Sunday, August 16, 2015

Rock Show and Peace River summer fun...

Hope everyone has had an amazing summer. Sad to see it come to an end, always a bittersweet time around my house. I love having my girls home and spending that quality time together as a family. I am excited for my girls one will be entering the second grade this year and the other her second year of highschool. Crazy to think in another couple years I will have a college student, amazing how fast the time flies. Below are some photos of my second to last week of summer. Can't believe as I sit here outback enjoying the breeze off the lake that a week from tonight I will be in bed already dreading that 5:30 am alarm clock lol, but excited for another new school year, and lots of fun new adventures. Have a fabulous rest of the summer and will have some cool posts to share this next week and the end of August. Keep an eye out. Feeling very blessed and grateful for everything. Xoxo ✌️❤️

Love my new wrap front top from Paired with some boyfriend jeans and a stylist wrap beaded bracelet from Bohemian Vibe boutique, link in my favorite shops on side bar. 

//This bracelet is stunning and has so many gorgeous colors you can find it here; 
Bohemian Wrap Bracelet, Bohemian Vibe Boutique//

Couldn't wait for my Brand Ambassador welcome package to come, had to order a couple bracelets to share with everyone. I love feathers and my favorite color is blue, so of course I went with this lovely blue bracelet with silver feather charm.  Then always liked wishbones so picked out this black and hammered silver wishbone bracelet. You can also find the link for PuraVida Bracelets in my favorite shops and be sure to use my code MelissaSep10 to save now on your purchase. They have so many amazing bracelets and lots of great charities they donate proceeds to as well. 

Will have some other new shops and brands coming this month I am working with as well as become a rep or ambassador for, will be sure to share links, product photos and details along with exclusive promo codes and links for everyone. Excited to share some really cool new tees, bracelets and more trendy fashion boutiques. 

//You can find all these lovely items here; Adam Rabbit Jewelry//

The only item I don't think is available still is the tank but you can always send her a message and ask.

Back a few weeks ago placed an order for this cute tank from Adam Rabbit on Etsy, then decided to order an Amethyst necklace and unique blue agate stone bracelet to go with some other cool pieces I own. Love her amazing creations and of course as soon as she shared this cool graphic tank her boyfriend designed for her shop and brand, I had to get one to add to my graphic tee and tank collection. Check out Adam Rabbit on Etsy and follow her on Instagram @Adamrabbitjewelry. You can also check out more of my graphic tees here on my blog or on my Instagram feed, you can also use the hashtag #melissastees for a quick look at them on IG. 

//My beaded Amethyst bracelet is sold out but a similar bracelet is available here
 Purple Druzy Bracelet, GypsyHaven//

Adam Rabbit tank and Amethyst Necklace. Bracelet by @gypsyhavenjewel on Instagram and Etsy. 

//My tank was from but they don't have any in stock so found it here on sale for $9.99 in S or M;  Gypsy Soul Tank//

//My Floral Kimono is from my good friend Pam and this a link to her store, and the same Kimono.  Best price around for sure;  Palm Print Kimono she also has a black and white one.  Check out all her other amazing products also.//

//My Ivory Horn Necklace is a favorite and can be found; 

Gypsy Soul tank from Fashion Junkee, palm kimono was from EBay, then the black fringe purse below is from Bohemian Vibe boutique and is my new favorite black bag. Happy to have finally been able to add all the links for everyone, again if an item is sold out I will do my best to find something similar or close to the item I am wearing.

//My black boho fringe tote is sold out but they have one brown left in you hurry to this link

I would order it myself, because I adore this bag but on a budget right now for my upcoming cruise.  Who ever gets this last one is lucky, I know I snagged the last black during their 50% off Christmas in July sale, yes I got it for $30 and it's worth every penny, even of the $60.  Also comes with a wristlet style wallet inside.  I get so many compliments on this tote.

Sorry my tank top is sold out, it was from Buckle and I checked it is no longer available.  It is made by Daytrip.  You can find music is my boyfriend tees and tanks online, but I didn't see any like this one.  I have had it for over a year so I am sure it sold out awhile ago.

Friday night we had tickets to go see the Deftones and Incubus at the ampitheater in West Palm. Took my oldest daughter and we had a blast. Great way to end an amazing summer. Trying to fit in lots of activities and fun memories with my girls before summer ends. 

I got a ton of comments and compliments on my tank, it has a draped almost wrap like open back and the front reads, "Music is my Best Friend". This was a Pacsun find if my memory is correct will double check on my Instagram feed and correct if I am wrong. The sunglasses are Michael Kors, jeans are boyfriend ripped jeans from Hollister in dark rinse and wore black Converse. 

