Thursday, January 10, 2013

First julep box for new year 2013

My January 2013 Julep Maven box arrived today and cheered me up with its bright neon colors as soon as I opened the box:).

Made me feel like summer is here already, which I can't wait but spring needs to come first:).

As soon as I opened box saw the pretty neon yellow, orange, pink paper and three cute neon hair ties. I love these hair ties. I have a ton now ever since Birchbox sent me one awhile ago have bought a few different ones.

The polishes to my surprise are nude, neon orange and yellow:). These woul make a nice combo for a manicure. Just painted my nails this morning but will be reprinting them this weekend to swatch these:). I also got some swatch me stickers for the top of the bottles. These are cute and will be using them. Got a gift pack during the holidays from Julep and haven't tried any of them.

The colors I got are from the "it girl" collection. Usually I log on and check out the colors before then select if I want the it girl or if I like other colors from another collection. I am glad ingot these though I love them:).

The yellow is Julep Nikki, orange is Julep Nina and the the nude Julep Amelia;). The little January saying card says: " Laughter is an instant vacation". Which is very true. We are planning a spring break vacation and plan to use these colors especially since we are looking into a cruise or beach, tropical vacation location right now:). We went to Tennessee over the summer and loved it, thinking maybe North Carolina or somewhere near there this summer but cruise looks like a plan maybe for March, we will see:).

Promise to post swatches soon and I still have to use the liquid sand by OPI I picked up at Ulta during winter break. I will also be working on updating the Joby Nail art contest and sending out a returned contest prize I received back during holidays.

Have a great Friday so happy weeken is almost here;)!


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