Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday nail haul January 2013

Today was bored after dropping kids since Friday I don't go to the gym. Went to Ulta and Sally's. Grabbed some of the China Glaze Tranzitions polish with fast forward top coat, then China Glaze Turned up Turquoise, another OPI DS Extravagance, Orly Melt your Popsicle and beach cruiser then one more OPI Liquid Sand. Almost forgot also got a Layla ceramic effect not sure color didn't have a name just a number but is a purple color.

I will swatch them tonight and post photos. Been looking high and low for the OPI spotted I guess it came out awhile ago so now it isn't sold in stores except overseas. Found one but they wanted $50 for the bottle. No thank you lol. The Tranzitions look cool excited to try them. Read reviews and stayed away from some of the colors cause people said they didn't change much with top coat. Anyhow off to relax with my little one have a great weekend:).


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