Sunday, January 27, 2013

Looking for beauty, home decor, fashion, shoes and other items to review

I am looking for new items to review. I get lots of samples for beauty items but I bake, do party planning, home decor and am into home remodeling. I also love fashion. I am looking for items to review for my blog. I also am into fitness and nutrition. If you know anyone who has a new item or company they are starting please contact me at I also would love gift cards to giveaway in contests or samples:).

I am trying to grow my blog and my audience. I don't want to review just beauty items or just home decor unlike to review all items that mom's, wives, and women of all types would enjoy. My blog is not targeted towards one thing I love all things beauty, home, fitness and so on. Thank you for reading and I love to hear feed back. Have a great week:).


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