Sunday, July 26, 2015

My Sand cloud towel and I at Hollywood Beach

My lovely towel today at Hollywood Beach use the link below or I have another post a few posts back with a link also that will take you direct to the sand cloud website and you click the bottom for your 40% off coupon, then use that on your first purchase. I appreciate anyone and everyone who uses this link or my Wanderlust25 code because this helps me earn points and shows that you found their site or product through my blog or social media. It means the world to me. I am super excited to have had a couple referrals already and it really does make my day. Please let me know below in comments if you do place an order or use my link/code. Also if you want to become an ambassador yourself let me know and I will let you know all about the amazing program/company.  Who doesn't want to have a gorgeous beach towel or blanket, they also have bag towels, beach blankets, pillow towels, pocket towels and iPhone cases. It's a great deal to save 40% plus they always have free shipping and 10% of the proceeds from your purchase will be donated to saving marine life. Love it ✌️❤️

           Sand Cloud 40% off promo


Don't forget to use my link in previous post to receive a 40% off coupon for first time orders that will expire soon,  or you can use Wanderlust25 to receive 25% off your order plus always free shipping and they donate 10% of proceeds to save marine life. Love that. 

Love my towel and love that I can use it as a wrap or sarong when not laying out on top of it or drying off. I am obsessed with Sand Cloud. Check them out @sand_cloud on IG and at I am getting the coral pillow towel next for my Costa Rica trip will match with a lot of my suits, even considering the blue bag towel. Love their products. Xoxo

*Brand Ambassador 


  1. Love the top photos gorgeous and the towel looks amazing think I may be ordering one of these in the gray gorgeous. Thank you for sharing and will use your link or code, you rock with all these codes for shops best blog around

  2. Saw your shot on Twitter and love it gorgeous photo would love to collab with you for some products I am selling. Emailing now. Great blog and love your social media posts awesome work

  3. LisaNicoleFloridaJuly 27, 2015 at 12:35 AM

    Wonderful post and share, saw your photos and been looking for the perfect wrap to match my new white and blue bohemian suit for my upcoming cruise. This towel is amazing and going to use as a cover up also. Ty for sharing and Ty for sharing your promo code and link. You have a great blog and bookmarked it so I can look more when I have more time. Love your bargain shopping tips and links to amazing shops. I also am a Floridian and love your style. Two thumbs up, and again lovely photos you really have done a fabulous job and Sand cloud should be happy to have an amazing rep like yourself. Beautiful

  4. I ordered a towel and can not wait to receive it, thank you again for sharing another amazing product and you have an amazing blog. I enjoy every post I look forward to your upcoming updates to the site even though for now I enjoy it just the way it is. I now follow you on social media and love your daily fashion posts and products you share. You have amazing taste and seem to be such a kind person. Look forward to watching you continue to grow along with your blog. Since you started working as a stylist your content has gotten better and you have really brought some amazing designers, brands and styles to the blog community. Ty for sharing

  5. Just used your link and they sent me a 40% code anazinf Ty, all my other friends offer 25% I was amazed, going to order Friday. Thank you I have been wanting a pillow towel in blue or coral forever. Amazing deal. Ty for sharing and lovely photos your photos make the towel look luxurious