend on a swim suit, I know I didn't have it had to have my boss reimburse me for the suit because I just don't have that kind of money to spend. At the same time I know a lot of ladies are going to want to get that same trendy look all the while saving a few bucks. I just want to show you that their is really no comparison with these suits others than just the look at first glance with the color. They are made totally different, the cut is different, the material is different and they fit totally different. I mostly am doing this post to make buyers aware of what they are really purchasing and to show you that the real deal Triangl bikinis are expensive for a reason. They are made of an expensive high end material that you really don't see on bathing suits. Also the construction of the Triangl suits is amazing. They are so well made, they are super figure flattering because the material molds to your body, hugging all your curves and accentuating your body. 

One last dupe for the day that was very popular on Amazon and EBay is this suit 

As you can see from the above photos it is not an exact replica of the Triangl, it is made totally different. It isn't a knock off of a older style from last season it is just a look alike style. They took the bright colors and black trim, trying to pass I todd for a Triangl style suit. 

It does not have the signature black trim around the edges of the top only on the cup, then it has the waist band one solid color with black trim then a solid bottom in a different color. Again this suit is not made of neoprene, it is a lined Lycra spandex mix. You can find this style all over the web for as low as $4.50 and as high as $24 depending on where you order it. It has the padded push up material in the cups and is nothing like a real triangl bikini. 

I hope this will help many of you when looking for a suit. I know I had a lot of people who thought that they could find the same style bikini for way less but as you can see from above, yes you can find one that looks the same as far as the colors and look but it won't be made of the neoprene material, the quality isn't even close, fit isn't comparable and I just don't recommend these suits if you really want one of the Triangl suits. It's like buying a knock off purse, first off it is illegal to even sell a knock off because it's like stealing a photo or copyright of someone else's work, but also if you have ever seen a fake purse it looks the same to the eye but it's made of plastic and cheaper material. Usually they fall apart within in weeks and just don't last. Sometimes you will even spend a good amount of money on a fake for the look of the original only to be let down in the end by lack of quality. Like anything though they have high end knock offs and when you get lucky to find these because there are so many that have the lower quaking and steal photos etc, just have to be super cautious. It is possible to find a good fake but I don't like to see anyone get ripped off. I figured why not order a few since some were only $5-15 and then I can review, post photos and if I find some good sellers share with my readers. Hoping when I return from vacation all my real and dupe suits will arrive so I can thoroughly review them for you. 

Please just be careful when ordering and if you have any concerns or questions you can go to the Traingl site, they have a live chat where you can ask questions about anything and everything to do with the site, they will be able to tell you if a suit is a original Triangl or a fake. I am almost tempted to purchase a few of these styles since some are as cheap as $4-10 but feel guilty it's like stealing to some people (posted this before I decided I was going to try this). I don't want to do anything to make the Triangl company upset but there is a part of me that wants to get a closer look to review and show the differences also to see how they are made and what materials for sure. It would be solely for research. But we will see, I have written down a few sites from videos I watched that looked pretty on point but again I would feel guilty. I will see when I return from vacation. Off to bed wanted to update and change some things since I posted so quick this am. Tomorrow will add links to the suits pictured above for the Triangl site and some other links for reference. Nighty night. 

Happy shopping and hope everyone has a great July 4th 🇺🇸✌️❤️

Also wanted to add a side note a lot of people who read my blog with my bargain eBay finds may say wait a minute she buys stuff off eBay all the time, here is the deal I don't intentionally ever buy fake items, I usually am buying the same item you are buying from a online shop or boutique but from the wholesaler for less. My kimono for example I found on eBay for $5, it is the exact same one that many people get off online shops just I am buying it from one of the sites that sells wholesale to those shops. Or I may buy a item from a seller that found the item on sale and is auctioning it for less cause it pre worn or could be a clearance item they found or store sample that is being sold for less. I am not a fan of buying fakes or replicas. Like buying my tanks recently from Wet Seal I don't consider that buying a fake because it's made by and carried in a high end retail store, it's just similar to the one made by a higher end designer or carried in a high end online boutique that marks up the price to make make money. 

