Saturday, August 1, 2015

Return from vacation, back to reality week of ootd & armstack IG posts

My OOTD, Arm Stack & Tee photos

Wanted to do a quick post of some of my Instagram ootd posts and armstack posts. Going to get my Instagram feed connected to the blog soon promise but for now sorry to be behind since my return from our summer road trip. Have been really spending a lot of time at the doctor working on new treatment and getting my health on track. A minor set back but my blog is still getting worked on and I hope to have it updated fully soon. For how here are some posts you missed since my return. You can go to @Cr8tiveFashionWanderlust to follow me on Instagram and GypseaWanderer for my Twitter feed, I am newer to Twitter but learning my way. All outfits have details on my Instagram page if you tap photo and I will do my best to cover below shots. 

Have a fabulous weekend and keep an eye out, have a special blog feature I am working on for two sites I found on Etsy that I love. BohoCircus and A Rosy Outlook. Excited to share this feature with you and will also have an exclusive promo code for August you can use to purchase items from their sites. I plan to work on it this weekend, had hoped to go live with the feature this evening but my husband took off a shift and we went bowling then he had to go back to work tonight. He has off tomorrow so we are hoping to spend some quality family time at the beach, I want to make sure I can sit down at my laptop and really dedicate a couple of hours to this feature so I am in no rush, this feature means a lot to me. I will have photos, lots of bohemian inspiration, and the lovely story of the ladies behind the sites and designs. Promise if you love kindred spirits, boheniam style, vintage looks, and gypsy vibes, you will love this post. 

Enjoy my photos and thank you to everyone for all your well wishes, kind words, support, encouragement and for being supportive with the new shops, brands and products I have featured recently. It means a lot to me and only promise to continue to bring you more amazing posts, products, reviews and shops I love that I hope you will also love. Have a blessed evening and dliteful weekend xoxo ✌️❤️

//Top from Forever21•Jeans Silver Jeans boyfriend cut, distressed denim•Necklace Fawninginlove from Etsy• Bracelets are a mix of Lacey Ryan from Maurices and Lokai•Purse (only partially seen in pic) Tory Burch.//

//Graphic Gypsea tee by BohoCircus•Kimono with Feather print EBay score•Necklace local artisan made from Key West, Shell charm•Bracelets are a mix of @GypsyHavenJewel on IG and Etsy, Rocksbox turquoise and silver arrowhead bangle and Lokai classic and limited edition blue.//

// All same details as above but here you can see my favorite new jeans, the boyfriend jeans by Silver Jeans Co. link in my favorite shops section on side bar. I recently became an ambassador for this brand and I am excited/honored because I have been wearing and loving this amazing brand for over a decade, I highly recommend this brand and have before becoming an Ambasssdor.//

//Graphic tank, with pin up style art from Fort Worth Stockyards in Texas•Kimono same as above from EBay•Silver Jeans Santorini cropped, distressed jeans•Fawninginlove Feather Agate necklace from Etsy•Bracelets again a mix of Lacey Ryan and Lokai.//

//Same outfit as above and all same details, note you can find links to Lacey Ryan's site, Silver jeans and working on adding my favorite EBay stores soon, on my blog site in sidebar under Favorite shops. Can't be seen on mobile site only full desk top site.  Also you can find Lacey Ryan's collab with Maurices at Any other shops I haven't listed yet but mention just leave a comment on the post or send me a email, you can find my email under contact tab, and I am always happy to share.//

//Dress from Target (last spring) love the lace racer back strap detail (can't see in photo) & pockets. The color is gorgeous and really cheerful, perfect for summer•Lace Kimono is from Pacsun clearance•Silver and turquoise shorter necklace made by Fawninginlove on Etsy (a favorite)•Long necklace I made when I sold jewelry many moons ago for fun on Etsy and Store Envy.//

\\Ring is a silver embossed, cuff style, bohochic ring from Bohemian Vibe Boutique•Bracelets are some I made that match the long necklace, Rocksbox silver and turquoise arrowhead bracelet from their inventory sale, Lacey Ryan and Lokai//

// Graphic tank, from a post a little while back, featuring style steals and is a look alike for a high end designer tank retailing for $60 found this inspired tank for under $10 at•Paired with basic fold over waist yoga pants from VS.//

//Killin' it graphic tank was a eBay score for $10•Kimono from Forever21 with white embroidering and lace trim•Silver Jeans cropped style•Necklaces, short rhinestone feather charm found on EBay, long horn necklace from Lacey Ryan at Maurice's collection. Love the chain has a rhinestone detail and silver beads•Bracelets appear to be all three Lokai bracelets, the classic, limited edition blue and the camo WWF.\\

//Sharing a morning Coke since I am not a coffee drinker, we were heading home from vacation and our last stop Tallahassee Florida by my favorite, FSU.\\

//Graphic feather tank with " Happiness is free, Be Happy", from Love the back of this tank also it has the slit open look•Lace Kimono by Pacsun clearance•Feather necklace from eBay and Lacey Ryan from horn necklace•Jeans are JCrew boyfriend distressed denim•Bracelets Lokai triple stack.\\

