Thursday, January 24, 2013

Valentine's day decor started

I started my week digging thru bins of holiday decor and craft items to make wreaths for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter and Spring. I went to the craft store for some ideas and picked up some cute things. I just started putting some together so I should have them posted on my Etsy shop soon. Just in case my Etsy shop is called Dliteful Cr8tions if you want to check it out. Right now I just have a hydrangea wreath which is available in unlimited color options and other custom additions, such as initials, ribbon and more:).

I only found a few of my valentine's day items and have been waiting patiently for my hubby to get the rest. I have a few photos of the start of my dining room table just need my charger plates, decorative plates, napkin rings and cloth napkins. Then got my kitchen started. Haven't been able to get a good photo of kitchen window with garland, dangling hearts, red heart lights and window clings cause during the day it is such a huge window photos come out dark.

My wreath is packed away and my front door welcome sign. I will have more photos soon. I decorate for every holiday. Some I have more decorations for then others. I even decorate for st patty's day and fourth of July lol. I'm big into holidays and being festive. Even before I had kids I always decorated or had something for every holiday whether a front door mat, wreath or plaque for front door etc. I love to change my dining room an kitchen for every season then add accents for specific holidays. I use to decorate the guest bathroom before I had my second daughter for seasons and holidays but now I have a theme so easier to keep it that way. I always am changing it up. Have had ducks, monkeys, butterflies, diva and makeup then now it is still diva but with Paris theme. Who knows what will inspire me next lol.

My master bedroom is almost complete I bought some candles this week and have a few more things to hang. Then I will post final photos. I also have some Home Goods and amazing Marshall's finds later this week or next. I got my little one the cutest Juicy Couture swimsuit that has Juicy on the butt for 19.99 from 98 today. I put a bunch of clothes and shoes on layaway till payday cause I knew they would not be there next week. Also found some cute seven shorts, denim jacket for spring, cute denim skirt, a couple maxi skirts, and some amazing turquoise sandals:). Photos will be posted next Thursday on payday when I pick up layaway.

Enjoy my start of valentines day decor and a couple ideas of wreath layouts I started for Easter:). Have a great end of the week. Hooray for the weekend only one day away!! Can't wait;).


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