Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ipsy glam beauty bag Jan 2013

Got my second box for the month and new year. First one was my Julep Maven box which was nice to open but swatched the orange and yellow polish only to be disappointed. They are similar to two other colors just new names, that I got last year:(.

Waiting for my Birchbox which should be here next week sometime cause they billed me for it already. But I have to say I ordered this box by Ipsy for my teen daughter for her birthday and so far we have enjoyed the products the most out of all our boxes. I recently have subscribed to a couple new ones but won't receive till end of this month or start of next month.

Ipsy is inexpensive and sends full size or travel size samples versus the smaller sample sizes I have gotten with other boxes. Also the products are amazing. I looked this morning to see of anyone else got their boxes and saw a few people had received theirs so had a idea of what we may get.

To start the bag is a nice size dark blue with star pattern inside. I love how every month you get a nice makeup bag cause between myself and my daughter we have a lot of beauty products, brushes and samples. This way we can keep them organized and then when we travel we always have small bags to pack the essentials. Also my daughter cheers and plays sports so these are perfect for her to take to games so she can freshen up or reapply the small amount of makeup she does wear.

First product I will start with is the concealer brush by Soho. It is a nice brush overall for applying concealer. It has an angle and the bristles may be synthetic but are very soft. My daughter does not use concealer since she has that perfect youthful skin so I will use this I'm sure, lol.

Next up is great for my teen that cheers. She alway has to have her hair in a high, tight super sprayed pony tail. The Sexy Hair spray and play hairspray is perfect size for her travel bag for touch ups. I hate having her take the larger bottles cause they end up gone quick when she is loaning to all her friends lol.

Third item I am most excited about! The Josie Maran oil. I have heard this is great for the skin and hair:). I have read it is used for split ends, acne scars, stretch marks, scars, wrinkles and more. I can't wait to try on my skin. I don't have stretch marks but I have some scars from acne on my chin due to my thirty hormonal imbalance lol. I also have read people use it for crows feet. I am only five years away from forty and never felt like I was getting old but this passed few months since I joined the gym and started losing weight I have noticed I am starting to see the signs. That is a entire other post lol which I am actually working on now;).

Next up around here everyone knows how much the girls in my house love nail polish, to put it lightly we are addicted lol. I have close to 300 colors and brands from all over. Nailtini was in another box we got but a gold glitter color that we loved for new years. I will post some photos soon. I saw some others got the light nude pink color but we got a bright red called Bloody Mary. I love red for my toes sometimes and my young daughter loves anything red or pink:).

Last of all is a great lotion by Pacifoca Tuscan Blood Orange. If you are a frequent reader of my blog I wrote a post awhile back about home fragrance and candles. Citrus and orange scents I love along with vanilla. This lotion is amazing:). It has a similar smell to the ultimate best home fragrance oil by Body Shop called Satsuma. It has a rich orange smell an it is wonderful for your skin. More like a body butter. I also have seen these at TJ Maxx for $4! I recommend you try these for sure and if you are a home fragrance freak like me go to Body Shop or if you don't have one at your local mall, here only the high end malls with Lord and Taylor or Nordstrom's have them, check out their website. They have sales all the time and the Satsuma is my all time favorite but I love Strawberry mixed with a couple drops of Exotic. I use to sell PartyLite candles and now I don't even use many candles except for my Ikea tea lights for my oil burners. The oil goes along way and all you need is a few drops in a soap stone burner you can find for as cheap as $2 at Walmart:).

Enough about that lol I tend to ramble on about things I love sometimes, who doesn't. I all around love the January Ipsy glam bag. Again the products are Soho concealer brush, Sexy Hair hairspray, Josie Maran oil, Nailtini Bloody Mary nail polish and Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange body butter:).

I recommend this mail order subscription to everyone. It is great for all makeup and beauty lovers or teen girls like my daughter. Pictures will be posted below since I'm using my iPhone to write this. Also excited to be learning to use my new camera, hoping to start taking a lot more professional photos. Got it for Christmas so still working on learning how to do everything. I have always had the basic digital camera or lately got use to my iPhone for everything. Adjusting to changing lenses, zooming and all the technical stuff that goes with owning a pro camera;). Got it cause along with taking photos of my kids and family or for my blog I would love to start taking pro photos to add to my party/event planning business maybe even a separate career all together. I love taking pictures. I ordered a 3 in 1 lense for my eye phone that looked cool when I saw someone else post photos but turned out to be garbage (so was the person lol) but I love my new camera. Saving up for an extra lense.

Got to get my super mom cape out now and head to soccer practice then the gym for some boxing but wanted to post the new Ipsy bag items now before I forgot:). Enjoy the photos and please share what you have received, what boxes you subscribe to and details about what you like or dislike about them. I love feed back:).


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