Thursday, January 10, 2013

Miami Spirit manicure

Been awhile I'm back:). Slowly getting things settled and back to blogging.

Today I have a budget friendly manicure. I buy nail polish for my daughter at Walmart or the drug store often. She does use my polished but she likes to have her own collection and these polishes are inexpensive. They are also very nice, someone like myself who paints their nails often sometimes for me I like the colors and just have to get them:).

Today I started with Butter London nail foundation. I like how it evens out my nail and also helps not yellow my real nails. I followed that with Wet n Wild Fergie collection, Miami Spirit. I love anything teal or blue and this color is amazing:). I really don't like the brush that is my main issue with this brand. The brush is thick and I have thin nails and fingers makes it hard to stay on the nail. I did good and at first the polish looked kind of dull almost flat but my Out The Door top coat made them shine:).

I used Milani 582 Teal glitter for the accent finger. It matches nice and love Milani brand for my less expensive brand. Milani polish never lets me down. When holo polish was becoming big again I got a bunch by Milani and actually preferred them over the more expensive brands. The Miami Spirit polish has a shimmer to it that looks really nice once you apply the top coat.

Enjoy the photos and please share with me some of your favorite drug store or inexpensive brands you enjoy:).


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