Friday, July 17, 2015

Radiate Positive vibes, Boho Circus



  // One of my favorite new sites, they also have a page on Etsy and link is in their IG profile @Bohocircus make sure to check out their sister store @arosyoutlook. ✌️Also you can now click on the above link to take you directly to the site.

   BohoCircus is a great shop I found on Instagram and after checking out their Etsy store the first time,  I was ordering my first tank. I collect graphic tees and already owned a gypsy and wanderlust tank with the definition, once I saw their Bohemian definition tank or tee, had to order one. Their customer service is amazing and the ladies are very kind. They also have another store called A Rosy Outlook. Tha store has lots of Texas tees and items. I emailed them to thank them and let them know how much everyone loved my new tank, also sent a photo of myself wearing the tank paired with a cute black and white skirt. They messaged me back and asked what other tee or tank I was interested in and size, within a week I had a package on my doorstep. I am always so excited and grateful, for years of blogging I read all these reviews and everyone was always getting all these free samples and sponsors to send them items, it took me awhile but now thank to social media it is a lot easier to find new shops and it also helps to have a lot of followers on your social media and blog. I am always so honored and grateful whenever someone sends me a new item to try or wear for my social media. It is great for the stores and brands, along with being great for me. I love to support and help new shops, brands and designers show off their amazing good as well as help them get more exposure. I remember my first samples back when I started from hair product and beauty product companies along with some of my first tee shirts and apparel items. I also would get gift cards for stores and would have a challenge for my bargain shopping to spend under a certain amount but be able to get the most for the money, that was always fun. The ladies from Boho Circus and A Rosy Outlook not only made me so happy sending me two tees, one Gypsea tee and then I was most excited about the Texas Road trip, or Welcome to Texas map tee. I told them about our trip and they were so kind to not only send me the tee shirts but to tell me of all kinds of cool boutiques and shops I could stop at while in Texas. They are so inspiring and awesome. I have since ordered more items and plan to order more pieces for when I get back, I want to get some home decor pieces as well as I feather love bag, I love feathers.

Tee from @Bohocircus on Instagram or BohoCircus online. 

Shorts are by Machine jeans and were purchased for $10 plus promo code so ended up being $7-8 on 

I ❤️ this photo and the light radiating the positivity and good vibes around me. I have never been at such a great place in my life where I not only know myself better than ever but I have really accomplished and battled through so many obstacles in life to come out so strong and with such a kind heart, full of love and positivity. Good vibes are the bet feeling ever and I hope to continue down this road well into my 40's. 
  //  Above photo I am wearing a
necklace by Lacey Ryan, it is from her collab with Love this silver rhinestone necklace with horn. It's gorgeous and wear it often. Another fabulous and talented designer who has been so kind to me. I really am blessed to have met and connected with so many strong, creative, inspiring and empowering woman. The feather is a charm my hubby got me because I love feathers off eBay. 

Shoes are white converse I got new off eBay, in the box still for $20. Great deal. 

Bracelets are Lokai classic, blue and camo. Visit them on IG @Livelokai. 

Will be adding the links when we get back from vacation, hoped or thought I would have time but haven't been busy on this trip even at night. Having a great time. 

My evening look is a camo tank from Walmart. Only cost $3. 

Vest was from Marshall's awhile back always love vests or cardigans now kimonos the passed couple years for wearing over tanks and tees. Necklace was from Tillys and the skirt is Urban Outfitters. I have two because it's so awesome. Has side pockets with tie strings and side slits. Rocks totally ✌️. Comfy and stylist. 

My bag is from It's a black with tan inside, large tote bag. Great for vacation fits my wallet, camera, sun block, hat, sunglasses, reading glasses and what ever the kids decide they don't want to carry or wear lol. Also items we buy while adventuring. Love it. 


