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✨A Rosy Outlook & Boho Circus


A Rosy Outlook & Boho Circus

    Hello everyone, I am super excited about this blog feature. A few months ago I came across a shop called BohoCircus on Etsy. You all know I love graphic tees and tanks, as well as bohemian fashion and decor. I had searched Etsy for some bohemian graphic tees and found their site. I placed an order for my first tank from them, the Bohemian muscle tank pictured below and featured a few times here as well as on my social media ootd or tee posts. After having a couple convos on Etsy about my trip to Texas we had planned, as well as just discussing similar interests and hobbies, I had the honor of getting to know these ladies. I then knew I really wanted to do my first blog feature since revamping my blog on them and their family owned sites, A Rosy Outlook and Boho Circus. I hope you enjoy their story and inspirations as much as I did. It reminded me so much of my own story in so many ways and I really am very fond of these kindred, free spirited, creative souls, I was lucky to have crossed paths with. Not only have I gotten to know them but also now have some killer graphic tees and tanks to add to my collection. 

    Make sure to read on because below I have an exclusive promo code they created for my readers to use for 10% off your purchase. Thank you so much to Bren and Chyna for allowing me to do this feature, for sharing you're amazing story and inspiration, and for the promo code for my readers to use. Means so much. Xoxo ✌️❤️

Boho Circus & A Rosy Outlook 

Bren & Chyna Mason

Their Story:

Three Generations of Gypsies Creating Good Stuff Daily in the Texas Hill Country.

Bren grew up in the back of her family's Volkswagen van listening to Fleetwood Mac and the interesting tales of the hippie hitchhikers who sat in the front seat.  Captivated by the flowers in their hair, she leaned into their every word, and wished she were old enough to escape with them into the wanderlust forests of Big Sur, California.

Born to free-spirited artists, Bren helped her mother paint pottery, sew peasant clothing and sell their macrame jewelry at craft fairs.  She helped her dad refurbish antique automobiles, jukeboxes, and flea market finds.  Believing that " homes are for free expression rather than good impression," Bren encouraged her daughters to express their imaginations. The sisters' artwork began on the walls and furniture, and eventually wound up as designs on T-shirts, tambourines, jewelry, and recycled gypsy dry goods.  Best known for their "Gypsy Soul" and "Texas Born & Raised" designs, the family expresses their wild-at-heart souls creating whatever inspires them at the moment.

Boho Circus is the bohemian line of apparel and goods created under the family's company called "A Rosy Outlook."  Bren believes that everyone deserves a rosy outlook, so giving back is an essential aspect of the company's mission.  A portion of every purchase is contributed to Austin Pets Alive, The Houston Ballet, The National Parks Conservation Association, CASA, and many smaller, but worthwhile, organizations. 

When I asked the ladies about inspiration and what inspired them and their designs they responded in email with;

  " Inspiration is sometimes hard to define.  It can be a cactus bloom we notice on a hike, or a lyric to a song, or a feeling of driving down the highway chasing the sunset.  We believe that if we keep our mind, soul, and eyes open we can find inspiration everywhere.  

Traveling is possibly the most inspiring outlet for us- a trip to Mexico, Spain, Italy or just down the road to Marfa, Texas can inspire a new design.  Most recently, we have found inspiration on the road in the Pacific Northwest; road tripping and camping out of a VW camper from the California Redwoods to Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver Island.

Throughout the past decade of being in business, we have kept out brand genuine by staying true to our high standards in quality and service.  Unless we would buy it ourselves, we don't offer it.  Some of our products have come about because of projects that we make for ourselves.  For instance, I (Chyna) created a dog bed out of a vintage Kantha quilt as a birthday gift for my mom.  When she saw it she said, "We have to make these for Boho Circus!!"  This is just one example of the many ideas that have organically come about." 

~ Chyna Mason

Boho Dog beds in Small-XL 
(mentioned above) 

Handmade Kantha Dream Catchers from $48. 
Available at

My Tees & Tanks
by Boho Circus & A Rosy Outlook

Code: Dlitefultrends for 10% off orders

//Welcome to Texas Tee $24.95 A Rosy Outlook//

//Gypsea Tee White $32.95 BohoCircus//

//Free Spirit Black Muscle Tank $29.95 BohoCircus//

//Bohemian Black Muscle Tank $29.95 BohoCircus//

//Radiate Positive Vibes Black tee $29.95 BohoCircus//

These are just a few styles they offer that I own. I am excited to order more tees and tanks in other designs, I love they're "Not All Who Wander" tee with a camper and night sky design, "Blame my Gypsy Soul" tee and tanks which are a classic design that every gypsy at heart needs for their tee collection and 
they have many accessories, home goods and bohemian inspired creations that I just adore. Be sure to check out both sites. Boho Circus for bohemian inspired goods, and A Rosy Outlook for Texas themed items and apparel.  Make sure you use the below discount code at checkout to save 10% off your order, thanks to these amazing ladies. 

