Friday, July 10, 2015

Triangl Summer must have bikini

Must have, hottest swim suits for this summer.
Triangl bikinis. I have done a couple posts including
my Las Vegas poolside outfit included the
Triangl Brigette. For me these are for sure the
Hottest trending suits for the summer. With their
birght colors and eye catching neoprene fabric
they are in demand. Living in South Florida I 
spend a lot of time at the beach and these 
suits are starting to show up all over down here. 

I ordered my first, the one in the center of the 
Polyvore grid // Brigette // Moondance $99.
It's stunning with the denim look neoprene and 
crochet detail on sides. By far my favorite of 
all the styles I own.  I also have the // Poppy
In Pink Lemonade // Cola Pop // $89. I ordered 
pink lemonade and received both colors which 
I won't complain at all was so excited to get two
Made my weekend. Wish they arrived before my vacation
but will have in time for Costa Rica for my anniversary. 
Below are photos of my suits. You can find my review
on the Brigette as well as a post on dupes. 
I will have a review for the new // Poppy // I got 
when I get back from vacation. I went with the 
XL top this time. I also have won two on eBay for 
$40 and $59 then purchased two dupes to review
for blog and for my daughter. Will have those posts
up soon also. Should be by the end of the months
everything should be at my house by the time I
get home.

     Triangl // The Poppy // Cola Pop // $89

    Top size XL // Bottom size XL //  DD/8

Triangl // The Poppy // Pink Lemonade // $89

I wear a 34/36 DD in Victoria Secret bras I wear
a XL or S++. Will show photos of the only difference 
Which is a inch on the strap around back. I prefer the 
XL. My daughter likes the S++ but both fit. 
I recommend the XL bottom for anyone over 
a size 6. These are small and don't have a lot 
of stretch. 

Below are my eBay score. I will post shots of the
dupes when they arrive because the photo on
the listing may not look anything like the actual
item. I have seen good ones and bad ones. 
Below are real 100% authentic Triangl's I won 
on EBay for was less. Check them out can't 
wait to get them and see them in person. 

Scored this // Poppy in Peach Soda $50

This one I am going to probably give to my daughter
I got the Pink Lemonade for myself and love the 
colors not a fan of white on a bikini but will see
when I get home. I have to see and try on first.


Traingl // Poppy // Peach Fizz // XL top // EBay score 

Been wanting to try one of the Triangl with the mesh.
Won this one for $40 plus shipping on eBay. .
Size XL both top and bottom. Shipping was $9.99.
Style is the Poppy // Marshmallow Yellow // $89 

Below you will find the styles I own and links to 
purchae from Polyvore. I am driving and can not 
add links right now. Promise I will have that fixed 
by the end of the month on all recent posts. As
you can see I have fixed some already. Right 
now on vacation but we are driving six hours so I 
have some free time. 

Enjoy and would love to hear about your Triangl bikini
experience or dupe experience. What you think of 
styles, sizing, fit and if you have ordered dupes maybe
share with fellow readers where you found and your 
thoughts on quality. 

Back to road trip. Enjoy your weekend xoxo✌️❤️
Excited we are almost in New Orleans, LA. 

Triangl Summer must have bikini

Swim suit

Tankini swimsuit top

Tankini swimsuit top

Tankini swimsuit top

Swimsuits top


  1. Amazing post and gorgeous suits. Want one of these so bad and didn't think to check eBay. It's true so many have had issues on the blogs and YouTube posts I have seen with sizing or bottoms not fitting I am sure a lot of people will just sell them versus returning. I am going to check thanks for tip. Can't want for you to receive dupes to review so maybe you can share where you got them that is my other alternative. I don't have $100 for a suit but love these my budget is $40-60 for a real and $20-30 for a dupe. Ty for sharing I really enjoy your blog

  2. I have searched high, low and all over the internet for posts or reviews about this sizing. I am still not sure what size to order. I like we can order a different size top and bottom. I am a size 12 bottom and size 38 D-DD top you think XL is going to be good? I know the S++ is for DD but for girls smaller around. I agree more should post reviews for larger girls but maybe the larger girls aren't buying. Thanks for sharing and love your posts with lots of ohkros and details. Looking forward to your next post showing more about the details and also the ones you got that are dupes. Curious how they compare.

  3. Hello. My name is Sherry I also am from South Florida and was hoping to find a swim shop in Las Olas or even South Beach that had these in stock to try on but have had no luck. You aren't kidding about it being a rough time finding larger busted or just women who aren't a twig that have these and did reviews. I am a 36-36DD and size 12 bottom. I also want one of these suits.but I am afraid it won't fit and will be out all the shipping and duty costs. Ty for sharing

  4. Best triangl review and blog post I have found. I have read a lot of them debating on paying this much for a suit I have not seen or tried on like you mentioned above. I am checking eBay daily for one like how you mentioned you won. Afraid to try a dupe but waiting for your review. Going to order one this week when I get paid between all your posts and IG posts I have a lot of sizing and other worries addressed. Thanks for sharing you have a great blog and your ig feed is amazing. New follower

  5. I am obsessed with these suits have two dupes one of the Milly and one of the Poppy. Do you know if there is a dupe of the Brigette you have with the crochet material? Would love to find out that is my favorite, don't mind what color. Ty and love your blog so straight to the point and great deals really is above the norm for blogs usually everyone wants the high end over priced fashion items but you aren't afraid to buy on eBay or items similar love it. You look so well dressed and together on a great budget. I am sure you are an amazing stylist, you deserve it. Hope your blog continues to grow and you get the followers you deserve I know I will always be checking for new posts. Enjoy