I support many small businesses online that sell original and authentic designs made by them. I believe in supporting those who create their own one of a kind designs and styles. I shop on etsy all the time and have many shops I have found on Instagram that I support. Just wanted to throw that in. I am a bargain hunter for sure and like to save money on some items so I can splurge on some luxury higher end items. When it comes to shirts and tanks or some items I don't mind buying something less expensive if I can, but there are some items I like to splurge on like my jeans, shoes and purses.   Just wanted to show some people the difference in quality and how you get what you are paying for. I am always looking for a bargain and maybe if I didn't love this suit and had not been dreaming of one for awhile, like if it was one I just kind of liked maybe I might have not thought twice about scooping a fake but I really wanted to try the real deal and happy I did, to me it was worth it. I have a ton of suits and this is one of the if not the best made one I have. I have some expensive suits also from 65-100 I have gotten and even two high end one of a kind that retailed for over $200 but luckily one I know the designer and the other was a sample for me to review. Thank you for reading. ✌️❤️🇺🇸

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  1. Excellent post and comparison I have been on the fence, after reading both your posts I am going to order the poppy on pink lemonade, tried the live chat and loved it. Was considering a dupe also saw a ton while researching but found your blog and saw the photos they are so not neoprene or even close those bottoms look like granny panties. Insane. Thank you for sharing this it was so helpful and informative. I will be sure to tell triangl about your amazing review and the dupe caution and photos. Thanks again

  2. BrendabikinibabeJuly 3, 2015 at 6:17 PM

    I orders five dupes on Aliexpress, Amazon and EBay. One is excellent, neoprene like material that fits amazing and can not tell the difference other then it does not say triangl on the back clasp, I have a real triangl I bought used off eBay. Then the rest were horrible knockoffs. Made of a thin super baggy stretchy Lycra material. I threw away the bottoms and use solid black on those styles and the tops had to remove padding and sew the straps on permanently because they just popped off or broke. I was amazed now many dupes there are. The bottom one you posted looks nothing like a real triangl but I also have seen a lot of them and people trying to pass them off as the real deal. My cousin ordered it in the rainbow neons and it was made very cheap. The top made her boobs look huge but again was cheap material and bottoms had strings coming out and straps broke off she had to sew them in * wish I could afford all real ones. Just ordered four more suits from the one seller I found on alibaba express that looks almost exact in the solid colors. Hopeful they look as real as the one poppy style with blue white and yellow I got. Thank you for the informative post and love tori blog along with your instagram account excellent style

  3. I have one real Traingl then I also was intrigued with the dupes on eBay and Alibaba so I went ahead and got several styles and colors to compare. I got two off eBay of the poppy solid and five solid and multi colored off alibaba. The eBay ones were the thinner material but the ones on alibaba are awesome. I paid $40 for one of the Milly style and came with the bag , triangl tags and the bag said Traingl even had the buckle black clip with logo. The others were very close with a thicker neoprene material and removable pads which the real ones don't have and I like since I am smaller busted makes me boobs look awesome. I paid $8-13 for those. One of the Poppy models was suppose to have a mesh and just had the pattern on the top which I don't mind but otherwise they are awesome. I normally don't like to buy fakes but loved these suits so much I wanted to try them. My real one is my favorite and the more expensive Milly but they are all awesome. One the bottom was too small but that is the good thing about these suits they look good with a black bottom. Great post and love your real triangl you should buy a dupe to review

  4. I have the Milly by Triangl and my sister wanted one but doesn't work yet since she is only 13, my mom asked me to find her one similar for her birthday so I found one on Alibaba just like mine and ordered it. She is tiny so ordered her a medium she wears a size 4 bottom and is a 34B it fits amazing and she loves it. It is good for those who can't afford the real deal or for younger kids. Also for those who love the look and can't get three or four of these suits due to the expensive cost. I will say the real one is worth every Penny but after I saw the dupe I ordered myself a Poppy. I am a 36D and wear a 10 bottom went with the large was too small so sold it to a friend she loves it and went with a XL the second suit I got was a little different and had the black inside with no pads but the XL fit amazing, bottoms were a little wider in hips and the cup in the XL was only difference between the large and XL. For $14 amazing. Takes almost a month to arrive but worth the wait. Thank you for sharing and love your Instagram accounts and twitter. New follower and really enjoy all your posts and photos. Have a great holiday.

  5. If you order dupes please make sure to share. I enjoyed your blog on your review for your suit also this post on the comparisons of all the fakes. I know what to look for but really hope to find a real one on eBay used or that didn't fit. Please let me know any advice on finding one. Great post and blog

  6. I keep checking back for your dupe review and comparison can't wait to see how they compare as well as more details on the fit and styles. Great post

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    1. Yes I have been having some issues with comment spam lately almost every day I am getting the exact same style comments on old posts seem like from overseas by the wording. My email is if you want to email me and talk more I would love to hear. Thank you