Exclusive code for readers for the month of August good for 10% discount
dlitefultrends at checkout.


Etsy Shops:



@Bohocircus and @Arosyoutlook




@BohoCircus and @ARosyOutlookTX

Both ladies send big thanks and love from Texas to everyone!  

I also would like to thank you all for reading my post and hope you enjoyed the story the ladies shared with me, and the inspirations behind their shops, designs and creations.  I know I was so inspired myself by the stories and felt like I could relate so much with them that I truly enjoyed being able to share this feature with all of you.  

Enjoy and don't forget to use the exclusive promo code they created for my blog readers for the month of August to receive a 10% discount off your order.  The code again is: dlitefultrends  

I want to say a huge thank you to Chyna and Bren for sharing their story, allowing me to do this post and for offering this discount to all my readers.  You truly are inspiring and I am blessed to have crossed paths through etsy and social media with you both.  Bless you and best of luck in all you do. XOXO ✌️❤️

//Make sure to visit their sites for some       inspiration and true Gypsy vibes. //


  1. Amazing post. So excited you decided to feature this shop I have been loving the tee and tanks you have featured on your blog and Instagram for weeks now, excited to be able to use the promo code and see all the other amazing items they have. Awesome find and awesome share. Ty so much

    1. Before I head to bed wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your kind words, comment and support. I am happy you enjoyed the post and it was such an honor to feature such a talented family, and amazing, inspiring ladies. They truly are so kind and inspiring to me. I hope you enjoy their shops and take a chance to check out everything, they have a lot of anazing and unique hand made items not just tees. Thank you again, support means so much to me always. Xoxo ✌️❤️

  2. Love the post and love all the tees you have featured here. Heading over now to check out the sites I was born in Texas so love me some good ole Texas themed tees and who doesn't love gypsy or boho style fashion and decor?! Great post

    1. You are going to love the A rosy outlook site if you were born in Texas they have lots of amazing Texas style graphic tees. I can't wait to order a few more tops and most of all for my birthday want to get a dream catcher, dog bed for our dog and a tambourine for my boho gypsy inspired bedroom. Love the pillows also and the feather beauty bag. I have a huge list lol. I am thankful you enjoyed my post and it was a honor to share these lovely, kindred spirited ladies stories and shops. Be sure to use the promo code at checkout if you order so you can save 10% off. Again thank you for your comment and support. Been struggling lately but working hard on my blog and social media posts. Want to really show my boss I am able to achieve even more than she ever thought. Also I have a love for sharing. Wish I was able to write and focus like I use to but slowly it will all fall back into place as I start to heal. Bless you and xoxo ✌️❤️

  3. Informative, great post! Thank you for sharing. I love etsy shops always have the best and most creative items. All of the shirts are amazing but I really love the dog beds. How gorgeous and love their sites. Love your blog.

    1. Awe thank you so much, I am glad you found my post to be informative and I am happy you liked the post along with items I featured. Make sure to head over to their sites cause there are still so many amazing and creative handmade pieces I didn't feature that I wish I could have featured everything but the post would have been there pages long lol. Your support and kind words mean more than you know xoxo ✌️❤️

    2. 3 pages not there pages lol sorry for typo not wearing my glasses and late wanted to take a moment to respond to all the kind comments left xoxo ✌️❤️

  4. Really loving these two shops, wonderful post friend and happy to see you sharing what you love. That dog bed is amazing I have to agree with the above comment, and of course all the tees are amazing. I love how you always style your tees and tanks with kimonos, amazing jewelry and cute bottoms, you have a great style. Happy to have reconnected with you and hope you continue to talk. Again love the post really came out amazing, and hope you are feeling better. Kisses and hugs to you and the girls. Pam

    1. Thank you Pam I really appreciate your continued support and I was truly honored to find these fabulous shops and kind ladies. I am so happy everyone responded so well to my post and hope it continues to get many views and likes. These ladies really are super inspiring and talented. Take care and keep in touch xoxo ✌️❤️

  5. I quickly before heading to bed want to thank the over 300 people who have taken the time to pass by and read my post. Thank you for suoport and kindness. Remember to shop small, and always support small businesses. These ladies are amazing, creative and inspiring, it has been honor to meet them, wear their designs and how feature their shops on my blog. Enjoy the sites and make sure to use the code Dlitefultrends at checkout for 10% off your purchase, it was so super kind and awesome of them to create this exclusive code for my readers and I hope you all enjoy these shops as much as I do. Will have more featured shops like this to come. Keep posted. Good night and enjoy what's left of our summer break. Bitter sweet it's coming to an end, with all I have going on wish summer would last a couple months longer and my own selfish side wanting to have my children home longer lol. Bless you all for your kindess xoxo ✌️❤️ Melissa don't forget to checkout my IG @cr8tivefashioneanderlust and hashtag #melissastees as well as prior posts for more of these tees and styles I dressed them with. A tee can be worn with shorts and jeans or a pencil skirt and heels, rock it how you want and in whatever makes you feel beautiful. Always be confident and happy ladies. Bless you all

