Thursday, August 20, 2015

Forever 21 Fall Fashion Favorites.

I am absolutely loving some of the fashion trends for fall. I love the fall colors. I wish I lived somewhere that the weather got just a little cooler, the leaves changed to those amazing bright red, orange and neutral shades, and I could layer more. I have to make do with the occasional cool front that passes through so I can take advantage of being able to wear some of the trends but luckily a lot of the cute fashions and trends are pieces that can be worn in a warmer climate also. I may not get to layer pieces or wear some of the heavier pieces but I can wear these cute mid length skirts, light weight sweaters and long sleeve blouses, tunics, ripped jeans, fringe detail pieces and color block styles I have featured. You better believe when a cool front does pass through I take full advantage of being able to layer some looks and wear my scarves, boots, hats, gloves, and other cool weather accessories. Again that doesn't happen often but occasionally we do get some temperatures below 60 and for us Floridians that is cold lol. Enjoy some of my favorite styles below... 

   Some of my top Fall Fashion Favorites

I always love to shop at Forever 21 for some of my pieces because the prices are amazing and they always have some really amazing fashion forward pieces. I went ahead and started to order some pieces for fall since I work as a stylist, I have to make sure I am on point when it comes to my wardrobe. I can't go to work wearing the same pieces over and over. I have learned some amazing tricks for recycling pieces along with accessorizing or even as simple as adding a few new hot trends to my closet that can be mixed and matched, or layered for new looks. 

Below are a few of my favorites that I picked up recently from the Forever 21 store along with ordering a few items online that I did not find in the store yet. 

I love all bohemian inspired styles and these fringe front sweaters caught my eye right away in the store. Love the fringe detail for the boho chic inspired look and feel. 

This amazing sweater comes in Navy and Cream, it is light weight so its perfect for warmer climates or if you live in a cooler climate perfect for layering with a button down flannel, solid button down men's style shirts, chambray tops or patterned tops. This sweater is $24.90 and available at 

Love mid length skirts and love olive green for the fall. It is also available in a cream/khaki color as well. It retails for $27.90. Very figure flattering and can be worn with cropped style tops or tucked in dressier blouses and button down style tops, wrapped front blouses and with sweaters like the one above. 

Another cute mid length skirt option is this button down front, white and black striped skirt. Button down front skirts are very on trend for the fall and look amazing. This skirt retails for $17.90 and also comes in olive and black stripes. 

Forever 21 has many options for front button down skirts and mid length skirts that are great for the fall season. 

I also found this denim button down skirt that I almost didn't try on because I didn't think it would look good on me, but was amazed how cute it is on. Has a bohemian, gypsy feel for sure and will work with my huge collection of graphic tees and tanks. The pockets are large and the length is perfection. This skirt retails for $24.90. Again all items can be found at 

One trend that I have seen a lot of for fall is color block. I love this color block French style pullover. I got two different color block tops and a dress from Forever21. This sweatshirt style top is shorter length and very flattering on, thins the waist and looks great with jeans, leggings or even the mid length skirts. This one retails for $19.90.

Recently I posted a burgundy short sleeve top similar to the above top from This black wrap front blouse has long sleeves, lace detailed back and deep v, draped open front. Love this look and got a few different styles, colors and looks for my closet. I will be pairing this top with jeans and found a gray one with a hood that is super cute. If you want a more modest look you can wear a thin cami or even a strappy bra top for less skin or cleavage baring looks. I know I volunteer a lot at my little ones school so I always like to have a top under blouses that are low cut or show a lot of cleavage. This black top also is available in burgundy and retails for $17.90. It is the twist front, lace paneled top from 

Mentioned above for wearing under low cut tops, these criss cross strappy sports style or crop style bra tops. This one retails for $14.90 and is available in a couple colors then they have a couple online exclusive ones ranging from $12-15 in black or white. They are light weight but add a cute element to low cut tops with the criss cross straps exposed. Love this look and have a couple tanks or camis with a similar look from summer I can use under some of the cute trendy new lower cut tops. 

Hope you enjoyed my quick fall fashion post featuring items from Will be showing more of the items as I wear them or when my online order arrives. Be sure to follow me on social media for daily ootd posts and fashion finds. Have a great end of summer. Can't believe my girls go back to school Monday, summer flew by crazy fast. Excited for the fall and holiday season, look forward to sharing lots of new trends and fashion finds with everyone. Make sure to share in the comments below some of your favorite trends for the fall and favorite places to shop also. XOXO ✌️❤️😘


  1. Want to say first off that I love your blog and really love your cute style. I am a stay at home mom that loves tee shirts also and since finding your blog I have found so many new stores and tee shirts. I now have a better idea of how to take my stay at home mom, jeans and tee shirt style but dress it up to look put together. You really have great taste and style. You have inspired me in so many ways and even my husband recently told me that I am really looking hot, thank you. I never thought I could take jeans and shirts, but make them look stylish. I look forward to every new post. This post is awesome love the styles you picked out and love that you always find cute trends but at affordable prices. Since I am not working I don't have a lot of $$ to spend like I did before kids but I can still stretch my cash and find cute outfits. Thank you so much and continue to share your photos and tips. Ps love your hair! New fan for sure ��

    1. I am so happy you have found new stores that you love. I have always enjoyed blogging to share my bargain and fashion finds along with my favorite new styles, I really am happy when I read comments like yours cause I know that someone really is enjoying what I have taken the gem to share. I love forever 21 and they have some amazing pieces at affordable prices. Love my denim skirt so much it is my favorite out of all these pieces I have worn it so many times already. Need to post some photos of it but I always forget to snap shots of my work clothes, I always have my casual after work outfits and most days forget to snap pics of my work clothes which I am sure many would enjoy since I work as a stylist, usually I dress up a tee or tank with cute skirts or pants then add cute kimonos or layers with accesories. I will be sure to post more shots soon of the items I purchased above. Still waiting for two items to arrive that shipped separate and then found some of the items in store. Again thank you and have a great weekend xoxo

  2. Great choices for fall, love your top picks. Just ordered the denim skirt and two sweaters. Great post

    1. That's denim skirt is amazing you will love it. I tried on several styles that they had in store but wanted this one with the pockets and front buttons, so happy they had my size online and that I ordered it. Love that you can return items to the store because it makes it less a hassle. Make sure to let me know when you receive your items to let me know how you like them or tag me on IG so I can see. Have a great weekend xoxo

  3. Forever 21 has some amazing new styles and found your blog while looking for some new fall trends, excited to see all the forever 21 pieces I can add to my wardrobe for an affordable price. You have a great blog and style xoxo

    1. Thank you so much. It's funny my teen daughter has loved Forever21 for many years and I never bought much there because I was worried about the quality. Over the passed few years I have started washing most of my clothes on delicate or in steam mode which is a lot like dry cleaning and then I hang to dry, so this prolongs the fabric from fading or getting worn out, now I shop at so many more stores then I have before and now I love Forever 21 and don't know why I didn't buy more years ago. I love their styles and prices are amazing. Ty again for passing by and taking the time to comment. Xoxo