My new hair color is called the Rose Gold Ombre. It's a blonde, peach, coral, orange and reddish gold tone color, using Pravana brand hair dye, which is the best for vibrant long lasting fun colors. Mixed with Olaplex for the stripping or removal of previous color than using a treatment on after dying and a at home conditioner my hair has never been healthier. I started using Pravana over four years ago before that used Paul Mitchell ink and other brands mixed to produce the colors but never lasted as long or were as vibrant. The Olaplex treatments I started after the holidays and only used the olaplex either when removing or stripping or after color. Only recently since spring have I been using the three step treatments and they have changed my color game. Before I always had to worry about removing color or lighting my under neath darker or brighter shades, would usually have damage and was always having to cut my hair but luckily now my hair is passed my mid back and healthier than ever. Love it. I also don't shampoo I use a conditioning cleanser by Matrix similar to Wen hair care, plus only use once a week at the most trying to go as long as I can between washes, I don't use flat irons or hot tools expect a curling iron here and there or when I got it done had it blow dried straight because I have been wearing natural for awhile. I have very strong hair, that with stands a lot of coloring and stripping or bleaching, as well as course, thick and curly hair. I am blessed by the hair God's to have very thick and strong hair. Love pravana color and Olaplex. I truly love my new color and haven't had this many compliments since last summer and the summer before when I went to my orchid and purple ombré then the purple lavendar ombré last summer. The blue was fun and loved th mermaid locks but loving my new lighter and brighter colors. I get stopped so many times when we are out asking for photos, where I got it done and what colors were used it's amazing. Love to inspire others to be brave and bold with their hair color. We only live once and color is so fun along with a great way to express your inner creative and wild child. I always tell ladies of all ages and stages in life that anyone can rock it just have to find what works for you. I have not been brave enough to dye from root to tip in awhile but I am over 3/4 color and only a 1/4 blonde bow most of my hair is pravana. Starting with a light peach then fading into a coral, then light orange and bright orange to finish off with a reddish shade almost strawberry blonde but funkier on the ends. The vibrancy and shine is stunning. 

Be sure to check out the new online boutique I am collabing with they had a sale tonight for happy hour with 30% off using code HH30. Not sure if it's over yet was from 6-7 I believe check them out please and be sure to follow. Great bohemian style and fashion. Their Instagram is @BohemianVibeBoutique and they have the best boho chic and gypsy inspired clothing. Also be sure to check out the one of kind accesories and jewelry, one of my favorite Adam Rabbit has some pieces on their website. Love the agate slice bangle. Gorgeous and plan to order one for my collection after vacation. 

Wanted also to say thank you so much, was notified the other day my blog has reached an all time steady high in numbers for daily, weekly and monthly views. I usually get a lot of high numbers but have had some of my highest numbers ever especially in two years this year, including three consecutive months of amazing views, comments and more. Means so much to me that my blog I started for fun really is enjoyed my so many. I hope to only better it more now that I have some collaborations, brands I am rep'ing for along with many people sending me samples. Plus now that I work in the fashion industry full time as a professional stylist and curator I am able to bring you even more fun fashion stuff. Going to have a behind the scenes photo shoot post coming up for a local swimwear designer and her shoot for her website coming up, and much more. I am super excited and happy. I really am such a grateful and humble person so to have this blog be doing so good makes me so happy. Xoxo love you all ❤️✌️


PS I am away till the 22 and once I return home I will be finishing with editing the blog as of 2015 with adding all new clickable links, and photos. Also I will be adding more reviews, going to have a review only tab, photos tab or style look book tab, deals and bargain shopping tips as well as links to press, media and other guest spots I have done on other blogs, pod casts, and magazine features. Excited to share. I have a review I wrote for Miami swim week on swim wear and the Triangl bikini that is in a local magazine as well as on their blog and a feature in the Miami Fashion review. I will have a press, media and editorial feature page added also. My goal was to launch a new blog but don't want to lose followers or confuse anyone so going to just make some adjustments and additions to the page. Hoping to really fix it up and now that I am able to with my new MacBook hubby got me, excited to show all of what I have learned as well as features for my new spot working a Silver Jeans Ambassodor, collabs with Boho Circus, Bohemian Vibe Boutique, Mandee's, some amazing jewlery designers and four different tee shirt designers that I am going to be debuting some exclusive designs for. Over the moon happy to share all of this with everyone. Also will have more Triangl stuff, have several new suits waiting besides my Brigette Moondance and some dupes, then some higher end inspired suits to compare for everyone. If you love the Triangl suits you will find a style you love in your price range. Don't forget to check eBay. I won two off eBay under $50 brand new that people ordered and didn't fit with tags and box. Remember look around before taking the plunge if you are younger or on a budget, you can have high end designer stuff without breaking the bank trust me. I am not rich by any means and I have loads of clothing and designers, I have a love for high end clothes but I don't spend a lot I shop savvy and love to save. Have a great one and thank you again my eyes swell up with gratefulness and pride over everything good coming from my blog, job, and social media. I am so blessed and thankful. Peace and love always. XOXO ✌️❤️


  1. Great post and loaded with a lot of details and links. Not sure why you apologize for not adding links, sure clickable links are cool but you always have plenty of info on where to find the items as well as photos. You always add the web address. I think the links will make it easier but some sites don't even have that, love your blog and think your posts are amazing, always filled with a lot of details and facts. Thank you for taking the time to share your finds and fashion. Love the blog. Have a great weekend

  2. You have amazing style and sending you an email right now to the address under your contact info. Want to collab with you because your tee shirt style and bohemian style is everything my shop is about would love to have you represent my shop and do a collab. You are awesome and would be an honor. Check you inbox tonight

  3. Fabulous tees always you rock those tees girlfriend keep it up