  6. Thebohobabeofthebeach28August 8, 2015 at 12:07 AM

    Love the post and really enjoyed it along with all the photos and links. You are such a kind person was reading your comments and you sound like one of the m kind women ever love that you are supportive and that you share your fashion secrets and tips where many ladies like to keep their fashion finds a secret you really are a kind hearted and wonderful human being. As you would say a kindred spirit hope to get to know you better in time, for now enjoy your blog and daily fashion posts on Twitter and Instagram. Take care and you are in my prayers always, be healthy

    1. Thank you so much. I really love these shops and wanted to take the time to share with my readers. It means a lot to me that so many enjoyed it. Thank you for taking the time to leave such a kind comment. Xoxo

  7. ����✨������ two thumbs up on this ah-mazin post. Rocking tees love gypsy vibes and boho chic everything. These tees and the boho circus site rocks and can't wait to be sporting some new fashionable stylish tee shirts and tanks. I collect tee shirts also and these are fab! You are a true tee goddess and can rock those tee and tanks so stylish with hot layering and more. Love your blog and all your photos, shops, tips and reviews. One of my top five blogs on the internet and have to find your Instagram and twitter now. High five and keep rocking it girlfriend. For a almost 40 year old mom you have hot style and btw love your awesome hair from purple to blue and now orange/coral blonde looks hot. Hope when I am a mom I have style like you do. Stay fresh and on fleek always

  8. Was googling bohemian fashion and found your post how is the sizing on the tank tops? Love the black bohemian and free spirit tank and the Gypsea white tee, also is the muscle tank a wide arm hole or in the above photos appears to be a normal smaller arm hole. Thank you and also was curious are the shirts a lighter weight material or thick? Then are the hand screen printed like some etsy tees or pro screen printed. Thank you for any details. Love the post and their story is awesome. Great share. I really enjoyed your post and some other previous posts.

    1. Hannah the muscle tank doesn't have the really wide arm holes. It has a capped almost style arm and fits amazing. It is one of my favorite fit style tanks I own. I have another tank in white that is similar and then the two black tanks from @bohocircus the bohemian tank and the free spirit tank. My first order the bohemian tank I went with a XL because I am larger busted but went with a Large the second order and it fits perfect. The XL isn't huge but I like the large fit and I am a 36DD around 5'8 and 130 lbs. hope that helps you. The tanks are a high quality, nice made tank, I have washed all mine several times and I hang my tees and tanks to dry, especially black so they don't fade so they still look like new. No fading or shrinking. The screen print isn't the hand painted style it's amazing a professionally done. I love all my tees and the styles, quality and fit. If you have any more questions feel free to message the ladies on their etsy, fb or Instagram they are excellent at responding to questions and may be able to answer any other questions you have better. Hope I helped and Ty for commenting. Glad you enjoy my blog and that you liked my post. I really love both shops and the ladies they are so kind and their shirts are awesome. Love the unique designs and that the companies are family owned and operated. Have a great weekend and make sure to use the code dlitefultrends when ordering so you can receive 10% off your order, also follow me on Twitter at Gypseawanderer which the gypsea was influenced by their Gypsea tank and tee because of my love for the ocean and my gypsy spirit. Then on Instagram @cr8tivefashionwanderlust or @cr8tivemamarazzi if you also love photography and nature pics too. The fashion wanderlust page is strictly fashion and beach pics or my travels. Ty again and hope you continue to return back to my blog in the future. I love graphic tees and tanks, boho and gypsy style, vintage and eclectic designs and decor and love to share bargain tips for the home, beauty and fashion. Xoxo ✌️❤️

  9. Want to order my sister a small dog bed do you know when they will restock these? Would like to order while your code is good. Thank you for any info. Amazing stuff love all the Bohemian style home decor and tees. Excellent share. Thank you

    1. Yes the dog beds are back in stock on the site I checked. Be sure to use my promo code dlitefultrends to receive 10% off your order. Thank you so much for commenting and your kind words means so much to me xoxo

  10. Enjoying the blog and love the feature I hope you continue to feature amazing shops like these weekly. I truly enjoyed both sites and hope to use the promo code this week to purchase a couple shirts. Thank you for sharing

  11. We wanted to tell you that this post was amazing and so informative. Love your blog and love your new features of designers and shops. I have always enjoyed all your bargain and style or home decor posts but really have loved all the new changes you have made this last few months. I really enjoy reading your informative posts and seeing all your amazing outfits and styles. Thanks for sharing


    1. Thank you so much I am so happy you enjoyed as much as I do. I love these shops and so excited I got the chance to share with everyone xoxo