Of course I took my Sand Cloud blue bohemian towel, to sit on at the concert since we had lawn seats. Be sure to use my code Wanderlust25 for 25% off your purchase at Love these towels and can't get enough. Love how multi purpose they are. From beach, camping, concert, picnic, lake, pool side, wrapped as a skirt or sarong at the beach, they rock. Also my PuraVida wish bone bracelet is seen in the above shot, you can use my promo code MelissaSep10 at checkout to receive 25% off your order.


I was a happy camper Saturday am even though I went to bed after 2 am and woke up at 6 am to pack the car for Peace River campgrounds. Love camping and was a great adventure even though we did get some rain. Love to camp out and enjoy the river. The have a great wilderness location for the tent camping experience here in south Florida. 


My tank was from EBay and camo shorts from Macys. The camo Tom looking, slip on shoes are from Walmart paid $5-7 on clearance and they are so comfy. Like them better then my real Toms. Then have on my camo and classic Lokai bracelets. My blue one broke but have a new one coming. The blue was my first Lokai and was sad it broke but been wearing them in the ocean and pool all summer won't be doing that anymore. 


   Gorgeous Peace River in Arcadia, FL


Our tent we got nine years ago from Walmart for $38 on clearance, huge fits two queen air mattreses and a twin, with room to walk around. We do need to get a new mattress for the kids they woke up on the ground, and weren't happy. 


My husband got this amazing tent that we use for our personal restroom, porta potty, has a bucket and bags. I highly recommend this for all females camping lol, it makes roughing it style camping way easier and less rough feeling, lol. I love it and since we got this a few years ago don't mind camping at all. No inconvenience of finding a private wooded area or driving around the camp looking for a porta potty, which I don't like at all. My sense of smell is strong and my stomach weak so those always gross me out but who isn't grossed out by a camp site or any porta potty at that lol. 

Enjoy and hope you have a great week. 


  1. Love your style and your blog, thank you for always sharing your photos and links. You have me totally obsessed with cool graphic tees now. Rock on \m/

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words along with passing by my blog. I love to hear from readers means a lot to me. Have a great weekend and sorry for the late response catching up since school started and summer ended. We are Disney bound so took this four hours in the car to respond to all my email comments or questions I had fallen behind on. I really am so appreciative of everyone who takes the time to leave comments or like my social media posts also. Be sure to follow me on IG if you don't already at @cr8tivefashionwanderlust. Xoxo

  2. I love your hair and was interested in what brand of dye you use to get such a bright and vibrant color? It really is stunning and love it with the blonde, want to do something similar but every color or brand dye I use washes right out. Thank you for any details you can provide. Also do you bleach it to white first? Do you color it yourself or have a salon do it? Do you use a clear coat to protect the color and what brand shampoo or products do you use. Any tips are appreciated.

    1. I use Pravana color, I get it done at the salon now. Use to do my own also but the colors they sell at the store like manic panic aren't as good. These colors are vibrant and last months. I get my color done every three to four months I have my highlights painted on Bolyage style and then my color is done the similar for the ombré effect. I have the orange vivids, and neon with pastel coral and peach blended down to the tips from light to dark. I had blue before this so they had to strip it several times but they use a product called Olaplex in the bleach to strip it and then after the dye. I also use the third step take home conditioner also. I only wash my hair using cold water, and always use a sulfate free conditioner that is a rinse also like Wen but by Matrix same brand that makes the biolage shampoos. Works amazing. I use miracle ten leave in conditioner for de tangling and protecting it then a spray in oil for calming fly aways. I hope this helps you. Pravana is only available on beauty supply stores for licensed beauticians but a lot of the salons carry it now since the fun colors have made a huge come back the passed few years. I like having it done by a pro so I don't damage my hair anymore than it is by stripping and dying. I recommend asking about the Olaplex it has really changed my hair and it amazing. My hair feels and looks healthier than it has in years. Ty again for visiting my blog and hope you will come back again. Have a great weekend and let me know if you color your hair would love to hear what you think of the pravana colors and the amazing olaplex. Xoxo ✌️❤️😘

  3. You have such a great sense of style and so many amazing tee shirts. Love your blog thank you for sharing and inspiring

    1. Thank you for commenting and for the kind words. Xoxo. I love graphic tees and love to share things that truly inspire me, make me happy and that I hope others will enjoy also. I know that I had a hard time I finding styles that I loved years ago because I love fashion but I also love casual laid back styles also, like graohic tees and tanks. I can't get enough of them and I am happy you have enjoyed my collection. Xoxo