Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 4 of 1200 calorie diet

This is my own meal planned day and what I ate today then will finish off day with


1 cup Special K cereal

1/2 cup skim milk ( I use less not a milk fan)

3-4 slices strawberries or some sliced banana


1 whole wheat pita

1/2 cup mixed salad

1 slice of turkey breast or chicken

1 apple


1 low calorie low fat snack bar I have chocolat brand I believe is how it is spelled got when I did Hcg diet has 35 calories and no sugar lots of flavors. You can find lots of selections at gnc or whole foods.


1 serving grilled chicken breast

1/2 cup of grilled veggies like green or red peppers, onion and mushrooms.

I don't eat it but says you can have 1/2 cup brown rice I just eat the chicken and veggies. Only seasoning I use is black pepper and cayenne pepper or apple cider vinegar for dressing or to season chicken before cooking. All great to boost metabolism.

Then for dessert I am having 1/2 cup sliced strawberries dipped in non fat plain yogurt that I froze in freezer delicious. Enjoy and hope diet is helping everyone with ideas. I have been doing this for a few months on and off so now I can pretty much make it up as I go but wanted to share the sheet my trainer gave me and I have a good friend who is taking nutrition courses for her degree.

Also don't forget if you can't go to the gym or take work out classes try to walk for a half and to an hour a day. Just get your heart rate up. I even put music on when I clean and dance or do squats then lunges. Make chores your workout. I walk 2-3 miles alteast a day with half jogging the rest walking, some nights I carry 3lb each hand weights or medicine ball to workout my arms. I also will do lunges as I walk. Then every am I do 100 crunches, then different ab workouts and plank got one minute holding entire minute, 3-5 times after ab workout. Somedays I do insanity videos and then at least three days hit the gym for box fit class. Once I am 5 lbs from my goal weight will do weights daily. Right now most important thing is building core muscles and balancing. I use medicine balls to hold plank or my balance ball to practice balancing.

Enjoy and if anyone else is working out or dieting let me know I love to hear results. I started box fit in Oct the week of Halloween before that I dieted on and off then when I had money did workouts but usually just walked when convenient lost maybe 5-10 lbs but would gain back. Since joining gym and doing box fit from Oct-new year with a slight cut in calories went from 167 to 160. Then since new years cut down to 1200-1300 calories with lots of water, daily walks, and box fit went from 160-145. Goal is 130-135 I'm 5'7-5'8 so that us healthy. I was 117 two years ago and last year was 125 which is very thin for me will post photos below of thin me. I took before and after photos but won't post till done. Also been measuring cause I lose more inches then pounds it seems.

Off to post day 5.


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