Monday, January 21, 2013

Cuticle oils

I use a cuticle oil nightly. Up until recently I have used Butter London Cuticle oil but I have used the pens, OPI and Essie apricot oil. Recently I got a sample of Josie Maran aragan oil and this oil is amazing:). I did a previous post on it you will see from early last week. It can be used on your face, skin, nails and hair.

Every night before bed I do my nightly routine of washing face, moisturizing, brushing and flossing then I make sure I apply oil to my nails on both my hands and feet making sure to rub into my cuticles good. My cuticles are usually dry and sometimes from crafts, painting and projects they get messed up bad. This helps keep them looking nice.

I have posted photos of a couple brands I have used. Butter London, Opi, Essie Apricot and the easy, carry in your purse Essie pen. Would love to hear which ones everyone uses or prefers. Also try the aragan oil. It is amazing:).


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