Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 5 of 1200 calorie meal plan

Here is day 5 so I'm not behind anymore. Also going to post later the apps I have for tracking my walks/runs and calories. Very helpful.


3/4 cup shredded wheat

1 cup of skim milk

1 melon


1 cup of minestrone soup I use healthy choice low fat sodium free and alternate with different ones. Great vegetable and chicken soups.

1 serving Harvest Salad or mixed greens

3 oz fruit sorbet


1/2 cup of non fat yogurt (doesn't always have to be plain yogurt I get fat free fruit at bottom yogurts which help mix it up.


1 serving Pasta with sun-dried tomatoes

1 boneless, skinless small chicken breast

1/2 cup of steamed vegetables

1/2 cup of non fat strawberry/banana ice cream. Some nights I throw this in blender with a sliced up real banana or strawberries and a splash of skim milk to make a milkshake/smoothie. Will share some great smoothie recipe I have come up with while dieting that taste great and you can add supplements to them you need while dieting so you don't taste them:). Lol.

Enjoy and hope everyone is doing good. Below are some photos of me post baby five years ago. I had mentioned I took these Chinese diet pills and went from 189 to 125 in four months. I came across a few of the photos I had blurred out my face cause I used them to sell the diet pills back then. I tried to wear same clothes every photo by end my clothes were so loose I had to hold them up. Lol. I'm not anywhere near the size I was after baby I haven't weighed myself in a couple weeks but was 145 or 143 last time. This week every where I go people tell me wow you have lost weight! Makes me smile cause I know I'm doing it the healthy right way. Trust me I have cheated a lot between diet pills and tried HCG I decided at my age I wanted to be healthy and lose it right way. Glad I did cause I feel so much better all around. Some people say when depressed best help is medication, therapy, God or religion for me it is fitness or exercise works every time:). Even helps with my anxiety.

Day 6 I will post tomorrow then day 7 I mix things up and will allow a cheat either one of meals cause we usually go out to eat. I just walk an extra mile that night and really push myself Monday at gym:).

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