Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Dressing in my favorite styles is what makes me feel most beautiful andconfident

True Confidence is Beautiful!

For many women wearing a dress or heels is what makes them feel most sexy or beautiful. For me I feel my most comfortable and confident which makes me feel beautiful and sexy when I wear a pair of ripped jeans, a graphic tee or tank and a pair of either flip flops or converse. Since I was a young girl in my early teens I have always loved rock music. From when I was old enough to start picking out my own clothing I always would rip my jeans and loved band tee shirts or concert tees. I would go to rock concerts with my big brother and my parents always wanting to leave with a cool new tee shirt. For me this was my first real personal style coming out. As I got older I was never a girly girl, sure I love to dress up for events or special occasions but I have never been big into makeup or wearing fancy clothes. I have always felt my most confident and comfortable wearing jeans with a cute top. I love to dress up and play with my favorite styles, wearing ripped jeans with a dressy top or a graphic tee with a fancy skirt, then accessorizing that with lots of jewelry and of course matching a jacket or kimono with cute shoes and bags. 

Today when I was getting dressed I really was thinking about it and realized that I am most confident and feel sexy in an old ripped up pair of jeans and a great fitting tee shirt with some converse or sandals. It really does make me feel my best. Yes, I will wear heels with my jeans and maybe a nice top or switch it up and take some of my favorite graphic tee shirts or tanks then pair them with a long skirt or tighter pencil style skirt and some sandals or even sneakers depending on my mood. At the end of the day I always feel my best when I am being myself. Over the years I have had many different jobs and some I have had to wear business attire, I would never feel confident wearing clothes that aren't me. Sure I would wear that same pencil skirt I have paired with my graphic tees many times and a button down blouse or blazer but it didn't feel as comfortable or as stylish to me cause I didn't get to make it my own look. Since I have gotten older I have learned so many amazing ways to stay true to my own style and favorite fashions while still wearing some of the latest trends. I always no matter if they are in style or not be wearing my ripped jeans and graphic tee shirts though. Over my entire 38 years of life ripped jeans have not always been in style but I have always worn them. Same thing with my graphic tees, I use to cut the neck line or sleeves off, or even shred the backs and sides but no matter what I did to the pieces of clothing at the end of the day it was still my same old jeans and tees that I loved. Remember confidence shows and when you are dressing if you aren't comfortable or wearing things that you feel confident in it will show. Anyone can go out and buy the hottest styles and trends then wear them but not everyone can look confident and feel good in them if they aren't really who they are or what they like. Don't ever try to hard to be something you aren't no matter what your style is if you feel confident you will look beautiful and rock it. Have a great rest of the week, and weekend. Tomorrow I celebrate my 38 birthday and you better believe I will be rocking my ripped jeans and tee shirt for sure. Xoxo ✌️❤️😘 always be yourself...

My outfit today really inspired me to write this post. For many years I had friends who would invite me out to clubs or for girl's nights and then they would show up and see me in my ripped jeans, asking me if I ever wore anything else lol. Yes, sure I do but this is what I feel good in. 

Love my Hollister clearance boyfriend jeans for $25 got three pairs and an additional 30% off. Can't beat that and they are already ripped nicely. The more worn the better, for me

Love to take some amazing original, hand made jewelry to dress up my looks and always adding kimonos, jackets, vests and other layering tops for a dressier look for work or going out. 

Here wearing a graphic tank that I love the saying, Coco Chanel inspiring quote, "Don't be like the rest of them darling." Love this quote because I really don't want to be like anyone else, just me

Paired my graphic tank with a floral kimono and JCrew ripped jeans. I must own over 50 pairs of jeans and capris, I would say a large percentage are torn and distressed. I have learned some amazing tricks to distressing my jeans and denim over the many years I have been wearing denim. Same as tee shirts I have all kinds of fun ways to cut them and shred them to look cool. Love to change up my clothes and make them look unique. 

You can check out more of my graphic tee shirts and ways I have styled them on Instagram using the hashtag #melissastees. I own hundreds of cute tee shirts and tanks with many unique designs or sayings. I still love to wear band tee and concert tees also. Jeans are also a favorite I own so many pairs and Silver jeans are a favorite of mine. I was over the moon when they invited me to become a brand ambassador because for over a decade Silver Jeans have been my go to jeans when I am looking for a new pair. 

Like a lot of ladies I love Juicy Couture, started out as loving their handbags and sweats. I use to wear their track suits as my pajamas, and own many graphic tees. The lovely ladies who started Juicy Couture have a line out now called Pam & Gela which they have some amazing pieces from sweatshirts, skirts and of course amazing graphic tees and tanks. I have been working on collecting as many as I can find on sale or online for a good price. They are really awesome and love their blonde saying tees lol. Some are pretty awesome. Right now waiting for a few I purchased for my birthday online I can't wait to share. 

Again you can find more of my tees and even my other favorite styles on my Instagram and twitter. On Instagram @cr8tivefashionwanderlust and twitter @gypseawanderer. Enjoy ✌️❤️


  1. Wow love this post so true when you are confident and feel comfortable you look your best. Amazing shots and you look gorgeous. Really enjoy your Instagram feed and blog. Happy birthday and hope you had an amazing day

    1. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. I am so happy you commented and enjoy my blog. Yes it is true that when you are most comfortable you are most confident. I went through a very slight period of being bullied online and I got to the point where I was so sad that someone was saying such mean lies about me that I was starting to feel uncomfortable posting my photos but then I realized that is what they wanted and I have always been myself, posting what I love and enjoy. I can't let someone who had nothing better to do then lie about me and bash me when they don't know me at all, or anything about me, affect me. I am a tad sensitive because I went through some bullying in middle school and I took me a little while to build my confidence up in high school and college but I eventually did, I had not dealt with anything like that until social media and was so hurt that strangers did such crazy things. I am always so kind and supportive to others so to have someone I don't even know attack me and try to make me look bad to others was very hard for me and hurtful. I have since just learned to ignore it and avoid the drama. I don't pay any attention and continue to post what I love and enjoy. I have been blogging for many years now and sharing my love for fashion, home decor, bargain shopping and more. I am so happy you enjoy my blog and it means so much to me you enjoyed this post. I love to talk about being yourself and not letting anyone else bing you down because it really is important to me. I will always do what I love and post or share what I enjoy because of those like yourself who enjoy it. Be•you•tiful always xoxo

  2. Adore your ripped jeans and jacket with tank. You really have a cute style and love that you add some bohemian touches with vintage looking pieces. I could so borrow your clothes it's my style and more. Love it and love your blog. Tried to follow you on Instagram but couldn't find your page. Going to look up your tee hashtag. Hope I can find you love your outfit posts.