                   Arm party shots 

//Silver embossed, bohemian ring from Bohemian Vibe Boutique, in my favorite shops and prior posts•Beaded bracelets are some turquoise ones I made awhile back to sell and found recently when cleaning my office, Alex and Ani Feather silver bangle and the rest are Lacey Ryan.//

\\Some of the same bracelets I made in turquoise and green, a silver hamsa with turquoise beads from a local arts and crafts show, attend any I see or hear about, love to support local artists. More Lacey Ryan, you will see that name a lot I love her line and she is such a kind and inspiring woman. I own a lot of her bracelets sets, hand chains and necklaces. Again you see the silver snd turquoise arrowhead bangle by Rocksbox I bought from their inventory sale•Rings are my wedding ring and band, a turquoise hand made piece, the arrow midi ring I purchased on sale from Macys.\\

//Classic Lokai paired with some Lacey Ryan bracelets. My favorite thing about her line is that all her pieces can be mixed and matched, they are fantastic for stacking like I love to do. Check out my tag on Instagram with some of my favorite armstacks or armparty shots #melissasarmstack.\\

\\Silver jeans below•Rocksbox turquoise and silver arrowhead bangle•Gypsy Haven Jewel from Etsy Buddha beaded bracelet•Lokai classic and limited edition blue•Bohemian Vibe Boutique silver, embossed cuff style ring and my wedding bling.\\

//Lacey Ryan mix and matched bracelets, love the blue drops with blue beads, tassel and cork beaded bracelet, and gold beaded with red and blue decorative stone from maurices•Lokai classic clear bracelet.\\

It's late so tomorrow I will be sure to read over, proof and make sure I didn't mix any details up or leave any out. Have a great weekend xoxo 


  1. You have a great blog, it is really different. I enjoy your posts of outfits and I really love how you share amazing bargain tips or items. I have to say that I am a blogger myself but mostly reviewing beauty products but I read a bunch of blogs daily, I enjoy your realistic and laid back approach to fashion blogging. So many fashion blogs show styles or outfits that a lot of every day women wouldn't wear or like you have mentioned could not afford. I love your casual but boho chic look, all your graphic tops and amazing choices of accessories from bracelets, necklaces and even your kimonos. Great styling and love the casual everyday woman look. It's nice to see a blog that features fashion that women can wear daily and if you don't work in a office having to be dressed up daily, it's nice to see cool outfits for just regular looks. I think your style is awesome and love how you can take something so simple like a graphic tank and turn it around to be super stylish and look like you are going to work or a club. High five on the styling and two thumbs up on the deals and sharing the bargains you come across with others. Love it. Very inspiring and I already have checked out a few sites or items you mentioned. I love the triangl suit options for those who can't spend $100 on a suit but want the look, I love the look but I am not tiny and don't think the suits would look amazing on me but still want to have the look, loved your H&M suit post, amazing and hope I can find my sizes in the store because a lot are sold out already. I also love the PuraVida bracelets I also suffer from chronic migraines and several other health issues and plan to purchase some along with some for friends who have suffered from many different things that would love this and that they donate to the charity to help with the cause awesome. Keep posting great content and people will continue to come back, also people can tell just from your posting you are a great person with an amazing heart and the fact you love to share your style and finds is so amazing most wouldn't want anyone to know their secrets or would try to pass off items as the high end high priced items. Love you aren't stuck up and that you are real. It is very much appreciated. Bless you and have a great summer

  2. Creative, stylish, inspiring, and great blog. Keep up the amazing work and thank you for sharing, I am always inspired by your photos and posts

  3. Always so well put together and looking awesome. Love how you style a simple tee shirt to look so cute. Thanks for always sharing your cute styles and your tips for finding low priced fashion or unique styling pieces. Always love to see what you are wearing or what you have found. Have a fab summer XO

  4. Are all your Lacey Ryan pieces from Maurices? I have seen a few you wear that I have never seen on her site or the maurices site just curious if there is anywhere else that sells her line? You really made me fall in love with her collection and I now own all the maurices pieces I loved and two pieces I could afford from her site. Really amazing designer Ty for sharing.

  5. I have followed you on Instagram for almost a year and now follow your new account. I just wanted to say I have always loved your posts and your blog, but have noticed your changes to your blog and love your new Instagram page. You are so inspiring and such a sweet person. I enjoy all your cute outfits and styles along with your photos of the beach and trips as well. Keep up the amazing work and continue to grow I really do see the amazing changes and they really are great. You have always been so creative and inspiring love to see you growing and doing new things as well as taking your amazing taste to new levels. Be strong and don't ever let anyone change how you feel or you doing what you love to do. Missy

  6. Your a rocking style goddess when it comes to rocking the graphics and layering them with hottest kimonos and jewlery very stylish hot babe

  7. You have a great collection of amazing tee and tanks along with great accessories. Love how you style your daily outifts even on casual days during the summer. Love your style and your fun hair colors. You have amazing jewelry also, thanks for sharing your favorite shops and finds. Enjoy your week and summer

  8. Love both these shops two of my favorite etsy sellers. Great post rocking stuff and love their style. You have awesome taste and the best tee collection ever. Hope to see you featured on their page soon.